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MLP:FIM Review - The Times They Are A Changeling (S6, E16, P124, OE133)

Warning: Spoiler Alert!
Character redemptions have been done well with Discord and Sunset Shimmer three years ago with actual development and strong pacing throughout them. With each new passing episode of redemptions, it seems Friendship Is Magic has to keep reforming those characters who don't seem like the nice or friendly type since it's trying to live up to its title a little too much. I've grown sick of redemptions starting with Starlight's in The Cutie Re-Mark, and writers Kevin Burke and Chris "Doc" Wyatt delivered exactly what I expected once again with The Times They Are a Changeling. Where I almost instantly hated it.

During a visit to the Crystal Empire, Twilight, Starlight and Spike find the city in a state of panic after a changeling sighting. After getting lost during the search effort, Spike is rescued by the changeling, Thorax, from falling down a chasm. Realizing that Thorax only wants to make friends despite facing prejudice from other ponies, Spike introduces Thorax to the city in a pony disguised as a longtime friend. When Spike shows Princess Flurry Heart to him, however, the baby's love overwhelms Thorax, which forces him to drop his disguise; Spike struggles to defend Thorax as his friends chase the changeling away. Feeling guilty, Spike reunites with Thorax and stands up to his friends, pleading that even changelings can be trustworthy when given a chance. The other ponies are touched and apologize to Thorax, who promises to spread his knowledge of friendship to the other changelings.

The Times They Are a Changeling, like The Cutie Re-Mark, is not a good episode (except this time as I expected it to be) thanks to a rushed ending that ruined it's already... nice-enough pacing, and Starlight coming back as yet another stupid plot device just to be around with her childhood friend. I can praise Spike's part as he's done great with his true character, but everyone else's besides Starlight's flopped backwards once the episode came to a close with Spike's song of terrible representation to have the ponies accept yet another rushed redemption despite Cathy Wesluck's talented singing abilities. I didn't mind Diamond Tiara's in Crusaders of the Lost Mark since she's developed herself over the years, but the changeling Thorax's sympathy was really only half and half for me. Flurry Heart serves as another plot device, but a bearable one at that since Starlight's been wrecked since Re-Mark.

Overall, with another forgettable moral that has been done before and one of the weakest endings that ruined the episode's true charm, not to mention Starlight Glimmer herself, it's as bad as I thought it would be with Glimmer herself to keep it that way, and all I can say is that I'll be waiting for every last character-redeeming episode and every Starlight-comprised one to be gotten over with as time flies by much faster cause this just went to show that redemptions and her have no real hope in the future to have true charm.

NOTE: Read my Revised thoughts on Season 6 for a little more detail on my differed thoughts on this episode.

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After the Fact - ScrewAttack's One Minute Melees

As with my post on Screwattack's Death Battles, for this one, I'm looking at the other side of character brawls via some of the One Minute Melee videos. The differences here is that none of them are graphic, there's no commentary before or after them (most of the time), and there's no foul language within any comments before the melees. So I'll now discuss those One Minute Melees that are the closest to the franchise of Mario (or just Nintendo at least), and commenting on how I throughly enjoyed them to the fullest. Now lets begin...

Oh yeah, there might be a few small spoilers here if you skip the video and haven't seen them at all, though I guarantee you won't have much a problem with what I have to say about them all here...

Wario vs. Knuckles

Wario and Knuckles are some of my favorite characters from the respective universes. Though the fight was pretty darn epic, it felt a little weak and less clever than others since there wasn't too much other than strong punches and Wario's bizarre but hilarious farts on Knuckles. Regardless of that, an intense Sonic world atmosphere and good sequences, make this a nice touch from Screwattack. But like the Mario vs. Sonic and Luigi vs. Tails Death Battles though, it disappoints me that Knuckles comes out on top...

Dr. Eggman vs. Bowser

It's ironic for this one that Mario and Sonic are rivalries in gaming with the Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games series. It was spectacular that Bowser came face to face with one of Eggman's bots the Death Egg similar to that original form of the second Sonic the Hedgehog game on the original Sega Genesis back in 1992. With Bowser's combat worthy of the 4th Super Smash Bros., it's especially stunning and mind-blowing that he pulls off impressive strikes against a giant robot like Eggman's - like when he fires up that drill he ripped off of one the robot's arms. Bowser's KO moves to finish the Doctor off were sequences baring a resemblance to his moves of SSB4, those of which were also stunning throughout the fight. Bowser may have lost to Ganondorf in the Death Battle mode, but if you look past that, you can see just how monstrous of a power house he really is. All-in-all, this was throughly enjoyable from start to finish.

Bowser Jr. vs. Metal Sonic

This fight didn't exactly impress me, but to be fair, it at least made sense respectively. Bowser Jr. is truly no match for powerful hedgehog-killing machine like Metal Sonic, or in this case, Mecha Sonic. It's especially cool to see Bowser Jr.'s Koopa Clown Car go into battle mode with weapons like boxer gloves (from New Super Mario Bros. U), while also seeing the little love-to-hate brat attack the beastly bot with his trusty hammer. It is a shame that Mecha Sonic had KO him into a giant hill-like wall outside of Jr.'s father's floating castle, but oh well, at least later on the bot fights the father.

Master Hand vs. Polygon Man

The only one in this post without a Mario character and rather just the main villain of the entire crossover franchise, Master Hand and Polygon Man going hand to hand (kinda funny when I say it that way) looked clever and partially dull on a bit of the flipside since it's just a hand against a giant hand but nonetheless all of Master Hands attack strategies were as awesome as they were shown in all the Super Smash Bros. games. Polygon Man's are admittedly cool too, though for a PlayStation mascot he looks to me like the true master of the Fighting Polygon Team in the Classic Mode of the first SSB game. That by no means makes him look or sound stupid though, but then again if you ask me, these two opponents collabing together against the universes of both Sony and Nintendo. So while it might seem weird that a hand triumphs over a head, it's still a great duel with a great Smash Bros. feel to it.

