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MLP:FIM Review - Applejack's "Day" Off (S6, E10, P118, OE127)

Not many call it immensely amazing, but Applejack's "Day" Off just isn't the same as any previous episode within this season as it's still losing good potential as more newer writers like Neal Dusedau keep screwing bronies like me over in no good sense. As much as I was fairly waiting for it with only a little if not a lot of major hype, this episode could best be described as just wasted half the time with opportunities missed out on that could have gotten Friendship Is Magic back into where it belongs in praiseful quality.

And please be advised as always that a Spoiler Alert! will most definitely be in order here.

Rarity wishes to spend time with Applejack at the spa, but Applejack finds herself too busy to make good on her promises. Twilight and Spike agree to do Applejack's chores per her exact instructions, freeing up an hour for Applejack to spend with Rarity. To Rarity's annoyance, Applejack spends most of this time fixing the spa's plumbing, which has been inadvertently causing larger problems around the spa. Applejack returns to the farm to find that Twilight and Spike have not yet completed their task due to too many unnecessary steps in Applejack's instructions. Twilight, Spike and Rarity help Applejack streamline her workload, finally allowing her to take the rest of the day off.

Sometimes you just can't match up to your very first episode you've written even if you've tried your hardest - which in this case goes for The Gift of the Maud Pie writers Wil and Michael P. Fox. But I think more or less the case was Dusedau writing for its story if not the teleplay of it. Getting into the episode now though, it seems like a nice touch to try and make a character or two like Twilight and Spike do Applejack's work for her while she *relaxes* with Rarity at the spa but on the flipside, hardly any real time was given to both characters filling in for AJ and their parts of doing her work for her felt so pathetically predictable. I don't find anything in the actual story to be upsetting, but what I do find is how sluggish the pacing felt, not to mention taking place at the spa and Applejack helping the ponies there felt rather boring than entertaining or interesting which really affects how good this episode could have been in the end.

All cons put aside, I did find Applejack's acts of imitation of the other farm animals a little humorous and Rainbow Dash reprising her role added a little charm, but otherwise the rest of any so-called charms just weren't very affective to save the episode from being less than how at least Dusedau if not the Fox brothers could have written it. The moral was generally well done if not memorably knowledgable when taking friendship majorly into account as a starter, but it doesn't quite spice up the narrative greatly to make the overall plot more watchable than it currently is and how I view it had it not been for Neal Dusedau (probably) since both of his episodes just weren't very good. Writing is done greatly too if a little offhand and not spot on like other episodes are, but the voice acting for every character as always was very admirable.

I really wouldn't call Applejack's "Day" Off a bad episode - but sadly, I do have to call it sluggishly dull and boring one...much Trade Ya! only less interesting and creative. If Twilight and Spike weren't too overshadowing by Rarity and Applejack's screen time at the spa, it would have provided some good humor as farming for a character sometimes can be funny as Applejack showed it off here. Even if Rainbow Dash isn't much of a big deal to make the episode awesome, it still wouldn't be better than I'd call it now, but if Applejack's and Rarity's parts were balanced and too overshadowing over Twilight's and Spike's then I would have called it nicely decent if not an episode that's a part of my favorites.

Whether or not you like it that much, I'm just neutral towards Applejack's "Day" Off and instead of a remaking it (unless they can prove me wrong by fixing up), it's better to just keep moving on to even newer and more clever ideas. I know some people who like it will want to penalize me for calling it not that good while others just might agree with me, but yet again we have another episode that, after one brief viewing should be just skipped past.

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MLP:FIM - Top Ten Untouchable Episodes

At times you really just can't beat the original. So don't even bother trying for that matter. Welcome back to The Super Mario Brony Blog, and today I'm counting down my picks for the Top Ten Untouchable MLP:FIM Episodes. For this list, I'm looking at episodes that I personally think Friendship Is Magic's crew should never ever try to reboot, remake, or make ripoffs of. Because they're that perfect the way they are. Like a couple of my previous MLP countdowns though, once again I'm not ranking these on how good they are. I'm judging them solely based on how much I don't think they should even be touched by other writers. So the more untouchable I view the episode (meaning the higher it is on this countdown), the more I don't ever want them to reboot, remake, or give it a sequel (whatever) all!

I'm excluding any episodes that already got weakly poor ripoffs like Lesson Zero with Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep?, or Three's A Crowd with What About Discord?, as well as any episode sequels that were either just as good or an improvement from their predecessors (like say Magical Mystery Cure with its perfected ripoff sequel Crusaders of the Lost Mark), whether or not their's were either bad (like Gauntlet of Fire was Dragon Quest all fixed up) or weakly mediocre (like Keep Calm and Flutter On was a better Stare Master). So as long as the episode does not have a sequel or ripoff of any kind, it qualifies.

