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Super Smash Bros. Review - Melee (GCN, 2001)

After the success of the original Super Smash Bros., the series continued on with Melee on the Gamecube with more features added in and adding more than enough changes for not only everyone at once (multiplayer), but also for those who play it alone (single player). This is the game that pretty much everyone had once they bought a Gamecube for the first back in the early 2000s and I got say that it's pretty amazing though for some reason, I never got one that came along with my own Gamecube. Now that they're added more and more to the series as newer installments are released, the Smash Bros. series just keeps getting better and better over these present years (Brawl and SSB4, anyone?). But enough of that, time to review and discuss my thoughts on Melee.

(NOTE: I never exactly made my Gameplay to Final Thoughts categories a part of my previous Super Smash Bros. review, but now I've gone back to it here.)

Playing very much like the first game, but with new features added in than what the first installment originally had, Melee plays like its fighting system of KOing opponents by lives and no health (unless for this game you fight in the stamina mode) with up to four plays at once that you play in a match, with or without friends. Getting into the modes of the game, first we have single player.

In single player, we have the classic mode which is the same as the first only much different since it's random now as to which character you're going to come across including teams, giants, metal opponents, and of course the usual final boss Master Hand, with the Break the Targets and Race to the Finish bonus modes brought back. And you must survive without losing every life whether you play with only one or all five. As well as classic mode, the game's solo modes also features others like the adventure mode where you travel across nearly every stage in the Nintendo, from the Mushroom Kingdom of Mario, to The Legend of Zelda's Hyrule Temple all the way down to Smash Bros.'s universe's Final Destination to face off against Bowser. As well as All-Star mode after you unlock every hidden character in the game and face off against them all in one mode all the way to Mr. Game & Watch. And with Event Matches (that require you to complete them with certain requirements), the Stadium mode with modes like the Home-Run Contest with Target Test and even Multi-Man Melee included and even the training mode, all of that gives the game so much replay value for solo players.

Multiplayer as you may know is a huge step forward from the first game since we not only get the time limit and lives options for the fighting style, but also other customizations to it, such as Giant, Tiny, or Invisible Melee, or even the Stamina Mode (which makes the game play like your regular fighting style mode in the fighter within the genre). With the tournament mode added in where you fight random opponents as you progress to the top to win the tournament, there's just so much to keep coming back to even with your friends in this masterpiece of a multiplayer (if not the whole game).

The next mode is Trophy Mode which allows you to spend coins you collect via coin matches in multiplayer and Adventure and Classic Modes to collect every trophy in the game in machine to see what you'll get as every trophy you try to earn is random (even if you get the same thing over and over again). There are a 290 in the game, with a requirement for you to complete the game especially with every character in the Classic, Adventure, and All-Star Modes to get every trophy of every character so there's so much to keep collecting to come back to the game and complete it entirely.

Options and Data aren't much of a major concern or major thing to the game other maybe than to see how far you've gotten with completing the game but on the other hand, there's not much I can say about them. For any grudges in the game, unlocking the characters and some trophies can get extremely tedious since most characters like Mewtwo and Mr. Game & Watch especially require you to either play for a few hours like 20 when playing also in Multiplayer or even playing a 1,000 matches, making it feel so time-wasting and not worth redoing when deleting all of your data. The Camera Mode in multiplayer also doesn't work very well because taking them from all around the stages can be hard for the other players to play on while taking snapshots and since the sequels did it better by adding the feature to the pause mode instead, this game's way of handling it felt like a complete waste and a major flaw to the game if not the biggest. But other than all of that, Melee is an amazing that any and every gamer can enjoy.

Melee's graphics aren't the best the Gamecube provides but talking positive about them, the layout of the various stages are wonderfully colorful and eye-popping like the Rainbow Cruise and Princess Peach's Castle from Super Mario 64, the Brinstar Depths from Metroid, and the Pokémon Stadium and Floats of the various Pokémon in the Pokémon universe, and the list goes on. The character's also have more detail put into their models like stitching and pocketing on the Mario Bros.'s overall, and Donkey Kong's realistic fur. My main cons with the visuals though are some of the blurry backgrounds and unrealistic ones like the bottom of the city in the Fourside stage of the Earthbound franchise and partially the models of the F-Zero vehicles despite F-Zero GX not being released at the time to inspire their graphics to be more enhanced. Items and explosions weren't very good effects either since they were 2D and follow the camera view, but that's nothing of which to be concerned of either. So the game's graphics might be impressive, but still lack some polish and spot on effects to be intensely amazing.

