Thursday, June 8, 2017

MLP:FIM Review - Honest Apple (S7, E9, P142, OE152)

Rarity and Applejack are often considered a shipping (which most of the time I don't even see why), and usually get more collabs as a Mane Six duo than any of the other four main characters. After their successful portrayals in Simple Ways and Made in Manehattan (while also having respectable roles where they're supporting characters in other installments like Sisterhooves Social), they've been greater characters if slightly underrated at some point. With Season 7's Honest Apple however, I feel that while they still remain admirable characters (especially considering Rarity was derailed slightly before Season 6 ended but not before getting back to her sane character with this), they've kinda lost that underrated factor and their collab feels a little overrated nowadays just cause I feel one or two episodes for them both together as a duo is just about enough. Regardless of that, I wouldn't describe Honest Apple as anything unremarkable.

Rarity selects Applejack to serve as a judge for an upcoming fashion show. Applejack accepts, figuring that she simply needs to give the contestants her honest opinion. Before the show, Applejack is mystified by the other judges and stylists' fashion sense and heavily criticizes their design choices, bluntly telling them her belief that fashion is ridiculous. The offended fashion ponies storm out, forcing the show to be cancelled. When Applejack tries defending her opinions, Rarity takes her to a pony who unapologetically disregards apples, making Applejack realize how hurtful her own comments were. Gathering the fashion ponies, Applejack manages to get the show uncancelled. When given the deciding vote during the show, Applejack finds new admiration in the stylists' hard work and names all of them the winner.

Rarity seriously plays a mean guitar, doesn't she?

When it comes to characterization (even if Spike's and Pinkie Pie's don't really add much to the story in general since this does focus on the episode's two titular characters after all), Honest Apple does it exactly right thanks to keeping Applejack as her usual honest self, while Rarity remained generous as to give her honest friend a chance at judging the dresses. It should be noted that Applejack's hurtful honesty though does make the overall pacing not too watchable as harsh moments are uncomfortable for me to sit through, but harshness here at least serves a purpose like Green Isn't Your Color did. Plenty of other good scenes add to the episode's charm even if they don't entirely make up for Applejack's hurtful honesty - Rarity's mean guitar solo, anypony? The moral's been done well too as every other character's portrayal was as well; Hoity Toity and Photo Finish specifically are more admirably interesting than they were when they were first introduced (which I think their chemistry in working together in this episode does make for a potential shipping), but anyway.

In the end, Honest Apple is still an enjoyable installment for all die hard Applejack and Rarity fans (besides those Rarijack shippers), but by my standards, doesn't quite meet up with the previous installments they've done as a duo. Applejack's hurtful honesty doesn't make its rewatchable after one viewing, but rewatchability isn't everything you need to make an episode good, as long as the story's stellar (and that's what's important). And I feel Honest Apple delivers exactly that. With only one black sheep in the season after Honest Apple's followup episode A Royal Problem (more on that another day...very soon) known as the Party Pooped sequel Not Asking for Trouble, Season 7 has certainly proved to remain stellar even if Honest Apple is nowhere near an absolute masterpiece.

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