About Me: The Super Mario Brony

Hi. This the Super Mario Brony. My real name though is Tyler Smith. I was born in 1994 and as some of you may know, I eventually grew up to come and love Mario since I was around three or four years old with my very first (and overall favorite) video game; Super Mario 64. I've graduated from high school since 2012 where I eventually became religious and fully joined the congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses since my mother was a member her whole life, though my dad is an unbeliever.

It wasn't until July 2013 (before I turned 19) when I first became baptized in the congregation as a fully dedicated christian where I fully go out and about door to door and preach the good news across the globe (although I haven't been ANYwhere outside my home country). One year later (insert an extra week and a half into that amounted year), I eventually joined the fandom of bronies having so much love for My Little Pony after coming to know all the good things that made it so popular and eventually come to love it after a big days watching it through. (For more details see my post on Friendship Is Magic's 5th anniversary shortly after Crusaders of the Lost Mark aired) I've been into Mario for nearly two decades now, having lost none of my love for him and his good games.

I may have gone to school like most kids would, but unfortunately, I'm not one who went, or even goes to college now (even past the time I would've been out by now if I did go right after graduating from school). I haven't really been known by any real community that well until I was posting countless blogs on the MLP Wikia, and obviously the proceeding year after, I eventually began this blog after reading a lot of Zack Wanzer's posts on his own blog; the Railfan Brony Blog. I have had other blogs like one on reviewing Disney, Pixar, and any Marvel Cinematic Universe films, but sadly closed them after making countless efforts to advertise ads on it since I couldn't get it to work on my own here all due to one small factor; copyright.

If you need better summaries of my stats with My Little Pony and Mario, just check them out in my posts cause I'll posting more and more time and time and again. Whether you're a gamer and you're here for any fun news on the plumber, or a brony/pegasister with a love of MLP's 4th generation (if not any previous ones), my blog is the site for you. Of course, not all posts here are just Mario and My Little Pony so don't expect every last subject to be just and ONLY them. Check out my posts for more details as always and I'll always say it after you visit this site; thanks for dropping by and reading.