With a ton of songs in its soundtrack, Melee has plenty of good tunes to enjoy listening to. Ranging from awesome remixes of some of the classic songs (whether or not the remixes were better than the original theme), to those untouched songs with their original tone with no changes within them, and even some new music exclusive to the game like the Battlefield and Final Destination stage themes Some of the remixes aren't very catchy and/or forgettable, but even still, Melee's soundtrack is excellent.

Sound effects are sometimes funny and surprisingly less violent than they were in the original game which felt like quite a relief, but there's not much else to say about them here, but now voice acting.

Every voice in the game suited every character greatly other than Luigi's (since he sound's like a high-pitched Mario) but oh well. They are never overused like in most Mario Kart games and are never annoying.

So with great music, impressive sound effects and near perfect voiceovers, Melee's sound design is easily one of the best to be heard on the Gamecube. No doubt.

Control Stick: Move
A: Standard attacks
B: Special moves
C-Stick: Stick-smash
X/Y: Jump
Z: Grab
L/R: Shield
D-Pad: Taunt (up only)
Start: Pause

To conclude this review, Super Smash Bros. Melee is an amazing game for the Gamecube. Whether or not you like the Gamecube, I think it deserves more praise for its impressive library of video games. And this installment in Nintendo's critically acclaimed series of a fighting game crossover franchise is no exception. With lots of modes to play through in single player when you're not with friends and so many unlockable characters and trophies, it'll give you plenty of replay value for weeks, and maybe even months. Even if you only one friend, invite him over to come play with you immediately.  Even if you've never gotten it with your purple lunchbox-like console, I think if you never got play it before, you're now nearly 15 years later and are going to have to try and play it as soon as possible. If have enough spare change and haven't experienced it yet, get it ASAP. It's one heck of a game that'll stick with you forever.

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Super Smash Bros. - Worst to Best: Stages

Super Smash Bros. (64)'s stages are fantastic. They're usually great fun to play which always seems to add true charm to its multiplayer when playing with friends in VS. Mode. And more often than not, this game seems to have none that I find terrible although some are just better than others for more appeal. So now that I'm on even more countdowns of Mario (or at least similarly to him) and not you-know-what, I think now it's time for another list with explanation and detail on them. So here I present my worst to best stages of this installment. Technically there aren't any bad ones so I'm just ranking them from my least favorite to my most favorite of the game and disqualifying any that you don't get to play in the VS. Mode which includes the Final Destination, the Battlefield, and the Meta Crystal stage (of Metal Mario).

#9 - Sector Z
(Star Fox)

Fighting on a spaceship seems deeply like one of the coolest things in a fighting game. Sector Z has be one of my favorite stages and not without its features. Those Arwing fighters moving in to try and blast you off the screen are especially spectacular and make it all the more fun - more powerful than even Fox McCloud's lasers... Which makes for a stage you might keep coming back to fight on with your friends.

#8 - Planet Zebes

As a stage similar to Melee's Brinstar, Zebes seems very cool and innovative and maybe a little too big for a Metroid stage. But my only main issue with it as I have with Brinstar is the very few times the magma comes up briefly to try and burn you to your demise (although it can't kill you like getting knocked off or falling completely down a regular stage). But other than that, I'm literally fully fine with this as its just that awesome. Both in appearance and playability.

#7 - Dream Land

The game's only playable battlefield with the Whispy Woods Kirby series boss added in to try and blow you off the stage vice versa... That's about it.

#6 - Yoshi's Island

Yoshi's stages look more creative than any regular ones in the main Smash Bros. universe and not any other old franchises. And as much as most others, this Yoshi's Story-based stage based solely around a story book looks like a cuter and more adorable Battlefield. What adds to the stage are those cartoony clouds on the sides of it for you to recover to when being knock off if avoiding a deathly KO. Yoshi's Story might be a decent game, but this stage based off it was just that wonderful.

#5 - Congo Jungle
(Donkey Kong)

Donkey Kong is not even a stranger to jungles above any other character (since of course he's a animal primate). With a stage like his own home jungle though, it has to be a cool thing since not only do we get two up and down rotating platforms, but we also get an awesome cannon below the stage. The cannon makes even more intense since your constantly struggling to reach in order to recover to the stage when you can't fully reach it. Could this get anymore awesome? (Well the top 4 are better but still. You get it.)