Bowser vs. Metal Sonic

As if Bowser and Eggman weren't quite epic enough for a melee, we get another great duel months later his son lost to the Mecha Sonic. What gets the beat for this though are the claws Bowser brings out that he originally had and used from Mario Strikers Charged which comes in very handy for grabbing projectiles and throwing them right back at an opponent like an imitating robot. Although the Bowser vs. Ganon Death Battle felt much more epic, longer in length and detailed than both of OMMs of two Sonic villains, it's still worth a watch seeing as how Bowser uses some impressive moves he never got to pull against Ganondorf. Plus it's always extremely satisfying to see our favorite fire-breathing turtle-like Koopa King succeed.

Do you agree with my thoughts? Let me know who you would've wanted to win these 1 minute duels.

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MLP:FIM Review - 28 Pranks Later (S6, E15, P123, OE132)

Warning: Spoiler Alert!
Rainbow Dash's episodes are fantastic at most. Whilst some like The Mysterious Mare Do Well were just flops due to flaws like poorly handled morals, 28 Pranks Later was supposed to fix it all up as writers Joanna Lewis and Kristine Songco did the same with Gauntlet of Fire with Dragon Quest. If you ask me though, this was a shockingly lazy attempt to fix a bad episode up. And the most horrifying thing about it is the show's best writer Meghan McCarthy took part in it for the story, although primarily I blame the teleplay writer who wrote for Littlest Pet Shop F.M. De Marco for utterly destroying Rainbow Dash's true character by ripping both her intelligent brain and near-golden heart out. To put it simply, 28 Pranks doesn't do anything for me but cause Rainbow Dash to grind my gears.

Rainbow Dash begins a pranking spree around Ponyville, irritating her friends, who find her jokes unfunny and hurtful. Having enough of Rainbow Dash's behavior, the townspeople send Pinkie Pie—the only pony unoffended by Rainbow Dash's pranks—to convince her to stop. Instead, Rainbow Dash divulges her plan to prank the entire town with joke cookies made to turn their mouths rainbow-colored, feeding one to Pinkie as a demonstration. Later, Pinkie falls sick with an appetite for more joke cookies while Rainbow Dash helps the Cutie Mark Crusaders sell them around town. That night, Rainbow Dash checks on Pinkie to find that the cookies have turned her and nearly everyone else into cookie-craving zombies. Rainbow Dash barricades herself in Applejack's barn with Applejack, Rarity and the Crusaders, only to find they have been infected as well. Once a terrified Rainbow Dash apologizes for her prank, the townspeople reveal the entire outbreak to be an elaborate prank devised by Pinkie to teach her to stop taking her jokes too far.

Back in Mare Do Well, I didn't believe Rainbow Dash deserved what she got from the town and her friends while she let her fame and popularity get the best of her, but for 28 Pranks Later, I was thinking the exact opposite and felt completely sorry for any and everyone but her. And F.M. De Marco writing for Rainbow Dash is a bit like combining Scott Sonneborn's writing move for Applejack in Somepony to Watch Over Me and Neal Dusedau's for Discord in What About Discord? at the same time. And her "pranks" are a bit like Discord's inside "jokes" that weren't clearly told. I've obviously heard most of the rest of you all give it praise just cause of things like how it delivered its moral, which I thought was unbelievably lazy and terrible when it was delivered it, but me judging every little flaw within it, it's actually just downright upsetting, cold-hearted, and unwatchable. Of course you can argue with me about it all you want that Sonneborn likely put more intelligence into Applejack along with Dusedau putting more kindheartedness and humor into Discord and his "jokes" than Marco put into Rainbow Dash and her "pranks".

So not only was Rainbow Dash completely derailed and unlikable in every conceivable way, but the plot felt rushed like Mare Do Well and switched Rainbow Dash's and Ponyville's (primarily her friends) parts around in which she actually deserved a taste of her own medicine unlike Mare Do Well for me clearly. Laughs in episodes are nonexistent when they have mean-spiritedness inserted into them. And this catastrophe has to be one of those cases. Alongside a failed plot and humor, it's moral was delivered equally as awful as TMMDW's and the pacing was arguably just bad. Because for a character like Rainbow Dash (and this goes to all of you who are reading this), if you purposefully pull pranks that are hurtful on your own friends and neighbors (unlike the Crusaders in Ponyville Confidential in which Diamond Tiara was only forcing them to slander and gossip about the whole town) just for the sake of selfishly giving yourself a so-called "good laugh", then you're a sick human-being at that and you don't deserve any friends or neighbors. Did I mention Pinkie wasn't portrayed properly aside from RD herself?

Okay, seriously this is what happens when you reverse antics of wonderful characters in the opposite direction when you try to teach a moral that everyone already knew and learned of differently via its predecessor. Even if it should still be stated illogically, literally the writer behind it (rookie or veteran) will only try and both screw you over and play for keeps just to try and keep you within the fandom to selfishly make more money and be successful to keep going on with something that'll lose more and more potential. If 28 Pranks Later made Rainbow Dash's pranks as harmlessly humorous as her's and Pinkie's in Griffon the Brush Off, it could've easily been a true improvement over Mare Do Well as to learning from its mistakes. I will admit that Newbie Dash is worse for me for how unfair the Wonderbolts and especially Spitfire were on RD as much as What About Discord? was on Twilight, but I'll tell you this; the Wonderbolts are watching this "odd-evening" scene of Rainbow Dash and laughing at it. In that sense, 28 Pranks Later would honestly be great to show newcomer episode writers to show them how not to write an episode, nor a good character. Because really, what else can you truly say?

  • Rainbow Dash going to far with her "pranks"? It doesn't help.
  • Dashie not using her head when thinking of her "pranks"? It doesn't help.
  • Pinkie's portrayal? It doesn't help.
  • Ponyville only scaring Rainbow Dash as Zombies instead going way too far equally as much as her as to scar her with extreme pain in the REAL exact same way? It doesn't help!
  • 28 Pranks Later?
Well, what the heck do you think?!?!

