Monday, July 25, 2016

My Bloggerversary

Now that it's been a whole year (and an extra three days, so...sorry this is just a few days late) since I published my first blog post with, I shall be recapping and announcing a few others things while I continue on with this interesting site of a blog. First, where the idea of this all began. Second, the subjects of Mario that I post. And three, what more I'll be doing with My Little Pony. Now, let my discussing begin...

Where it all started - The Railfan Brony Blog
(No photo for this segment- sorry!)

I first made my own blog a year ago from now in this current month in July shortly after I turned 21 and it all started with a brony named Zack Wanzer who I follow on Deviantart nowadays (known as MarzipanHomestar66). It was back in late January of last year when I made my first user blog post with my own account on the MLP Wikia and it was only then when he commented on it when he said we an agreement on the best and worst episode of all time and the worst character of all time if not the best as well... at that time only. Once I decided to do the same idea of a blog like his, I decided to go with a different subject on the flipside since I'm nowhere near involved enough in the franchise of Thomas the Tank Engine as any of you are, nor you Zack. I've only seen like a few episodes, or mainly just small parts of them but anyway.

Now that I've explained plenty of detail in this segment, I shall now move on to more detail on these primary subjects of this blog and what gave me the idea of publishing them. For a partial recap, be sure to check out my very first blog post here. Both of which will discuss them as well.


Back on the 25th of last year, my first post of the plumber here in case you forgot was my review of the original Super Mario Bros., which I may not have reviewed it quite enough, but I should make myself clear; I was developing my discussions of both reviews and countdowns at the time. So my reviewing eventually matured overtime and I have to say that it still is. I may not have posted quite enough reviews of countdowns whatever of the plumber and anything related to him, but I have to make this clear too and say that it's much, MUCH harder for me to fully review video games than it is for me to review specific episodes of TV shows like MLP. So I may not have reviewed a lot of games of Mario, but tell you this; I'll keep on doing so. So that's that.

My Little Pony

Hello again, every brony and pegasister. As you may have heard, I said I would post only one My Little Pony-related subject before the next episode review at the very end of the month (specifically half a week from now), well this is my other post I'd make before so too. Technically this is about both regular subjects on my you-know-what, but who should really ask questions here? So while I may have posted more than enough of this than my favorite franchise of all time, that of which was from my childhood since Day 1, I still have a lot to catch up on on the plumber which I may just consider toning the amount of Friendship Is Magic-related posts just a tad bit down just to make it all even. I've already discussed how I became a part of the fandom, so if you either want to know why or at least want to be recapped on why, be sure to check out my post of my celebration of the show's 5th anniversary (in which Crusaders of the Lost Mark aired). So that's about all I have to say here so I'll see all of you in fandom next week for my review on the next episode (Stranger That Fan Fiction).

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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

My 2nd Bronyversary - The Cutie Re-Mark Revisited Again (Final Decision/3rd Take)

Welcome every brony, this Tyler Smith here, and have I got something special for this post. Now that it's been a little over two years (and an extra day) since I formed a relationship with My Little Pony, and eventually found my (you could call it) true broniness, and as with my final revisited post of Spike at Your Service, I shall be revisiting the Season 5 Finale one final time as my opinions on probably nearly half of the show's episodes just keep on changing. So now I'll be recapping my original thoughts and opinion on the episode and see how view it nowadays, for better or for worse - in this case, for the worst.

I seem to be foolish with my ratings as to what type of praise to give episodes like Re-Mark. In my original review, I gave it a near-perfect 4.5/5 stars, and eventually the episode became even less memorable and I felt that it didn't keep on holding itself up to where it went down to only 3/5 stars in my book, but looking back on it now and seeing plenty of good points my inspiration for this blog Zack the Railfan Brony made, I'm starting to see all of them clearly. Let's discuss Starlight first off.

In The Cutie Map when she was first introduced as a villain, I eventually just loved to hate her for her actions she committed and it showed off just how intelligent she was being as an antagonist. Now I did like those qualities in her, and she showed them off here, but the problem with her in this two-parter that writer Josh Haber unfortunately had to write is obviously her pathetically unreasonable motives that not even the most naive brony with at least a little intelligent criticism can say "Oh, now it all makes sense." Because really, it doesn't! As if her motives via losing her childhood friend JUST OVER A CUTIE MARK isn't abysmal enough, the episode is also like the Slice of Life that focuses primarily on nearly all of the previous villains instead of a lot of Equestria's background ponies. With that sinister grin of her's that I first watched in the preview, I was rooting for something even worse to happen to her, and I think I rather would've wanted her to be imprisoned in Tartarus with Tirek since of course death isn't acceptable in kid-friendly cartoon, especially one that was aimed primarily at the youngest of little girls at first (before grown men joined in on the series shortly after it began).