#10 - Twilight's Kingdom
(Season 4 Finale, P85, OE90/91)

I really couldn't have made my list without my favorite episode of the series to this day. With a perfected plot having critical praise worthy of The Godfather, and the Dragon Ball Z of My Little Pony episodes, Twilight's Kingdom is the quintessential example of how even a rookie writer should write a two-parter, although in this case for any writer in general (rookie or veteran) of MLP episodes, it should never be done entirely all over again. Why? Because if they made another powerful villain like Tirek, then I feel the antagonist would be less clever and nonsensical since Tirek has been around for more than one generation of My Little Pony. We also already got awesome action like the DBZ-style fight between both the main hero and villain of the episode that would be admittedly cool, but wouldn't probably be done equally as good or awesome as TK and Discord briefly turning evil all over again wouldn't make sense at all and would kinda ruin his reputation...aside from making him somewhat detestable, which could destroy and mess up his heartfelt redemption from Season 3 too.

If you know me very well, the only sequel I would except them making though is if they did a new villain as cool or maniacal as Tirek, but not with the same concept as him and rather an evil twin brother of Discord, which brings me to what the sequel should be all about; Giving Discord his own throne like the rest of his friends. In a way, Discord getting his throne should also be done like the six keys to the Chest of Harmony where Discord finds out about another chest in the premiere that would also give him that power to bring down the villain of the finale and would eventually get the first five keys by learning all of the elements that his friends all together are throughout five normal-lengthers (one elemental friend of his per episode), while the last would being somepony that he helps learn of friendship alongside Twilight. So don't even think about rebooting or remaking it whatsoever unless you make its follow up something like say Twilight's Kingdom 2: Discord's Element, which is why this is only Number Ten on my countdown.

#9 - A Canterlot Wedding
(Season 2 Finale, P49, OE51/52)

If Twilight's Kingdom is like the only episode on this list where I would allow one specific sequel to be made, then others like both two-parters of Season 2 shouldn't be allowed. In this case with A Canterlot Wedding, a sequel or reboot just wouldn't match up with the main villain or the plot and would rather make for something neutral or worse. With some moments I prefer skipping past in the episode like everyone else shunning off Twilight (they of which were only fooled by the disguised Chrysalis while Shining Armor was only under her spell), making something like that all over again would make the remake more flawed and would make it even less watchable than Wedding. It's hard for me to imagine another great episode with the return of Chrysalis while forgetting about her reprising appearance in the mediocre The Cutie Re-Mark, but if that remake proved me wrong, then it shouldn't be strongly similar to her first episode. So while A Canterlot Wedding may be a masterpiece, a remake is destined to be floppy and uninteresting because its wedding just wouldn't be as cool or interestinly epic unlike Shining Armor's and Cadence's. I mean seriously, one wedding-themed episode is plenty enough.

#8 - Tanks for the Memories
(S5, E5, P89, OE96)

If people think it's like Winter Wrap Up all over again, they'd be so wrong. Because that episode was more about all of the town wrapping up winter for the holiday and not trying to prevent hibernation for the animals. In the case of Tanks for the Memories' untouchability, there's no point in giving it a reboot since it's already heartwarming enough for one character like Rainbow Dash to try and save her own pet from hibernation. A remake wouldn't make that much sense and would feel less heartwarming since it would possibly focus on an unknown background character with no development for him/her or their pet. I'll already have TftM because I just love how motivated Rainbow Dash was to save her pet from a long sleep but then emotionally accepted it in the end which made for one of the most emotional moments in all of Friendship Is Magic. So I don't think we'll need another similar plot to it because one version of these episodes for various reasons as I'll always say is plenty enough.

#7 - Flight to the Finish
(S4, E5, P65, OE70)

How many good episodes can the Cutie Mark Crusaders seriously get? With the exception of M.A. Larson writing for them (and Diamond Tiara) for only one flop from Season 2, and One Bad Apple being just nonsensical after Diamond Tiara's reasonable redemption and explained motives for being her old self, the CMCs have been written greatly with every episode that came across them including Ed Valentine's first episode Flight to the Finish. The way Valentine gave it the true heart it shows with the Crusaders is when they show off yet more talent and singing through their determination with as they'd say: have "Hearts Strong as Horses." Any attempts to do this with other characters may sound interesting but really wouldn't succeed as new characters trying to get their marks really would not make for a very gripping storyline as you'd honestly have to develop them throughout the show first before making another realistic FttF. (That of which is all about them)

But even with all of that, I still wouldn't have an interest in the latter remakes of it. Which I hope there really won't be, as nothing will be as memorable or so darn awesome as the Crusaders themselves showing and having this much determination to represent the nation for the win.