MLP:FIM - Top Ten (Best) Shippings

I don't think any MLP pairings could be better than these ones. Welcome to The Super Mario Brony Blog, and today I'm counting down my picks for the Top Ten Shippings. For this list, I'm looking at those couples that I find to be the best when paired together and that I think deserve an entire episode together on a major date all together in another major Grand Galloping Gala-themed episode. I've excluded any shippings that are already canon like Cadance and Shining Armor or Mr. and Mrs. Cake as this list is primarily about the ones I personally want to pair up for the show. For my despised shippings, be sure to check out my list of the Top Ten Worst MLP Shippings.

And here's my other list dedicated to Zack the Railfan Brony since these all of these ideas solely come from his own MLP:FIM Shipping Meme (in a text format) as a source of true inspiration...

#10 - Rumbloo
(Rumble x Scootaloo)

Rumble became a well known character of the series with Season 2's Hurricane Fluttershy, and Scootaloo has been an icon of the show beginning with Season 1's Call of the Cutie when the Cutie Mark Crusaders were finally introduced to each other. So how does this at least start the list off you ask? While Scootaloo may not have been quite as great of a character as others like the rest of the CMC and the Mane Six, nor Rumble with most background ponies among fans, deep down Rumble can be like her in terms of a tough attitude with heartfelt determination. He did get a brief moment to shine in Hurricane Fluttershy, but I have say he'll have more time to eventually bond with Scootaloo and form a relationship with her to make a good shipping for both the show and fandom.

#9 - Appleweight
(Apple Bloom x Featherweight)

There aren't that much of shippings that involve the youngest of the show's characters, but I think the Cutie Mark Crusaders are major exceptions and deserve a colt in their lives. Like most minor characters you'll be seeing on this list, I'd personally like Hasbro to develop the necessary ones like those who deserve a relationship with the show's most iconic and greatest characters. The Railfan Brony once said that fan art was the source of this particular shipping, but even those that come up with these ideas can be good ones. Featherweight got something out of The One Where Pinkie Pie Knows, so I think he can get even more as the show progresses on like Apple Bloom already has over the past half a decade.

#8 - SoarinDash
(Soarin x Rainbow Dash)

This may have topped the best shippings list on, but I personally found others to be much better. Despite not being any higher, I can still give it an honor because Rainbow Dash and Soarin have been developed throughout over the past sereval seasons and have plenty of similarities within their personalities. Not to mention she even flirted with him while posing as and imitating Rarity. Why isn't this any higher though? Two words: Newbie Dash! Thanks a lot, Dave Rapp!!

#7 - Carameljack
(Caramel x Applejack)

Hardly anything came of Caramel as with other underrated characters like Flash Sentry, but I can see loads of potential for him in the future where he plays a major role... whether or not it's one centered on Applejack. He has already been seen with a girlfriend in Hearts and Hooves Day, but I think his status should go back to being single and hook up with Applejack along with being developed in the process. So go out with AJ instead and politely break up with your current girlfriend if you're still together, Caramel.

#6 - PipBelle
(Pipsqueak x Sweetie Belle)

Most of you may rather go with ButtonBelle (Button Mash x Sweetie Belle), but since Pipsqueak is another underrated character and got good characterization with Crusaders of the Lost Mark, I'd like to see this little colt go with a cute sisterly filli like Rarity's. The Crusaders have stood up for Pipsqueak, so why not have him stand up for all of them too... or at least one of them that he deserves to be paired up with? He may be shorter than her, but then again, Spike's shorter than Rarity, in which it's extremely ironic since they're both sisters obviously. Oh and Button Mash isn't really much of an interesting character, but I do have hope that he'll also get something in the future for MLP someday soon.

#5 - CheesePie
(Cheese Sandwich x Pinkie Pie)

Now here's only one couple I rank higher than just one entry of your Top Five you absolutely love, Zack. Whilst I can't say Pinkie's my favorite member of the Mane Six, nor Cheese Sandwich as my favorite character of all time, Cheese is my favorite who's voiced by a guest star. I think the character who made me a brony with the Mane Six party-planner that made me one via the Goof Off deserves a pretty high spot on any MLP shippings list and not just my own. A lot of people have seen them just as a figure of siblings but since they biologically aren't, then I believe they deserve to go out and about as a couple. Why else would they be perfect for each other other than the fact that they're both Party Ponies?

#4 - Celestibra
(Princess Celestia x Mirror-World Sombra)

Now here's an entry you've probably either never known of before or just aren't into it that much. King Sombra's Mirror-World form might have only been from a comic, but since I see them as a King and Queen figure and something like that of Beauty and the Beast, I think of it as a very interesting pairing for more than just the comics canon. Of course, you should majorly develop a character in a show before hooking him/her up with another one like Celestia (she whom of which has had plenty of character development throughout the series). I know the show may be canon to the comics while the comics aren't canon to the show, but that doesn't mean we can't put a character who was shown as a good guy only in the comics into the show. Plus, if Cadance was a princess who was paired, then her aunt can be one as well.

#3 - FlutterMac
(Fluttershy x Big Macintosh)

While I'm fine Big Mac and Cheerilee paired together in another episode besides Hearts and Hooves Day, I personally prefer Fluttershy and him way more since they're just a bit more colorfully bright together and have secretly started some type of relationship with each other after Filli Vanilli when she backed him up with her Flutterguy voice during the Ponytones Choir concerts throughout Ponyville while his voice was slowly healing. Now there's something I can see between the two as a loving relationship. MarbleMac being shipped more than this? Screw that! I'll sink it.

...No offense, MarbleMac fans.