Now to be fair, the episode's concept of throwbacks was great, but the execution of them put together was just bad, really bad. Because let me ask all of you who like this and especially Haber this one little question: Does every villain ever really have to be crammed into one two-parter instead of doing just... One. At. A. TIME?!?!  It honestly could've been done much, much better if it was like a three or four-parter (almost like a full-length movie like the EG films), but I think they should save that idea primarily for series finale instead. This episode itself just screams one plothole too many throughout every single different villainous timeline Twilight and Spike go through in the future. These plotholes themselves are arguably so bad, that they made the episode have a lot to be desired. So everything it represents from the rushed plot to the one bit of development for Starlight to where all we know about her is that briefly childish and silly moment of her stupid thought of becoming, and just finding some powerless scepter-like stick (back in Map) makes Re-Mark just pathetic and a sorry excuse for a finale that it always makes me role my eyes for what it all represents.

Did I also mention its song at the end is equally as awful as well for it's my new worst MLP song of all time for what it represents? Rivaling the much hated Cutie Mark Crusaders Song from The Show Stoppers.

So yes, that's The Cutie Re-Mark. With more criticism I've given it now, it's one of the few five episode that now hold a score of not even one out of five stars in my book and is my third worst of time as well (just like you, Zack). Ranking in front of Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep? and The Mysterious Mare Do Well, and right behind both Newbie Dash and No Second Prances. So unless they either minimize Starlight's roles COMPLETELY down to Discord's (as I'll keep on repeating myself 'til the ends of this planet) (kinda like making her the female unicorn equivalent to Discord, being an anti-hero), give her better reason, backstory and development, or above else just scrap her from the show permanently, she'll always be awful. And I'll tell you one you one thing, you writers of My Little Pony, and no offense to any die hard Starlight fans/lovers as I'm not trying to attack any of you: Don't even think about giving her cameos as some stupid and downright pointless plot device in any episodes she's not a major focus of. If you're new with this show, you might wanna watch this out of curiosity when binge-watching through every last episode, but trust me, newcomers. Don't.

Final Overall Rating:

Sunday, July 17, 2016

My 19th Gamerversary

Welcome back to my blog. For this post, I present something very different since yesterday was a very special day to me: My Gamerversary, meaning the day I started getting into gaming, being almost two decades ago. For these sections I shall be discussing my very first game - Super Mario 64, one of my biggest highlights of starting with a game - Paper Mario, a game where I came to more maturity - Super Smash Bros. Melee, and the game that made my criticism more mature and intelligent - Super Mario Galaxy, all of which are games within the franchise of Mario. I wouldn't be explaining much about the games themselves and will rather be discussing my personal experiences with them. Let's begin...

(The First Game I've Ever Played)

Easily my favorite video game of all time, Super Mario 64 is the first game in the main series to take full advantage of 3D and revolutionized gaming showing just how we would navigate the 3rd dimension and through genres like platforms and first-person shooters which enhanced those particular games even more, the milestone just gets better and better as it's reused. It's an eternal milestone that will forever still with video games. I never exactly played with it endlessly when I got it first thing, but eventually around say, 9 or 10 I just kept on playing it to try and complete it as much as possible. But the funny thing about it was; I COULDN'T FIND THE LAST 3 STARS I WAS MISSING! Because they were too hard for me to figure out at that young age, but eventually when I got older, I beat it. (The last two stars of Big Boo's Haunt and the very last one in Hazy Maze Cave.) Technically I needed a guide from online to help me, but I still eventually did it.

I can also tell you that out of every game I've played in my entire life, this also the most replayable game - as in a game that could complete countless times over and over again. Because I'll also have you know that it just never gets old. If you asked me just how long it would take me to complete it, it'd be around 4 hours. (Yeah, I just can't do it fast enough to set a major world record of going under just 2.)

...I know I eventually considered the Wii U Super Smash Bros. my favorite of all time once, but since my opinion just keeps on changing, I give more honors to those that have stuck with me for a very long time. So since this is my very first game ever, I'm giving it that honor.

Paper Mario 
(The First Game that Frustrated Me...Only at the Start)

As the second RPG game of Mario, and the first of the Paper Mario series, this game still remains as one of my favorites. But while that's still the truth, there's a dark spot within it that drove me crazy that I countlessly started throwing raging fits at it at the age of 6; that forced failure at the start of the game during your first fight with Bowser. Now don't get me wrong, I still loved the game when I was little and still do since it keeps on holding up again and again, but I just can't get over the cliche no matter how many times I keep on replaying it. I can't really say much here, but all-in-all, Paper Mario was something truly revolutionary in my life, and I'll always have it now matter how either it or I age...

I'll explain the game in my review of it, so more on it some other day.

(The First "Teen" Game I've Played)

Partially, I've grown up with Super Smash Bros. When I say partially, I say that as in "I've gotten my privileges taken away" because the original N64 game often made me act so violent afterwards. Eventually around age 8 or 9 or something my parents allowed me to play the franchise when I no longer had that violent-for-no-reason instinct, although in some situations, I'm not a pacifist. With my first T-Rated game Melee, I had a blast. Characters from the Nintendo universe duking out against each other is the stuff I always loved. Some of the highlights in my life come from unlocking every character in the game although I've never actually completed it entirely, considering there are nearly 300 trophies in the game. But with everything in it's gameplay that makes it fantastic, Melee is easily a GameCube installment that you must own. (Read my review by clicking the link in the game's title above for more details.)