#4 - Peach's Castle

Based off Mario 64's Peach's Castle, this has to be one of the most clever ways of recreating it and turning it into a fighting game stage. That left to right rotating block and the top looking like two bridges on the sides platform. It's really cool to see how they make it look as if the castle shrunk down to a stage size, but if you don't like it, I don't care. Cause I still do since after all, I love Mario.

#3 - Hyrule Castle
(The Legend of Zelda)

This is such a big one and I think it scores major points for its awesome remixed song of Zelda's main theme. I haven't mentioned anything about music yet, but I think that's another aspect of what makes pretty much all of these stages that awesome. Looking at how big Hyrule Castle's size is, its only a surprise that it features a tornado that pops up every minute or two. Alongside three small platforms on the top tower everything to make it huge makes it hugely awesome stage.

#2 - Mushroom Kingdom

I give a good rep since it feels like the first Super Mario Bros. in the Smash Bros. universe, but Mushroom Kingdom is all the more fun to play on. The warp pipes and that POW Block are fantastic editions because you go from one side of the stage to another in the pipes and the block can instantly pound and trip your opponents when they're on ground. Those mid platforms are pretty cool too so there's really not much I can say about all of these stages (especially Number 1) since you and I'd basically have to let them do all the talking while you're playing/fighting on them...

#1 - Saffron City

By now you had to have guessed that this would be Number 1. Pokemon have been a huge name in both gaming and pop culture, and this stage shows off just how good Nintendo can be with one of their best and biggest franchise. I mean we have various Pokemon popping out at random from the door of the Silph Co. building on the stage, two floating platforms on the left side of the building (and the stage of course), and that its environment is on the top of city tower. So while there are better stages in the sequels, Pokemon or not, this won't be forgotten anytime soon and is an excellent edition to an excellent game.

Do you agree with my list? What's your favorite N64 Smash Bros. stage?

For more smashing posts posted weekly, be sure to tune in to The Super Mario Brony Blog.

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Super Smash Bros. (64) - Top Ten Music Tracks (Supercut)

#10 - Bonus Stage

#9 - Practice/Training

#8 - Yoshi's Island

#7 - Metal Mario Fight

#6 - Battlefield (Duel Zone)

#5 - Saffron City

#4 - Dream Land

#3 - Master Hand Fight

#2 - Hyrule Castle

#1 - Peach's Castle

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Nintendo Crossover Review - Super Smash Bros. (N64, 1999)

One of gaming's greatest crossovers, the Super Smash Bros. series has to be my personal favorite video game franchise alongside the whole franchise of Mario as a toss-up. With the first game in the main series beginning in 1999, every Nintendo franchise crossed over within have been fantastic editions to it. Since I've decided to do something similar but not entirely about Mario (since it's just all of Nintendo combined obviously), let's now review and hear what I think about this excellent first installment of an excellent franchise like Smash Bros.

Having great features like 12 characters from various Nintendo franchises like Mario, The Legend of Zelda, Metroid, and Pokémon, Super Smash Bros.'s gameplay stands out with its multiplayer in VS. Mode., as well having up to nearly a dozen playable stages with only a couple non-multiplayer ones in Classic Mode, the game as gives all 12 characters special moves like Mario Fireballs, Kirby's character copycatting of other characters B-button abilities, and even Captain Falcon's almighty Falcon Punch. But unlike every sequel, there are no side special attacks. Though was pleased with how appealing the stages were both in design and not just playability.

The way the game's fighting matches work is that, unlike most fighting games, you increase your opponent's damage at a high rate in order to launch and knock them high off the screen and KO one of their lives in either say stock match of three lives per character or a time limit round where you try to score as many KOs as possible instead of draining their stamina. As well as the fantastic multiplayer VS. Mode, the game also features very few single player modes which may not be very strong for those who are lonely with no friends to play with, such as Break the Targets, Board the Platforms, and of course the revolutionary Classic Mode. All of these modes of which will unlock you four secret characters: Luigi (Mario), Captain Falcon (F-Zero), Ness (Earthbound/MOTHER), and Jigglypuff (Pokémon).