#6 - Pinkie Apple Pie
(S4, E9, P69, OE74)

I've given this episode plenty of praise for calling it various things like it's one of MLP's funniest episodes, MLP's second most rewatchable episode (for me at least), one of Pinkie Pie's best episodes, and the list goes on. If there was a reboot to this though, I feel it wouldn't have that same excitement or rewatchability as Pinkie Apple Pie would. It's already great that we have the Pie family on a family road trip with Pinkie along for the ride, but I'd view anything similar to that as blatant and as awful of a ripoff in the same manner as both Newbie Dash was with Wonderbolts Academy, and of course What About Discord? with Three's A Crowd. Pinkie's connection with the Apples is already destined to be a legend with a question that we all still want to be answered, but doing something similar like finding out if Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash are related, or even if Twilight and Rarity are would feel too much like a gimmick to me. A gimmick of which I don't think should ever happen...

#5 - The Return of Harmony
(Season 2 Premiere, P26, OE27/28)

Since Discord's been redeemed in Season 3 and there are no other villains even I can think of that would make someplace like Equestria look this crazy and chaotic like its spirit of (former) chaos, it's a huge suggestion from me that anything similar to The Return of Harmony should honestly never happen. I would also say the same thing to any voice actor replacing John de Lancie for Discord's ever iconic voice as he just wouldn't be the same without his original Q-inspired actor, which makes for the fact that Discord in my eyes is also the show's most untouchable character in terms of a voice actor. While it might not be all too much of a problem for the bad guy to win in Part 1 of that particular two-parter, the untouchability in this episode comes from Discord's personality and his personal motivations for being a fun, hilarious, and above all else memorable lives-up-to-his-name villain turned anti-villain one season later. If the reboot did this, I'm pretty sure it would be flopped with an uninteresting villain being a pathetic wannabe of him.

It's always fun to both rewatch and look back on Harmony since Discord's debut and portrayal was suited perfectly when he was introduced to audiences of all kinds besides those in the fandom back in late 2011. But just because a near-expertise writer like M.A. Larson has made something this good does not mean it should be ripped off anytime soon...even if the show does run out of ideas but on the other hand, I could be somewhat fine with it if that was the case. In modern standards though, Friendship Is Magic should keep coming up with new ideas and just look ahead to a bright future cause they to me are in a serious jeopardy of peril with floppy new writers like Nick Confalone and Dave Rapp. But to my extent, let's just hope they all pull their act together and do what's right to get the show back into stellar standards.

#4 - Castle Sweet Castle
(S5, E3, P87, OE94)

In terms of personal episodes, I feel Friendship Is Magic doesn't really need to give me any other than just one. Writers Joanna Lewis and Kristine Songco were both brilliant in making an ever so heartwarming plot with a moment or two that I just have a strong sense of feeling and just keep on giving liquid pri- I mean, tear-shedding emotion to. Okay, I have had another episode I can relate to strongly (A Friend in Deed), but this one just feels a lot more precious to me. A reboot just wouldn't feel the same since Twilight and Spike's library has already been destroyed and told clear enough that anyone else's backstory just wouldn't be the same as it could be rushed and not very intense as Twilight's and Spike's situation. I'll always hold on to Castle Sweet Castle and will never let go of it.

#3 - The One Where Pinkie Pie Knows
(S5, E19, P103, OE110)

The youngest entry on the list, The One Where Pinkie Pie Knows has earned a special place in the hearts and minds of fans like me because it was a great first episode by a writer of the comic books based solely off the main series, which I felt didn't deserve the hatred it received by some. It may not be the funniest episode of MLP, but it solely has to be one of them. If this was ever ripped off it'd be missing the good humor that comic book author Gillian M. Burrow put into it and someone else who's not Pinkie keeping a secret from somepony else would be really lame as no one knows how to be more hilarious in struggling to try and keep a secret from some other specific character like Twilight better than her. A lot episodes try to make Pinkie very humorous in some sort of fashion, but this one probably has to be the best. So if they're going to make Pinkie as funny as she was here, then just think of something that doesn't involve keeping a secret from someone else that's hard for her to accomplish.

And another message I have to Burrow: "I'll be waiting with bated breath for any more new episodes you have in store with or without Pinkie involved just as much as I will with any episodes of Season 4 rookie writer Ed Valentine, as well as any episodes of my favorite character later on. So good luck with it."

#2 - Hearts and Hooves Day
(S2, E17, P41, OE43)

Holiday-themed episodes might be fun and wonderful if not perfect most of the time, but if the writers invent more than one episode of the same holiday, then that'd be where those types of episodes would really get out of hand. With both Halloween episodes (Luna Eclipsed and Scare Master) for example being flops (even if M.A. Larson at least tried his hardest while Natasha Levinger to me didn't) and both of Hearth's Warming Eve's sequels (Hearthbreakers and A Hearth's Warming Tail) being nothing as interesting as the original. Meghan McCarthy's episodes always manage to add some true charm, even if one or two like Green Isn't Your Color and Sweet and Elite just don't attract me.