(The Game that Gave Me More Intelligent Criticism)

Back then even in my early teens, I was still naive to the point where I didn't see flaws in games clearly and didn't even have a real taste for the good games. Now that I'm older however, and have read and watched some game reviews of the really good games, I choose wisely on which games to purchase. The same thing went for movies a little while after, but video games were only the beginning for me since it's my favorite form of media. I truly enjoyed the original Super Mario Galaxy as I love both the plumber and the feel of space, and someday I'd even like to go to space. But for the time being, I'm just staying here on earth. I may have once called it my favorite game of all time back when I first played it, but putting that aside, my opinion will keep on changing from time to time, and I'll just be entitled to my own opinion. (For my review on the actual game for me to sum it all up since there's too much for me to say about it here, click the game's title for the link.)

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Sunday, July 10, 2016

Super Smash Bros. Melee - Top Ten Music Tracks (Quickie)

Want actual detail on them? Tune in soon for another very similar list, and be sure to tune into the full final countdown (coming soon) after every music-based countdown on every game of the series here on The Super Mario Brony Blog.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Super Smash Bros. Melee - Top Ten Stages

The stages just get better and better with each new installment. Welcome back to The Super Mario Brony Blog, and here I'm counting down my picks for the Top Ten Melee Stages. For this list, I've picked my favorite stages made originally from Melee, so no recycled Nintendo 64 ones allowed. For those ones though, be sure to check my countdown of every N64 Smash Bros. stage.

#10 - Kongo Jungle
(Donkey Kong)

Not a lot of Donkey Kong stages weren't anything unique and don't really stand out as amazing but I will give this one a good rep if not amazing. four platforms above the main one, with two up on each side, and for a little recover if you're too far off the right side of the stage, you can always grab that rock to recover. The overall look of the stage was done well, but could have been more improved over the original N64 stage. Nonetheless, it's still pretty good to fight and play on.

#9 - Great Bay
(The Legend of Zelda)

On a beach resort in the world of Zelda seems like a strange idea, but this really isn't. That giant turtle that pops up and out from the time is a welcome edition and makes the stage more clever. It's strange though how you can't swim and just instantly drown when being plunged down into the water, but at least that was fixed up and done in Brawl and the fourth installment on both the 3DS and Wii U.

#8 - Fountain of Dreams

There's not much I can say about this other than it's the beautiful kind of Battlefield with a catchy and beautiful song. Period.

#7 - Corneria
(Star Fox)

The return of a good stage from the first game is a pretty good idea for a little purpose of a throwback if not entirely a good idea when throwbacks do get repetitive, but for a stage with the return of arwings and blasters below the ship as you can clearly see at the bottom left of it, it is admittedly a welcome edition if a little shrunk down.

#6 - Yoshi's Story

A few stages in the Smash Bros. seem to take the same idea of the battlefield and just add a newer look to it from other various franchises of Nintendo, and Yoshi's Story from the game of the same name is one of those cases. The only difference though are those clouds that loop up down and around the bottom of the sides of the stage to prevent you from falling to your demise. So be sure to grab them if you can't reach the top ledge in order to survive otherwise, you're dead meat.

#5 - Mushroom Kingdom

If you were to take one of the coolest stages from the first game and enhance it, then you'd honestly make a much greater stage in the universe of Mario. But let me just ask you this real quick: Does it entirely matter if you make just a few changes to one stage as to make it better in another game? Not really. Those platforms on the sides return when you stand on them, the breakable blocks come back and as a whole it's just as awesome as the original Mushroom Kingdom stage.

#4 - Fourside

In the universe of Earthbound, Fourside is that city-themed stage where you jump around the many builds to survive although what doesn't make sense as with the game's graphics is smaller scaling of the buildings like you're the giant. But with a cool UFO and platforming on three different buildings, Fourside is my favorite of the Earthbound universe and is no doubt a classic stage to always keep fighting on.

#3 - Big Blue

#2 - Poke Floats

Apart from Saffron City, another one Pokemon's greatest stages has to be Poke Floats since this one has you platforming on various Pokemon (like Squritle, Venusaur and Snorlax) in order to survive the stage and remain as the last man (or player in this case) standing. It's especially fun to board all the various Pokemon and as a sky level, Floats stands as one of my favorites for its platforming elements.

No Honorable Mentions for this countdown...

#1 - Brinstar Depths

How could this not have been Number 1? From the universe of Metroid, we're given a giant platform that Samus' other nemesis after Ridley continuously rotates around just to cause the player more trouble when on this stage it would want nothing more than to have you falling to your doom and KOing you. So if you don't watch your footing here, you may just end up being boiled in the magma below though you don't go down enough to feel it. So from its platform rotation by Kraid and its patterns of the the giant platform, Brinstar Depths is easily the best stage of the game for everything challenging within it during both multiplayer and single player matches. It's just that replayable.

Do you agree with my list? What's your favorite Melee stage?

For more smashing posts posted yearly, be sure to tune in to The Super Mario Brony Blog.

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