Classic Mode has you dueling against specific characters to progress from one stage to the next and you win the game once you defeat the very last opponent as the only (and final) boss of the game: The Master Hand. And Break the Targets has you smash 10 targets total within a stage pattern depending on the character you use whilst Board the Platforms has you boarding (go figure) 10 platforms in order to complete the minigame. It pains me to admit though that these aren't quite enough to make the single player enjoyable enough when you have no one else to play with. With the game's multiplayer mode though, you and three other friends can duke it out all together. So while it doesn't get everything nailed to quality of perfection like little to no real replayability with the single player modes, the original Super Smash Bros. is genuinely a thrilling experience when you play it so much with your friends if not over and over again like the sequels.

For its overall concept, Super Smash Bros. looks pretty nice for an N64 title. The main weakness of the game's graphics come from how the characters were crafted, meaning they look so blocky and something you could make out of paper in arts and crafts class. The animation though is magnificent and the stages are full of absolute appeal in the both the crafting of them and the backgrounds. So Smash Bros.'s visuals may not be perfect, but they still look impressive and well detailed for an N64 title.

In the sound department, there's literally nothing I find wrong with it as the music is super catchy and suits every stage perfectly. Ranging from the remixed Zelda tune of Hyrule Castle and both classy versions of the main Super Mario Bros. theme on Peach's Castle and the Mushroom Kingdom stage. Not all of them are memorable though as some are just better than others but overall, they're all fantastic. The sound effects oddly enough seem very different for a Nintendo game since they sound more realistic in violence rather than a toned down feel to them but there are really no complaints I have with it to say the least. The voice acting is thankfully not on the same level as games like nearly every Mario Kart sequel as it's never too annoying and suits every character greatly for its time albeit maybe Luigi's (since he sounds more like a high-pitched Mario). But all good things consider, the sound is pretty much spot on.

At the end of the day, the original Super Smash Bros. is a fantastic starter for a new fighting game franchise before the new millennium and is arguably one of the N64's best titles all time if not among the greatest games of all time. The multiplayer is where the game really stands out, but on the flipside of flaws, the game's black spot has to be its single player mode with not much to offer except for a couple minigames and that obvious Classic Mode. It may not hold up quite as much as the newer installments obviously due to them providing more options and other modes in both single player and multiplayer, but for a nostalgic experience for those of you who grew up with this game and enjoyed in back then in your childhoods, Smash Bros. 64 is definitely worth revisiting with your old friends who you've been with back in the old days. If you're looking for awesome multiplayers on the N64 though, on either Virtual Console or as an old N64 cartridge, this is definitely worth picking up and playing which you can surely enjoy at both parties and get togethers etc.

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MLP:FIM Review - Spice Up Your Life (S6, E12, P120, OE129)

All Cutie Map-themed episodes of MLP's previous season have been pretty good if not entirely up to standards via The Hooffields and McColts, and with more returning with Spice Up Your Life as another Pinkie and Rarity team-up episode after The Gift of the Maud Pie and the last episode for the time being until after this season's hiatus, I feel it was a good episode to conclude at this point. I wouldn't exactly call it better than the other fantastic episodes from Season 5 also the first two of the map (The Lost Treasure of Griffonstone and Made in Manehattan), but with a great deal of heart to it like TGotMP, I think it's another episode that did Season 6 justice.

Pinkie Pie and Rarity are called to Canterlot by the reactivated Cutie Map to solve a friendship problem. There they find The Tasty Treat, a struggling Indian-style restaurant where the owner, Coriander Cumin, and his chef daughter Saffron Masala are too busy arguing with each other to help their business. Pinkie and Rarity decide to help give the restaurant a positive review from well-known food critic Zesty Gourmand, but because of their conflicting views—Rarity encouraging Cumin to conform to Zesty's specific standards, and Pinkie encouraging Saffron to be unique—their efforts fail to impress Zesty. Undeterred, the duo manage to reconcile and apply their areas of expertise to bring an audience of ponies to the restaurant and renew Cumin and Saffron's passion for cooking. They even stand up to an indignant Zesty, saying that her personal opinions about food should not be used to sway those of others. With the restaurant a success, their mission is accomplished.