#2 - Sparity
(Spike x Rarity)

I couldn't have an MLP shippings list without good ol' Spike and Rarity. There have been a lot of shippings where the couples are different species, and this is one of the best like people would say the same with Zootopia's Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps. This shipping ranks so high on this list because Spike has had his crush on Rarity and at the same time been fantasizing about his relationship with her since Day 1. Remember that scene from A Dog and Pony Show when he pictured himself as a knight in shining armor saving her from those Diamond Dogs? How about the time Rarity kissed his cute little cheek in Secret of My Excess after he generously gave his heart-shaped fire ruby to her? Sure, she may not have been showing as much of a crush for him but seriously, they both deserve a night out as they're a close second to being my top shipping of the series.

Before I get to my top (and probably pathetically obvious) pick, here are some
Honorable Mentions

- Photo Toity
(Photo Finish x Hoity Toity)

- Garber
(Garble x Ember)

- ZephyrPommel
(Zephyr Breeze x Coco Pommel)

#1 - FlashLight
(Flash Sentry x Twilight Sparkle)

Come on, you just had to have guessed that I ultimately would give this perfect pairing the cake. With such a list about pairings with some of the show's greatest characters, I think the main characters who made lots of recurring appearances deserve this much love being paired together the most. This means all the Mane 6, the Cutie Mark Crusaders and even the ruler of all Equestria. A lot of people may hate Flash Sentry, but that's just and only because he hasn't played that much of a major role and is just... well, There (for no reason)! But let me remind you; He did serve a true purpose as a love interest for our main protagonist in the EG spinoff trilogy. It's more of the Shadowbolts of Friendship Games that are completely pointless since there's too many of them crammed into one film with nothing but wasted potential. What some people also don't see clearly is that when he was briefly being a little too harsh to her in Rainbow Rocks, it's because he was under the spell of the Dazzlings! I know he hasn't got much out of the actual series other than cameos in very few episodes like Three's A Crowd but come on, you gotta have at least some hope for him cause I have loads of hopeful potential for Flash just like you, Zack.

There's the support he gives Twilight when helping her win Princess of Canterlot high over Sunset in the first EG film, he saves her from being disqualified from it when Sunset tried to frame her into getting her disqualification, and to top it all off, they both lovingly blush before having a TLC dance with each other. And let's not forget that Twilight even blushed when she bumped into him at the very end of the first movie along with showing heartfelt affection for him. You die hard Flash Sentry haters may find him dull and uninterestingly dislikable, but instead of that, he deserves the exact opposite of hatred, along with a chance to shine with at least one episode someday, sometime, and very, VERY soon.

(And if anyone else needs more explanation as to why SunLight should not be a thing, read this.)

Do you agree with my list? Which My Little Pony pairing do you ship?

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MLP:FIM - Top Ten Worst Shippings

They're the worst of the worst. As in the ones that (clearly) don't fit the bill. Welcome to The Super Mario Brony Blog, and here I'm counting down my picks for the Top Ten Worst Shippings of My Little Pony. For this list, I'm looking at the those fanmade shippings of MLP that I find to be the most unsuitable. And have judged them based on the character's differences and personalities that don't make them go good together. I've excluded any incest shippings like the Sparkle or Apples family from this list because all of them together would be towards the very top of this countdown and it just wouldn't be fair to the other entries, as well as any other shippings with characters who are already in a perfect canon (such as Queen Chrysalis with Shining Armor instead of Cadance), along with any CMC and Mane Six pairing as well. But trust me when I say I hate all of those shippings as well. And another rule I'm taking into account here is every character on this list is completely different. Meaning each character will only get one entry no matter who the other is. You may or may not hate for some if not all of these entries, but considering we're all different, I should remind you all; everyone has different tastes.

As one of my few posts, I dedicate this solely to the Railfan Brony (Zack Wanzer) for coming up with all the ideal shippings in the fandom for the series.

#10 - TrixTail
(Trixie Lulamoon x Comet Tail)

These characters have not developed much over the past five years and while Comet Tail might seem like a good pony to be around with, I don't think he'd be a good mate for Trixie since she's been messing with Twilight and getting a little too much vengeance on her to even her so-called "odds". If it's gonna be somewhat neutral, develop them for me please. Comet Tail more specifically, but Trixie too still. I mean, you have to develop things in the proper way instead of rushing or forcing them.

#9 - Fluttercord
(Fluttershy x Discord)

Now here's an entry you seriously might hate me for. But I am so, SO sorry. My favorite character is way better off single... eternally! I know Spike and Rarity make a good pairing for the series who aren't the same species, but what's wrong with my personal favorite character just remaining single with Fluttershy only being his bestest friend after she reformed him for life (nearly)? Why I would find this relationship reasonable is beyond me, but Fluttershy is just better off with Big Mac since she's been of true help to him while Cheerilee didn't have any relationship with him until the Cutie Mark Crusaders set them up. And Discord's still got bigger mistakes and more redeeming qualities to go through unlike Big Macintosh.

Speaking of...

#8 - MarbleMac
(Marble Pie x Big Macintosh)

There are plenty of different choices people have with Big Macintosh to have another pony in a shipping relationship with him. But while I do find Cheerilee and him (as Hearts and Hooves Day has shown) to be an okay shipping, I'll take that one anyday over MarbleMac. I know people ship this, but I personally don't because they could be related, and besides, Pinkie's family isn't even colorful and is rather underdeveloped enough to be uninteresting albeit Maud. I'd also prefer to sink it because Pinkie's dull family and Applejack's clever one aren't very colorful. Cheerilee, or particularly Fluttershy have more charm to Big Mac on the other hand. Sure, Marble might be shy like Big Mac most of the time is, but so's Fluttershy if nowhere near as often as Applejack's and Apple Bloom's older brother.

#7 - Trenderjack
(Trenderhoof x Applejack)

Trenderhoof may have just been your typical handsome unicorn, but a relationship between him and Applejack in a love shipping just doesn't work for me. Rarity came to have a crush on him in Simple Ways, but he rather had one for Applejack just cause she was some farmer. The problem is Applejack had no interest in him, not to mention he hasn't even been a farmer in his life, nor does his voice sound like one. Nearly everypony in Equestria might be willing to find true love, but there may be some hope for Trenderhoof without Applejack in his life as a crush to make an unsuitable shipping.