To recycle Big Mac's and Cheerilee's lovey dovey talk would honestly not be very humorous like Discord's pathetic inside jokes in you-know-what, and the love poison edition of a spell being reused would just make it another bizarre copycat of this rewatchable, underrated classic. So while some holiday episodes may look cool and interesting, in terms of Valentine's Day, I'll just stick with Meghan McCarthy's, thanks.

Before I immortalize my top pick, here is an
Honorable Mention
Fall Weather Friends
(S1, E13, P12)

#1 - Amending Fences
(S5, E12, P96, OE103)

If this and/or The Return of Harmony aren't broke, don't fix them. Because I'll tell you one thing: Larson handled both of these episodes perfectly...even if neither one of them are my Number One favorite of the whole series, but hey. They still deserve a spot among them in my Top Ten Overall Best. And while Larson is not the most intelligent writer in my eyes and has had downs like rebooting (and obviously ponifying) one Spongebob episode, his final episode Amending Fences was definitely a good farewell to his membership with Friendship Is Magic's crew, as much The Mane Attraction was for Amy Keating Rogers before Season 5's mediocre finale. As both writers put heart and cleverness into their last episodes, one I feel is more immortal than the other and it's Larson's.

Since Amending Fences from my own perspective at least has more of that heartfelt feel to it than The Mane Attraction (by like a teensy bit), I think this would be another one of the first few episodes (aside from others like Read It and Weep) to show your friends if they ever take an interest in MLP. Anyone can argue that this could use a reimagining solely because another member of the Mane Six could do the same thing for another character equivalent to Twilight's old friend Moon Dancer. In my case however, that's something I could just never reimagine or recreate if I was a writer. Because Moon Dancer is the My Little Pony character I can relate to the most, her backstory and extreme breakdown just breaks my heart and makes me sympathize with her, and Twilight was probably at her best in this since Twilight's Kingdom. I don't think anything could ever get as heartwarming to me as both this and my most personal episode Castle Sweet Castle, and since it's moral came across wonderfully and is already worth telling to any of your friends who can relate to Moon Dancer's situation, I don't think it needs to come across again in another episode as delivering it is (for the third time I'm saying it) plenty enough.

As I quote WatchMojo in their Top 10 Untouchable Movies, "instead of trying to reinvent the past, lets look ahead to the future." And to other newer writers like both Confalone and Rapp: Don't you dare reboot this or any of the others!!

Do you agree with my list? What MLP episodes do you view as untouchable?

For more super awesome posts posted every week, be sure to tune in to The Super Mario Brony Blog.

Thanks for reading!

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MLP:FIM Review - The Saddle Row Review (S6, E9, P117, OE126)

Nick Confalone doesn't exactly have that intelligence to make intensely amazing MLP episodes via Party Pooped and arguably the worst episode of the series No Second Prances (one of those episodes of which is too overrated) since his plots have bizarre stereotypes like the yaks and most of Pinkie's family, but The Saddle Row Review (originally known as Saddle Row & Rec before it even aired) was more or less the case, and in my eyes, is on the same level as Confalone's 2nd Season 5 episode Hearthbreakers. It may not be one of my favorite episodes of My Little Pony, but I will admit, it's still good.

Rarity and her friends are interviewed for a journalistic review of Rarity's new boutique in Manehattan. While Rarity believes the store's grand opening was a perfect success, her friends candidly recount the numerous blunders and last-minute solutions that they hid from Rarity during preparations. With their mistakes exposed in the review, the ponies fear Rarity's disappointment in them for almost ruining the opening. To their surprise, the review ends with a glowing assessment of Rarity and her friends' individual contributions that have helped ensure the store's success.

Ripping off elements from both Rarity Takes Manehattan and Canterlot Boutique (my Top Two Favorite Rarity Episodes), I feel The Saddle Row Review was less stellar than both original episodes of Rarity since it didn't make every scene with rewatchable with how irritating most of the newly introduced characters were portrayed - particularly one of my new least favorite characters Plaid Stripes, since she was nothing but an irritating spoiled brat like the old Diamond Tiara. All the other major characters like the Mane Six were done nicely and I especially loved Coco Pommel's cameo. It may not be as gripping as Boutique or RTM, but I'll give it some credit for giving a good feel to its plot of giving Rarity yet another boutique and making it all groovy and spectacular for the ponies of Manehattan. I also love the references of ponies based off both protagonists of Pulp Fiction and Spider-Man's J. Jonah Jameson during the first after the cold open sequence - although the scenes of the Mane Six giving interview formats feels like weird fourth wall breaks that don't really make sense, nor does is it that funny. Leaving for me some to be explained.

If I pointed out any other grudges though, it'd be how its humor wasn't all too hilarious or memorable (somewhat like Discord's inside jokes in What About Discord?) because I focused more on the plot's pacing of the Mane Six figuring out how to save Rarity's reputation and career for fashion and design. Does this make the episode one of the worst of all time? Of course not. That may be one flaw, but there's not too much imperfection to make me think it does deserve to be revisited. Some of the script felt corny but was solid at most other points during the narrative. I did love how they both cleaned and fixed up the place though and towards the end it did feel satisfying to say the least, but then again, it's not the best of Season 6, nor is it the weakest. But it's better than most others at the very least.