Funny split screen for their faces

While not exactly the most marvelous of every good installment of Season 6, Spice Up Your Life has great quality with two new characters who were fantastic editions to the show as to being introduced to an episode with good standards as added to it. Although they are great characters if not a part of my favorites category, Saffron Masala and Coriander Cumin don't seem quite developed enough which left a little for me to desired. And for characters that I just don't like, Zesty Gourmand doesn't seem very likable and is you just feel like hating like (Pixar's) Ratatouille's Anton Ego most of the time. Although I kinda hate to admit it, she did serve a purpose for the episode as to make the plot reasonable at one plot point or two as to a way to motivate Pinkie and Rarity to solve the friendship problem even more.

Even if there are some points that still left a bit to be desired for me, SUYL's storytelling acted very intelligent as to making the episode generally good and I think the true heart of the story comes from how it was able to reform and change the lives of both a father and daughter. With not one but two good morals of both remembering what you loved about something (like a restaurant in this case) whenever you forget about it and that just because one person likes something (like food) a certain ways doesn't mean everyone else should too, it outdid itself with having them come across the episode fabulously. I feel this would also be a great cartoon episode to show the most monotonous of food critics (at least those that are like Gourmand of course).

With every superb aspect combined within its narrative and morals, with clever characters put into it, Spice Up Your Life is undoubtably one Season 6's best providing its strong deliverance of its moral and spicing up the episode with everything else. Although other small bits like Starlight's cameo and the Cutie Map being reactivated felt silly within the cold open sequence, everything else gives it a major reputation and overall, I think this was a fantastic way to concluded the first half of the season... And now that the hiatus has just begun, let's hope for even more greatness in the future while looking to it.

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The Best 3D Super Mario Power Ups

The Super Mario series is truly jam-packed with so many awesome power ups, that you could even include some of them in the best power ups in all of gaming. Since Super Mario Sunshine though just has various nozzles for F.L.U.D.D., it's excluded and I'm going to choose the rest of the games in the main series and only taking one power up per game. And I'm judging these power ups based on their usefulness, awesome factor, and what they provide along your journey. So now, let's look at them...

Metal Cap

It's unfortunate that Mario metal form eventually gained popularity and a something of a cult following among fans of the franchise, but Metal Mario was honestly a great power up even for starters. Since the power allows you jump from high platforms with losing a around a quarter of your health, walk through toxic areas without inhaling deadly gases that slowly drain your health, and even walking underwater while the power up still lasts. I may feel somewhat sluggish even in later games when its used like in the Smash Bros. series, but overall the metal cap is a fantastic edition to the plumber and never feels too overused or useless when playing the game.

Ice Mario

While it's awesome in later games like the New Super Mario Bros. games, the original Mario Galaxy version of the Ice Flower was awesome for the one thing you couldn't do with it in other games; ice skating on water. Although only the New Super Mario Bros. games (along with other games) allow you to shoot ice like a Fire Flower, I think its done well in the first Galaxy game since it's always cool to see the plumber ice skate and create platforms even on water-running guysers. But either way, an awesome power up to an awesome game.

Cloud Flower

Both Galaxy games may have power ups that don't quite mach up to other games like every 2D game in the main series, but while the Rock Mushroom still is an awesome edition to Galaxy 2, I ultimately had to go with the Cloud Flower. This is due to clouds popping out as platforms for you to land on once you grab more and more Cloud Flowers. The clouds themselves that you spin to make them may expire soon after and you have to refill by collecting more of the power when you run out, but I feel it comes a close second on top since the Rock Mushroom is equally cool but hard to control when you're rolling as one.

Statue Leaf

Found only in the special worlds of the game, this may not be the first where Mario (and Luigi as another playable character) has worn a tanooki suit, but I just had to include this as the best of 3D Land despite being recycled from Super Mario Bros. 3 in a similar manner. I mean after all, you can now ground pound with as stone Mario and still float in mid-air after a brief jump which comes in very handy when trying to reach farther platforms/areas from a distance. All-in-all it's another awesome edition to a near perfect game, and arguably the 3DS's best game to this day.

Lucky Bell

If you were to turn 3D Land's statue leaf into a bell, then you'd instantly get Cat Mario...with a ground pound ability that gives you more coins the higher you ground pound from a high land. There's not a lot I can say about this other than it's just a combination of both the regular Cat Bell and Statue Leaf, with the whole coin-collecting ground pound added in. So again, there's not a lot I can say here as I think you get the picture (if you've played the game that is). If not, then go buy it and play it now.