#6 - DerpyDash
(Derpy Hooves x Rainbow Dash)

Pairing up a dimwit character with a tomboy makes for a stupid idea for a shipping and it especially makes no sense seeing how homosexuality isn't for those at a really young age. And most of the time brainless characters are rather uninteresting and not all too fun when they don't do so much other than just sit and stand around and do nothing like they see anything as harmless as they look but don't seem. Besides, Derpy's completely nonsensical and is best left erased and forgotten from the show since she just does random bogus to try and attract a crowd. And like Starlight, she still adds nothing to the show. Although I want Starlight to be gotten rid of more than Derpy, a shipping between her and the true chairpony of the show's characters to attract an audience for attention to join the fandom isn't a cool idea. And I sure hope no homosexual pairings are shipped together in MLP anytime, anyday.

#5 - SoarinFire
(Soarin x Spitfire)

They both may have been Wonderbolts for quite a long time, but I don't think they'd be good together as soulmates. They'd be more like a figure of siblings, I didn't see much of a real developing relationship between the two, and I even would like all of the main characters to have a loving mate instead. Spitfire is just not as big of a character for Rainbow Dash as Soarin ever will be. And why should I even accept this after how Spitfire recently treated poor Rainbow Dash??

#4 - Lusqueak
(Princess Luna x Pipsqueak)

What makes sense about a child in love with an adult princess? I know some people in this world fall in love with those a lot older than them, but a little colt over an entire millennium Luna's junior is pretty stupid for a shipping. I personally wouldn't mind dating those no more than five years older or younger than me, but more than that? Uh, no way! They haven't even grown close together and having together only means one thing: pedophilia. The list of reasons why this shipping shouldn't even be a thing goes on and on. The same thing goes for any child with a full grown adult as much as it does with this shipping.

What rubbish.

#3 - Spilight Glimmer
(Spike x Starlight Glimmer)

I'm with you Zack when I say that Sunburst and Starlight just don't work since everything was rushed with no real development to their characters before they reunited, but admittedly I'll take Sunburst over Spike and her. What seriously makes sense about a baby dragon and a former villainous unicorn being a shipping when they haven't even come to know each other? I can stand Starlight with Sunbrust over Spike anyday, and Spike's a million times better off with his own crush he's come to know and love (Rarity). She may have listened through Spike's speech in the poorly bankrupted The Crystalling, but that's hardly any development between the two since she's done everything with Sunbrust in her childhood before going all unreasonably bad. You can develop them together all you want, Hasbro, but don't you dare make them a couple. Make Starlight single and hook Spike up with Rarity instead.

#2 - RariBlood
(Rarity x Prince Blueblood)

Yes, you all knew Blueblood and Rarity together would make this countdown. Starting it all off with picking a rose for himself only and not for her, he literally makes her open doors and buy food (like Applejack's) for him not even caring about treating her like a lady and is nothing but an ungrateful jerk to her like the Wonderbolts were to Rainbow Dash in Newbie Dash. To top all the disrespect off, he uses her as a shield of protection from a flying cake! Whether or not he changes and becomes the opposite of what he truly is, I would rather see Rarity with her Spikey-Wikey than I would with a royal pain like him. He may not be the worst character of the series to me, nor is he and Rarity the worst shipping, but at least he gets a brief taste of his own medicine from Rarity when she flicks cake right in his face. But if there's any comeuppance I'd like to see him get, it's Spike belching right in his stupid little face a few times during Rarity's date with him.

No (Honorable, or in this case) Dishonorable Mentions this time around...

#1 - SunLight
(Twilight Sparkle x Sunset Shimmer)

I could've gone with Sunset and Flash (Sentry), or Twilight with either Trixie or Comet Tail. But if there's one I do despise just a bit more than them (if they all were included between some of these entries) it's the one involving both of your overall favorite characters, Zack. Homosexual shippings most of the time just don't make sense although I completely respect every gay brony/pegasister in the fandom to be what they want and who they're in love with. If this was existent within the actual franchise, both of the spinoff and main series, it'd make for something controversial for younger audiences in the fandom. Sometimes I can see why some would ship a homosexual shipping like this and sometimes I don't but bottom line, gay and lesbian shippings shouldn't exist in a kid's series. Period. Especially one that was originally aimed at little girls before guys took an interest.

Now don't me wrong, the other shippings of both characters are bad too, but I went with this one because in a best friends relationship, Sunset and Twilight aren't Lyra Heartstrings and Bon Bon. As with other entries on this list, the other shippings I don't ship are where they're better left as just and only friends, especially my favorite character with Fluttershy. For those of you die hard gamers, if you clearly think about it, this would be like turning a kid-friendly franchise into a mature one at that which wouldn't fit this bill since this has been for considerably all ages since over three decades ago. Like Conker the squirrel starting his own franchise after making a minor character debut in Diddy Kong Racing and went from those that kids would love in the overshadowed Conker's Pocket Tales for the Game Boy Color and for adults only with Conker's Bad Fur Day on the N64.

But in this case, My Little Pony should not go from kid-friendly to mature. (Although oddly enough I wouldn't mind Discord getting his own spinoff series where he goes from being immature in his chaotic nature to committing adultery in an adult-targeted show which would be admittedly interesting, whether or not it gets good reception) Instead of making the show controversial with the grossest shippings, let's just stick with the good ones that even parents can stand their children to see and learn about.

Do you agree with my list? Which MLP shippings do you prefer to sink?

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After the Fact - ScrewAttack Death Battles

I've been tuning into it back in the late 2000s, but ScrewAttack became something hugely addictive to me and all the classics before the 2010s (with a few exceptions of those published in when the 2010s began), before I eventually gave it up and moved on to other sites like WatchMojo around 3 years later. Death Battle has to be one of their awesomest video series for all the random battles we get between one character and another. The same thing is done with the One-Minute Melee videos, but with less action and time since judging by the time the characters have to fight each other, they're obviously much shorter than the regular ones in this intense series of characters from pop culture duking it out one-on-one.