Nick Confalone feels like a mediocre writer most of the time as his episodes don't make my favorites half the time with the other half making for my least favorites, but for The Saddle Row Review, I'll admit he did do fine job with most of the narrative. A nice touch of an installment to the season, Saddle Row has its fair share of both pros and cons that I already pointed out and overall, while it's nothing immensely special I feel it's decent if once again on the same level to me as Hearthbreakers.

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MLP:FIM - Top Ten Rewatchable Episodes

I just can't get enough of them. So I figure you know what?... Let's check them out again. Welcome to the Super Mario Brony Blog, and today I'm counting down my picks for the Top Ten Rewatchable Episodes (of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic). For this list, as with every other personal list of my own, I'm ranking these episodes that I could watch all day a million times over and over again 'til the ends of the earth. So this means, I'm judging them not on how good they are, but on how much I just can't stop watching them. Not that they'll ever get old in that sense...

#10 - Too Many Pinkie Pies
(S3, E3, P51, OE55)

The only Season 3 episode on the list (since its library has two times less the amount of episodes the rest of the show's seasons have), Too Many Pinkie Pies has given one of Pinkie's funniest acts of her true self, and provided good humor and a message of choosing between one thing or another to do with your friends. The great part about this episode that makes it all the more rewatchable though is how fun all of Pinkie's clones were being and the chaos they caused around all of Ponyville and Sweet Apple Acres (although less than Discord ever used to do). How Dave Polsky could make this even more gripping in its storyline is beyond me, but seeing Pinkie make too many clones of herself and learning from her wrongs and the consequences of cloning yourself is what makes a good episode more than enough to keep coming back to.

#9 - Princess Twilight Sparkle
(Season 4 Premiere, P62, OE66/67)

With lots of development given to Celestia, Luna, Discord and Twilight of course in Part 2, this two-parter has shown that backstory makes you wanna keep rewatching it as it's just that memorable when you want to learn more about their true characters and how it all lead down to episodes like the pilot. I don't care if the episode has no real villain during the events of Discord's plants terrorizing Equestria, it makes me keep coming back to it, especially before any real backstory is given to them for all the things we learn and know about the three princess and Equestria's former spirit of chaos turned Twilight-trolling, Fluttershy-fanboy anti-hero. If you're willing to memorize all three of the princesses' and good ole' Discord's personalities entirely, then this is the episode you simply must keep rewatching again and again.

#8 - Sonic Rainboom
(S1, E16, P15)

Considering it's one of her biggest highlights in her life for how much she changed both her friends and all of Equestria (I'm looking at you, The Cutie Re-Mark), Rainbow Dash's event of pulling off her Rainboom was and still will be something spectacular in My Little Pony. After all, it's in her name that she can create rainbows, with or without Rainbooms. And this episode is certainly prof of that. Given the hint that she's done one as a little filli as seen in Season 1's most popular episode, it's half the time surprising that chronologically we get to see her first Rainbom as a full grown mare, before we get more backstory of her (and the other five) in The Cutie Mark Chronicles. (More on that later) Everything that shows Rainbow Dash's power of pulling off her you-know-what, with good humor and a moral added to it makes this Season 1 thriller worth so many watches.

#7 - Power Ponies
(S4, E6, P66, OE71)

Most of the time I never understand why people despise this underrated installment of Season 4. I mean I do know that the Power Ponies themselves are superhero ripoffs of say the Avengers, the X-Men, and those in the DC Universe, but for representing them and showing off how cool they make it look in the pony world (of Equestria...although this takes place inside a comic book of Spike's), I absolutely love them. Seeing that they give nice action of the fight between the Power Ponies and the Mane-iac, the writers were intelligent in making a good ripoff, but only if you include Meghan McCarthy into the teleplay writing if not the story. So you might wanna look on the bright side by seeing how exciting it is every single time you watch those action sequences of the Mane Six (and Spike when he rescues them), cause it's just too stunning for me to call lame, pathetic, or unwatchable.

(S5, E15, P99, OE106)

How many cartoon episodes aimed solely at the youngest of kids have you seen with an adult-themed joke or two showing off a femme fatale? As one of Season 5's best episodes, this also has to be the one with the most rewatchability since its narrative feels smooth, its toned down quietly feeling even more like a colorless noir, and in spite of Rainbow Dash's more than obnoxious trait, all of the characters were great, although the only thing interesting about Wind Rider was how he was like actor William DeFoe in the MLP universe. But since it's a detective story with a deep if predictable investigation mystery included, there's just so much to keep coming back to when it's one of the last few episodes left to watch of Season 5. Assuming women are into romance though, just about any pegasister in the fandom who watches this would probably feel like watching Casablanca afterwards as I've said before.