There are plenty of good power ups in both the main Super Mario series and the whole franchise in general, so let me know what your favorites of each game are, and for more awesome posts posted weekly, be sure to tune into The Super Mario Brony Blog.

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MLP:FIM Review - Flutter Brutter (S6, E11, P119, OE128)

After many years of begging and pleading for her to have one, we're finally given a sibling of Fluttershy which is why people have anticipated Flutter Brutter for quite long time now. To share my own opinion on it, I found it to be a really good way to introduce yet another family member from one of the Mane Six and I think it was really worth the wait when we all anticipated for a sibling from a great character like Fluttershy. I'd be lying if I said it's my new favorite Fluttershy episode though as others like Keep Calm and Flutter On and Hurricane Fluttershy have done better with aspects like Fluttershy's portrayals of how she developed better into a more powerful character with things like reforming a villain or becoming braver. Nevertheless, FB was an episode episode with charming appeal.

And as always, for almost every major detail about the episode's plot points; Spoiler Alert!

Fluttershy's younger brother Zephyr Breeze moves into their parents' house after his attempt to become a mane therapist goes wrong. Fluttershy convinces Zephyr to move out, only for him to move into Fluttershy's cottage. She tries to help him find a job, but he manages to find ways to avoid doing any work, so she kicks him out. Later feeling sorry for Zephyr when he takes up living in the woods, Fluttershy understands that he feels unable to do anything because of his fear of failure. Receiving encouragement from Fluttershy to keep trying despite his frustrations, Zephyr commits to becoming a mane stylist and eventually graduates from his class.

I may not have entirely anticipated a new character like Fluttershy's brother, but Flutter Brutter has done Season 6 justice since I haven't consider an episode of this new season this favorable since the ever so perfected Gauntlet of Fire. Everything about Fluttershy's character has been done just great as it has before in some of her best episodes ever (if not better). Fluttershy's and Zephyr Breeze's parents both make great caregivers for their own children and making it even better is how they're able to kindness and compassion just like their own daughter in every sense of the way. If you look clearly at Zephyr Breeze and me at this point (if you even know me), then I think you should know that beating out even Moon Dancer, he's my new most personal character of all time. But just because I can strongly relate to a character doesn't necessarily mean he/she would be one of my favorites of MLP. He may be necessary for the episode and how to shown that some new character can learn a lesson, but on the flipside, he's just not my type since I'm both jobless and often lazy as well.

To give it major credit, Flutter Brutter's moral was superb primarily based on taking importantly necessary risks, something of which you'd regret later on in life. Cause in WatchMojo's countdown of things you'd regret when you get older quote; "Risks are scary and don't always pay off the way you'd hope. But nobody can successfully go through life without taking a few chances." It pretty much reminds me of every risk I've taken before (although some I made were just nonsensical) because it's an important reminder that you have to at least try the most necessary things in life. Which I thought was a great lesson to be taught in kid's shows that teachs audiences about friendship like WatchMojo said and I quote; "Even if not every risk is worth taking, sometimes it's worse going through life wondering what might have been. It's better to have tried and failed than never to have tried at all." And I felt it delivered its message greatly.

For having brilliant pacing within its narrative which never felt too rushed when going from every various scene of Zephyr Breeze given one opportunity of a job/task to the next, with some good humor added in if not enough to make you pee your pants, Flutter Brutter came across as a fantastic episode that has really outdone itself unlike (arguably) most other predecessors of this season. As well as a spot on if a little imperfect script with more cleverness added in than the previous episode, its feels very heartfelt for every other character portrayed expertly even if Fluttershy's brother's acts were just okay, everything about them came across as completely necessary too.

As with every episode, great concept was added in, especially considering the newcomer characters of Fluttershy's parents and brother of course were a big surprise to the show, Flutter Brutter is even more favorable in that sense with everything being done nicely including Rainbow Dash's trait with Fluttershy. (Zephyr Breeze's affections and feelings for RD though kinda gross me out as I still personally think she's way better off with Soarin to major extent, but even still it's not a intense grudge) Even if you think it's a little dull, I think it's another episode worth showing your friends and family to help them go through life if they're not currently moving. Making for an amazing Season 6 installment that Rapp thankfully brought the goods to by taking a worthy risk that involved making characters portrayed more kind-heartedly and I seriously have to thank him from learning his mistakes from the (arguably) terrible Newbie Dash. (Now let's just forget about it and move on)