For this video though, I'm posting my thoughts on these particular battles that have the most to do with both franchises separately as a part of this blog. Not all of them with have to do with

Be advised; the following videos do contain uncensored strong language and most of the battles are a bit graphic.

(if your offended by such material, either skip to the battles or just read the my descriptions of the videos)

And because I'll be talking about those that win and those who don't in the battles themselves, and unless you've seen them all before, a Spoiler Alert will possibly be in order here. (So just watch the video before scrolling down to my thoughts themselves on these battles if you can't take these major spoilers) Other than that, enjoy the article.

Mario vs. Sonic

Battle starts at 5:42

This wasn't exactly the first time everyone's favorite Mushroom-munching plumber and lightning-fast blue blur have had a major rivalry against each other, but for the most part, it looked quite like an interesting duel between two legendary video game icons. Starting off with Sonic taking the first blow to Mario was looked pretty stylized to me but when Mario starting using all those cool power ups of his, that's when things really got spiced up for me. Seeing Sonic across from the plumber is cool to and Super Sonic is pretty cool, but since his power ups were more creative and more fun, I had to go with Mario and not necessarily for the fact the he's been like my childhood hero. And don't get me wrong, Sonic on the other hand is a great and likably awesome character too, but it seemed my childhood hero (which I never grew up with Sonic that much) was much cooler for how inspirational I've always found him to be. And I have creator Shigeru Miyamoto to thank for that.

I don't exactly try to come out and be super mad that I want to threaten the makers of Death Battle for having one character beat out the other, but I do have those moments of disappointment and I think Mario deserves victory pretty much everytime he comes in a battle (no matter who he's up against). So seeing Sonic suffer all those attack of Mario's power ups, especially the plumber's metal and invincible form was totally awesome and all of Sonic's features like his Chaos Emeralds form is always cool, but it really disappointed me that Sonic ended up being Mario just cause he couldn't even outrun him. I mean, yeah, Sonic deserves some victories, but it doesn't entirely work for me here because Mario's just a bit more creative in power ups than Sonic is. So next time, just set them in a different landscape and have the plumber win with even more weapons like F.L.U.D.D. to make it much more awesome.

I mean to say the least, it's obviously all about them who decides who's gonna win but whatever...

Luigi vs. Tails

Battle starts at 9:11

These two sidekicks are also considered to be icons among the protagonists of the respective franchises, and this death battle of them together makes for a thrilling experience. Tails as a character was one of the other few cool and respectably admirable characters of the Sonic franchise while Luigi is more than just ONE of the greatest characters in his own brother's franchise. With Luigi having so experience with combat and Tails having extreme intelligence more than Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking combined, I have to say that for this round, I am not a poor sport with anything nowadays at most, I loved how it all played out, ScrewAttack did a great job creating this battle, but as with the previous battle, deep inside it really peeved me off that the two bestest friends in video games ended up beating both of the Mario Bros. in a fight (each separately). I mean if Spider-Man proved that you don't always have to be intelligent in order to defeat your opponent, like he did with Batman, then you could have done the same with Luigi against Tails. Honestly for once I'd like to the Mario Bros. win a battle instead of losing...

And I still won't go so far as to threatening ScrewAttack for making the fight play out the way they personally wanted it to (cause I feel most of the time they do the battles their own way) and I absolutely loved Luigi's combat, though Tails' inventions weren't anything special for this round, but I still request from ScrewAttack something like a rematch for both of these battles, or at least have the bros win for once. That'd sure be nice.

Zelda vs. Peach

Battle starts at 5:43

Now here's a brawl I didn't expect. Nor did I expect the winner to be the unlikely one. Despite that though, because of how much the Mario franchise meant so much to me, I was actually on Peach's team. It just surprised me that Peach used two of her emotion-ish moves on Zelda as well as a sleepy sheep. I never exactly expected her to have that much magical abilities, but I guess I could consider it to make sense since Peach has had this kind of ability before in Brawl, although thankfully I'm just glad they didn't make her use her final smash because it has to be the worst in Smash Bros. history since all it ever did was put opponents to sleep and bring out around a dozen peaches out of nowhere to heal you (or your opponent). The sickest part about this though? PEACH'S FINAL BLOW (TO ZELDA'S HEAD)!!

Yeah, I might not use Peach often in Smash or like most of her techniques, but I've played her own spinoff game, which I admittedly thought was fun, and have used her before in platformers of the main Mario series like the 2nd Super Mario Bros. and 3D World. And for that matter I find her to be a good character. And don't get me wrong, Zelda's fantastic too, but I was rooting for Peach for her moves of her Peach Bomb and her finishing move. Both damsels in distress are great characters for their franchises, but Peach most definitely deserves this since most people would just think Zelda would come out on top just they'd all be like "Magic instantly makes her a more powerful fighter than even any other princess". Well turns out you should probably think more clearly about some princesses who don't seem so tough, yet could prove you wrong by letting it all out at the very last second of the battle.

Bowser vs. Ganon

Battle starts at 8:41

This prediction of who would win was completely obvious to me. I love The Legend of Zelda series for everything that makes it look fascinating from it's quirky characters, fun side quests, but the only game I've ever really completed though was Ocarina of Time on the N64, whereas the rest were just confusing for me to figure to complete them. But even still, I still like Zelda. Now on with the death battle.

Between both antagonists of the two biggest franchises of Nintendo, Bowser and Ganon are often a toss up for the best villain of both Nintendo and sometimes in all of gaming. Seeing Bowser throw objects, blast fire, and backfire his own ammo at his rival looked so stylized that at times I felt as was rooting for him though I completely predicted the main villain of the Zelda franchise seeing as he can transformer himself into a lot of dangerous things like a beastly pig via his dark magic with the Triforce of Power. I'm not too disappointed with the King of Koopas losing the battle because I both love as villains, but them fighting against each other outside the Super Smash Bros. series looked so darn cool despite every battle on this list most of the time in a retro art-style like NES or Super NES graphics. So while it would've been nice if Bowser would surprise me by winning, which Screwattack seriously should've taken Bowser's Giga form into account, the duel between the two villains was very entertaining regardless.