(S2, E16, P40, OE42)

If there's one episode to show your friends or family whenever they're either curious to know about, or willing to take an interest in the show, then based on its major moral of not knocking something until you try it, a little more than its initial concept, it's this. Acting as the Indiana Jones franchise of MLP episodes, Read It and Weep shouldn't be skipped for those who have no interest in Rainbow Dash (whether or not they hate or dislike her). What makes this an episode for me to come back to is how much it digs deep into a storybook (like a few other entries on this list), and for how much more curious even you will be to know more about Daring Do, and why she's strongly similar to Indiana Jones. So if you have somebody in your family or friends (or both) that you'd like to draw into the Friendship Is Magic, then this should be the first episode for you to show to them.

#4 - The Cutie Mark Chronicles
(S1, E23, OE22)

Looking for more backstory to hear about and learn from the Mane Six? Well, Chronicles is just the episode for you even if you're not a Cutie Mark Crusaders fan. Giving audiences the full detail of how Rainbow Dash performed her first Sonic Rainboom in the first place and strangely helped her own friends get their cutie marks, every backstory from the other Mane Six members makes this more and more rewatchable, because for some like me, I'd just like to fully take into account every last bit of their marks and how they earned them. With the most interesting being Twilight's as to how she first found Spike as a newborn baby dragon. So if you're willing to learn more about our main characters, then this is one I strongly recommend to you, because you'll be watching it over and over for an infinite amount of times for that particular reason.

#3 - Three's A Crowd
(S4, E11, P71, OE76)

While Keep Calm and Flutter On remains one of my highest ranked episodes of the show in my Top Ten Episodes of All Time, it's ultimately Three's A Crowd that makes my list of rewatchable normal-length Discord-comprised episodes instead. With both episodes being the funniest of the series in my eyes, Three's A Crowd just comes out on top because how less disrespectful it was being towards Discord and how we truly saw bonding between both him and another character like Twilight (with Cadence during their visit together), unlike its awful ripoff What About Discord?. Which felt both pointless and confusing, considering Discord's bonding activity with Twilight's friends and his inside jokes with them just weren't told clearly enough.

But anyways, getting back to Three's A Crowd's rewatchability, the humor was taken it to a whole new level with Discord's sickness making for some funny moments like spreading it to Rarity and Applejack and the glorious talented song from Discord's voice actor John de Lancie (Glass of Water) with a sprechgesang feel to it. The fight with the Tatzlwurm might be so darn awesome, but for how hilarious his fake illness made the episode, along with a fantastic moral, and a nicely done ending, it's Discord himself that makes this a part of my list. I mean action sequences may be cool, but all I really need was a little humor from Discord to make this a part of my rewatchable episodes list/countdown. And I'm pretty sure you'll be thinking the same if you love humorous episodes.

#2 - Pinkie Apple Pie
(S4, E9, P69, OE74)

Another one of My Little Pony's funniest chapters and not just of Season 4, Pinkie Apple Pie is one I can come back to for its plotline of a family road trip with both the Apples and Pinkie. I don't think we'll ever find out if Pinkie's related to them or not, but either way, I'd still like to find out before the show finally comes to a close. I especially love the song of the Apples where it stands tall as one of my favorites of the series. Providing Laugh-Out-Loud moments like The Scariest Cave in Equestria scene and the Apples falling down the waterfall, chances are you'll be laughing nearly everytime you watch them. Making it all the more rewatchable for me is how interesting it is to watch the family road trip, which makes for a Season 4 classic that will still hold up in the future...

I'll still be waiting for the one question of both Pinkie and the Apples to be answered anytime soon.

Before I rewatch my top pick, here are some
Honorable Mentions

(S2, E17, P41, OE43)

(S5, E19, P103, OE110)

(S1, E13, OE12)

(S4, E18, P78, OE83)

(S4, E16, P100, OE107)

(S2, E11, P35, OE37)

Whether or not you guessed it correctly, the first Hearth's Warming episode is the one episode I could rewatch over anything else (including my favorite episode of all time, surprisingly). I've been a part of five plays during high school (only one of which I was only in the crew and not the cast), meaning I can partially relate to this episode. None of the episodes on this list may be about mysteries that can only be solved by watching them at least a second time (unlike various hollywood blockbusters like most Christopher Nolan flicks...Inception, anyone?), but they're all about how much I could keep memorizing them for the amount of times I give them a viewing. I find this the most rewatchable of My Little Pony for all of the detail put into its backstory of the founding of Equestria. The Mane Six also play their roles magnificently, resulting in a well paced plot and reasonable acts of the three tribes of Equestria.