Yoshi vs. Raptor

Battle starts at 4:35

My favorite Mario character (joined by Rosalina) and a Killer Instinct dinosaur character? Yep. Raptor might have more stylized moves, not to mention he looks more realistic, but Yoshi's cute and cartoony cuddliness, he's comes out as better when he uses his egg ability just like in every Super Smash Bros. game. Yoshi's always stuck with me, as did Mario since my early years of a little tyke, so I feel he can triumph over any other fictional dinosaur. The problem with this death battle as with most others is that it's a little too short. I would have loved to see more of an open world of both the characters. Instead, we only really get Yoshi's Island with Yoshi's starter attack being another Baby Yoshi and Raptor scratching that innocent little creature to a bloody pulp which is pretty sad if you ask me. Also, where'd that car at the bottom of the pit come from? Did Raptor drive a van in the underground of the island and just come out that island pipe from underneath the ground? Explain that, ScrewAttack...

So while this might be a very short one, it was still awesome seeing my favorite dinosaur and character from the franchise Mario ultimately triumph over a scary velociraptor via his egg-laying abilities.

Goomba vs. Koopa

Battle starts at 4:26

A fight between two of Mario's most common enemies...? Seems bizarre for a death battle, but in spite of looking like a cool idea, most of time, it was blandly arbitrary in which I rooted primarily for the Koopa since it was more clever in appearance than just a plain brown mushroom-like Goomba. The two enemies brawling in the sky while flying looks kinda stupid, especially since they were dodging bullets and projectiles in the process. It was admittedly cool to see Koopa take out a whole bunch of Goombas, but why in the heck did it have to fall in lava that was just...... there?!

Starscream vs. Rainbow Dash

Battle starts at 5:37

Now here's the only non-video game-related entry in this article. This isn't the video that made me a brony, but truth-be-told, this got Youtuber Joshscorcher into My Little Pony as one step of being drawn into the fandom. If I myself saw this before even hearing of MLP, then I so would've rooted for the decepticon cause while horses and pegasi are cool, let's face it, being a robot (though it sometimes depends) is a lot cooler than being a pony. (Or primarily being a dragon like Twilight Sparkle's sidekick Spike is a lot cooler but still) So I did end up rooting for Rainbow Dash after how much I was completely into the show, as with my favorite video games. Starscream may have an arsenal of weapons, but Rainbow Dash does come out on top for her speed and her move to just eat a Transformer's matrix. I would see it as bizarre, but since I'm a brony who knows that much about her and pretty much every other pony of Equestria, I know everything that she is and has done as a character with hardly anything known about Starscream and most other Transformers. To be fair though, I've binged watched the underrated Beast Wars: Transformers before, but I never did finish up every episode on Netflix.

I know die hard anti-bronies would've been more comfortable if at least Starscream took the cake since almost everyone I can think of likes robots, but a cute and colorful pony like Rainbow Dash just reminds you not to judge a book by it's cover, or a character by his/her appearance. And a lot of brony haters quickly mock us just cause we love the show so much, but the internet made a meme and I quote it here:

So whether you were rooting for the Decepticon or the pegasus, you really can't deny that just because you cooler and not cuter doesn't mean you're more powerful or better at winning a fight. So in the end Rainbow Dash's antics for defeating Starscream came out truly as both powerful and intelligent although technically the protagonist Twilight Sparkle is the smartest in the 4th generation of My Little Pony. I don't have a favorite death battle from Screwattack, but all of them minus the one before this were all magnificent even I didn't come out satisfied in the end of every single one of them.

Do you agree with my thoughts? Let me know whom you wanted to win these death battles.

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Monday, August 8, 2016

MLP:FIM Review - The Cart Before the Ponies (S6, E14, P122, OE131)

With his phenomenal work with both Flight to the Finish and Three's A Crowd, writer Ed Valentine has gained both my hype and my hope for writing more episodes for Season 6. Having writing for the Crusaders in their first Season 4 episode (before Discord's second normal-lengther with Meghan McCarthy), it was simply amazing showing true determination for them (to represent the nation for the win) and developed them really well to deliver a stunning moral across the board. Looking at The Cart Before the Ponies overtime now, it seemed to me that it was only dumb luck that Valentine wrote wonderfully for the Crusaders back in Season 4. Because at the end of the day, this episode just goes to show that some writers just lose their mojo instantly overtime...much like Josh Haber before Season 5.

And as always, a Spoiler Alert will be triggered throughout.

Ponyville holds its annual Applewood Derby, a kart race where the school children are to drive their own self-made vehicles with the help of older ponies. The Cutie Mark Crusaders enlist Rainbow Dash, Applejack and Rarity to assist with their karts, but the mares get carried away in their excitement for the derby and completely ignore the different design ideas that the fillies want to try, and eventually take over as drivers. During the race, the mares crash into each other and destroy their karts in a pile-up. Berated by the Crusaders for ruining the derby, the mares apologize and help the fillies rebuild their karts the way they want, sitting out to let the Crusaders enjoy the race.

Unlike Flight to the Finish, The Cart Before the Ponies falls flat on its face due to bad pacing within its mostly predictable plot. It's hard to focus on any of the actual charm of the episode thanks to how Valentine wrote for the three sisters of the CMCs with nothing going as planned which only made the plot even more predictable after just learning of the episode's description before it aired. With its sound design, the voices for every character were suited perfectly as with every episode, but unfortunately it also suffers with a corny script from our main adult characters with the Crusaders. As for the music, eventually I found to be completely forgettable (despite my own strong memory for anything I give more than one viewing or listen to). And don't me wrong with the visuals and design, cause I found it so pleasing that it's practically like the Mario Kart of My Little Pony episodes ever since I first viewed it. But just because something looks so cool doesn't mean you should judge it only by it's cover.