It never escapes me when the tribes eventually make up for each other, while also going on treks and adventure to find someplace new across the land, kinda like the road trip of Pinkie Apple Pie. For good humor provided if not the most hilarious episode of the series and how great it is to hear more of the tribes and how they were all formed, it's a heartwarming tale from start to finish. And that's what makes more and more rewatchable that you just can't get enough no matter how much it ages, but one thing's for sure. Above all else, it's my Number One most rewatchable episode and I think it's one I don't think you'll get enough of else cause it'll never get old and will always remain a classic. That's right. I'll even keep on watching it until Friendship Is Magic disappears into thin air.

Do agree with my list? What's your most rewatchable episode?

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Worst to Best - 3D Super Mario Games

During the late 90s with Mario's first 3D game in the series, he became an even greater phenomenon as he revolutionized what would come of 3D and how it defined pretty much every other genre of gaming. Mario will forever remain a classic and will never fade or get old no matter how many days go by. Mario himself, with his voice actor Charles Martinet, feels untouchable in terms of a voice since the floppy 1995 PC game (the year) before 64 that is Mario's Fundamentals.

Now that I've reviewed every 3D game in the main series, and with all of my 2D game reviews yet to come, let's now ranked every good game in the series based on their quality.

(GCN, 2002)

It may not be a masterpiece what with some minor grudges like its camera and imperfect difficulty in its gameplay, but Sunshine is one of the Gamecube's best titles with enhanced mechanics like Mario's Flash Liquidizer Ultra Dousing Device (F.L.U.D.D.) and the much bigger open world Isle Defino outside the Mushroom Kingdom which is always fun you have nothing else to do but run and jump around. It also scores major points for welcoming back Yoshi and being able to ride him (after beating the first half of Pinna Park's episodes) giving you the abilities to flutter jump, and even squirt juice from Yoshi's mouth besides eating fruits and other enemies.

So while it might be superb with its gameplay and smooth environments to travel around and across, its difficulty could have been toned down a little and the camera could've been fixed more slightly. But all in all, its a wonderful game. Both in appearance and gameplay.

(3DS, 2011)

Arguably the best game on the 3DS to date, Super Mario 3D Land is a stellar 3D platformer everything it brings back from the best of the 3D gaming standards like all four of its 3D predecessors over the past fifteen years. This is due to every fantastic level featured in it not to mention every good boss battle, and of course the special worlds and Luigi making another welcome return to help complete the whole game. As with every great handheld Mario game by Nintendo, it's one of the best on a handheld console like the 3DS, and overall I feel it still holds up as one of gaming's greatest ever made.

(Wii, 2007)

Once named my favorite game of all time let alone on the Wii, Galaxy is undoubtedly one of the best games of all time for its setting in space and how much greater the progression feels, especially since it amazing levels, bosses, and that awesome spin-attack Mario gets before getting the first power star (a grand star being its case). It's absolute perfection and there's just no way it could not make my list of the best games in gaming history. With a masterpiece of soundtrack joined by its sequel as well and plenty of good replay value if a little tedious when playing through it all over again with Luigi (after beating the whole game with Mario), Galaxy stands out as one of the Wii's finest outings as I said. Oh and we also get a touching and heartwarming backstory from Rosalina which makes its story a great one unlike every other in the main series so you have to give its replay value even more credit.

Oh, and speaking of its sequel...

(Wii, 2010)

Wasn't it predictable that I'd rank this higher than Galaxy 1? (At least you would've thought so if you've seen my second showdown blog post) Aside from featuring Yoshi to play for the second time, Galaxy 2 has also enhanced its levels and toned down its replayability as to not going through the whole game all over again with Luigi. Its smarts come from its complex levels and breathtaking visuals during gameplay and while I could have tied both Galaxy games in for one entry, I ultimately have to give this higher spot to the sequel for Yoshi, in spite of both games having equally amazing music tracks, bosses, levels you get the idea.

(Wii U, 2013)

Yes, I rank this higher than both Galaxy games. And with good reason. On top of bringing back fantastic power ups like the Mega Mushroom, and introducing new ones like the Cat Bell, Super Mario 3D World is also the first game to feature four player co-op if not the first game with actual co-op. Even greater levels are added in and playing through them all feels like a blast. My main grudge with its replay value is playing through each level five times all over again with five different characters (one time per character) in order to get some of the stamps. It took me forever to beat it and whilst I still enjoy all the awesome levels, replay value has imperfection when it comes to repeating previous levels all over again, some of which are very repetitive like the Green Star houses. The Captain Toad puzzle levels are all pretty fun and the green stars in nearly every level don't feel very repetitive or irritating (albeit maybe a few of the Green Star houses).

So while my Number One favorite is more revolutionary, replayable (and balanced) for me, 3D World still kicks just as much tail, if not more.

(N64, 1996)

Easily my favorite Mario game of all time, and my second favorite game of all time, Super Mario 64 is the first game to fully make use of 3D environments as it also set the standard for the 3D genre to come and is one of gaming's biggest milestones. Having some of the best levels in Mario history - from Rainbow Ride to Tick Tock Clock, to even Tiny-Huge Island (my personal favorite in the game), with mind-blowing power star missions, and even the perfect balance of challenge that it's practically replayable once completed, everything lovely about this game brings something fresh to the table.