Generally, not all the acting is bad as the Cutie Mark Crusaders were the most mature and Cheerilee's was admirable as well if not quite as powerful as the Crusaders in which, like Bridle Gossip, it seemed that only the kids were intelligent with the exception of her (go figure) in which they weren't blind to how bad the first race turned out entirely. Rainbow Dash's, Rarity's, and Applejack's (which her's has also been done before in Somepony to Watch Over Me) on the other obvious hand suffer heavily from sloppy writing and immature selfish acts for like 90% of their screentime with a failed and forced moral on the Crusaders from them that most of the time was unbelievably unreasonable with the sisters having a comeuppance that was a little too rushed, not to mention predictable like the rest of the plot. So in the end, The Cart Before the Ponies sadly failed to give its concept a good storyline and just messed up part of the sisters' reputations for their relationships with their sisters, but since he's got at least one more shot at this season before whatever comes of him later on, I'll end this by saying better luck next time, Valentine.

Monday, August 1, 2016

MLP:FIM Review - Stranger Than Fan Fiction (S6, E13, P121, OE130)

Since Pinkie Pride, My Little Pony has been gaining more and more popularity with even more people joining the fandom (including me over 2 years ago now). As with guest star Weird Al Yankovic as Cheese Sandwich with Pinkie, and Lena Hall as Coloratura with Applejack in The Mane Attraction, we now get another celebrity nerd for a guest role; Patton Oswalt. Probably due to one of his appearances on Conan O' Brien's talk show, Oswalt eventually got his own part as to play yet another newly introduced minor character in the MLP universe; in this case, with Rainbow Dash. The last two episodes with minor guest stars with both incredible and pretty much flawless in every aspect with Pinkie Pride being my 2nd favorite of the series since it was the episode that made me a brony, but I think with Fan Fiction, Pinkie's episode with Weird Al has met its match.

And be advised, because as with every new review, a Spoiler Alert will totally be in order here.

Rainbow Dash attends a Daring Do convention where she meets another avid fan named Quibble Pants. The two quickly bond until Quibble Pants criticizes the later series of Daring Do books as unrealistic, which upsets Rainbow Dash, who secretly knows Daring Do is real. Daring Do approaches Rainbow Dash for help looking out for Doctor Caballeron, who is following her in her search for a priceless artifact. While Rainbow Dash tries to explain the severity of the situation to Quibble Pants, Caballeron overhears her and abducts them both. Quibble Pants believes this is all a paid "adventur-perience" Rainbow Dash bought until a fantastic creature nearly eats him. Daring Do arrives and saves the two, finally convincing Quibble Pants that her stories are true. He and Rainbow Dash help Daring Do find the artifact and escape the temple, after which Daring Do gets rid of Caballeron and directs the two to safety. As they return to the convention, Rainbow Dash and Quibble Pants recognize they love different facets of the Daring Do stories, and they agree to respect each other's opinions.

When you write episode with one of the show's regulars like Rainbow Dash (in this case) and a guest star pony like Patton Oswalt's Quibble Pants, you make for something truly special and stellar for us fans. Providing a well written script and epic sound design with the music and everything, Fan Fiction is one of those episodes that you could rewatch and be entertained by...much like Daring Do's very first episode; Read It and Weep. There's nothing at all complicated with the voice acting and character performances, specifically Oswalt's since his character may seem obnoxious at first and not very likable or interesting, but as the saying goes; he/she's not so bad once you get to know him/her.

Although Oswalt's character and his portrayal comes across very nicely and superb, he still doesn't quite mach up to wackiness and craziness of the character that made me a brony from Pinkie Pride; Cheese Sandwich. But that by no means makes Quibble a terrible character. In fact, he makes the plot and story all the more funny and entertaining. I literally can't come up with any bad to say about the plot. One of Daring Do's recurring antagonists Dr. Caballeron also makes a welcome return and has done better than ever with his villainous portrayal like Season 4's Daring Don't. So every performance from Oswalt's Quibble to Ball's Rainbow Dash, every main character brings plenty of appeal to the plot.

To credit the story, it's simply masterful and there's no faults with it since it's Trade Ya!, Read It and Weep and Daring Don't Rainbow Dash would reply: "only 20% cooler." The one small teensy-weensy problem with it? Having next to nothing to do with the actual plot; the episode's title. The episode itself might be perfect in pretty much every aspect, but it's title makes no sense whatsoever. Meaning it doesn't fit the actual storyline so that feels like the one missed opportunity for a better attraction to those who know nothing about the concept. It doesn't affect any of the actual story as I clearly stated, but it would've at least more decent if it was something like (I don't know) Daring Don't 2: A New Quest.

This episode is very powerful for the three main characters like Rainbow Dash that she practically ranks an even higher spot on my favorite characters list as much Rarity did via Canterlot Boutique. With lots of spectacular action and gripping pacing for the plot, even Patton Oswalt's dialogue throughout the end credits sequence adds to the charm of the episode's ending unlike any other episode in the series. Providing an equally strong moral of putting your differences aside, it's yet another example of how friends can get along and make a great team. And with an action-packed story like this, it's one of the coolest ways of teaching anyone of all ages something big about friendship.

Thanks to its incredible plot, spot on characters, stellar execution. and life-changing moral, Stranger Than Fan Fiction is easily one of the best installments of Friendship Is Magic with lots of entertainment to keep you interested that you'll want to keep on rewatching it from time to time. I think the episode deserves to be in the Top Ten Best of All Time for Patton Oswalt and his performance alone as he's equally as awesome of a fantastic minor character as Weird Al Yankovic was back in Season 4. Everything you need from its eye-catching concept and original story, Fan Fiction is worth showing your family and friends and one you shouldn't even miss out on.