Even if some have moved on from it, it's still a classic that just never gets old no matter how long it's existed (and just about 20 years is its case). Honestly, without this game, I never even would be into video games like I still am today and without the plumber (even with the original NES Super Mario Bros.), gaming would be broken badly due the Atari 2600's E.T. (which I haven't played before) which crashed the video game industry nearly destroying it. A complex game without being too gimmicky, 64 also makes good use of both new power-ups and fun if a little too easy boss battles. Although the story in Super Mario 64 might be nonsensical, what's important above all else is how it plays out and as I said, it plays out magnificently. What also sets it as a stellar reputation for me, is how much fun I've had playing it as a child that out of everything great in my life, this is my biggest childhood highlight anytime I'd play it at a very young age.

Putting gaming in good standards and revolutionizing 3D gaming, Super Mario 64 is definitely the best game in the whole franchise of the plumber and for every reason I mentioned about it, will always remain my personal favorite as well. (Insert a lot more awesomeness in there.)

Do you agree with my list? Which 3D Super Mario game do you think is the best?

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Monday, May 16, 2016

MLP:FIM Review - A Hearth's Warming Tail (S6, E8, P116, OE125)

Another musical episode as the fifth after one each from every sequel season, and the third Hearth's Warming episode, A Hearth's Warming Tail is an episode I was never excited for at all because of Starlight being a major focus since she has no purpose in the show to me now other than to be a showoff and overshadow lots of other minor characters. For this episode, it's a huge solace for me since the past two episodes beforehand I found to be some of the worst of all time. Seeing how Starlight still needs her roles minimized no matter how dedicated Kelly Sheridan is to her and MLP, I'll admit that I won't quit the fandom just cause of one character I don't like, I'll only quit it if the show loses its mojo badly. But all I can say is this episode hasn't really effected or added anything immensely amazing to the series for me at all and is just there despite that I'm okay with it.

On Hearth's Warming Eve, Twilight reads Starlight her favorite holiday story, A Hearth's Warming Tail (a retelling of A Christmas Carol), to help her better appreciate the season. In the story, Snowfall Frost (Starlight) is a cold-hearted unicorn who despises Hearth's Warming, so she brews a magic potion meant to erase the holiday from existence. Her actions draw the attention of three spirits, who intend to dissuade her from casting the spell by showing her visions of various Hearth's Warming scenes. First, the Spirit of Hearth's Warming Past (Applejack) reminds Snowfall of the holiday spirit she abandoned in her youth to focus on her studies. Next, the Spirit of Hearth's Warming Presents (Pinkie Pie) helps Snowfall understand the spirit of friendship that the holiday represents. Finally, the Spirit of Hearth's Warming Yet to Come (Princess Luna) reveals that Snowfall's spell would leave Equestria defenseless against the windigos' eternal winter, which convinces Snowfall to change her ways. After the story ends, Starlight similarly realizes the importance of Hearth's Warming and joins her friends in the festivities.

Granted, A Hearth's Warming Tail has given to some extent great plot points of its overall layout of the town and adding good charm to the storytelling of Snowfall Frost. But having characters in the present time period of Equestria portray these other ponies back in ancient times most of the time feels a little too much like a gimmick to me and is honestly done better when it's a play rather than an actual storybook. Sometimes the spirits feel forgettable and don't add anything to the overall plot, but for their appearances (despite being seen as just the other Mane Six characters) and parts they play in the overall story of the tale, they do seem clever in say costume design that suits their names. It feels too much of a ripoff of both A Christmas Carol and (Dr. Seuss') How the Grinch Stole Christmas, and I don't even care if the Mane Six even appeared that much outside of the story - I really would have just perfered new ponies to be thrown into the mix of a new if a little too gimmicky narrative.

The episode was paced nicely when it comes to making it a normal-lengther, but sometimes other characters' parts to me feel much more to be desired. It also feels more predictable than the previous Hearth's Warming episodes and doesn't really tell anything new either other than a ponified version of both Christmas films I just mentioned. So while I can sit through the overall story, this still left a lot to be desired as I wanted something fresh and new instead of something that's been done before.

To my relief, A Hearth's Warming Tail is not a bad episode - but is rather an average one and combining my thoughts on it's Season 5 predecessor Hearthbreakers and this season's premiere The Crystalling, it's also nothing special and I'm not a fan of it since its plot has been done twice before, and I certainly think the episodes based off holidays aspect should rather be put aside and My Little Pony should produce more new ideas since it seems to be countlessly recycling old ones, with this being one of those cases. So as a whole, I'm admittedly okay with watching it more than once, but I'd just like to move on and look forward to future installments instead. (Not bad though, Mike Vogel.)