Thursday, January 21, 2016

MLP:FIM Episode Showdown - Betsy McGowen's Power Ponies vs. Gillian Berrow's The One Where Pinkie Pie Knows

I've only done one with two Mario games, but now I think it's about time for another showdown post only with My Little Pony instead. Today I shall be looking at two writers who have only written one episode of MLP. Power Ponies by Betsy McGowen and The One Where Pinkie Pie Knows by Gillian Burrow. For this post I'm judging these episodes on the countdown to which one I prefer or call greater than the other. Based on a mix of their overall stories, morals, writing, memorable moments and more.

Let the competition begin...

Betsy McGowen: Power Ponies

This has to be one of my most rewatchable episodes of the series since I first started the off on Netflix (all the way up to Twilight's Kingdom) just two months before Rainbow Rocks was released. What I cannot believe though is that it earned a bit hatred by some. The first I watched it, I found it to be very thrilling and I gave a few rewatches at random because its not everyday (or maybe even every season) that we get something as amusing as this, but other episodes in all fairness have been better in their plots. The episode's villain is cliched, but to be all honest here, because of her motives and intensity to destroy the Power Ponies (even though she was defeated and failed), I found her to be threatening enough. So the episode might feel like a bunch of other superhero franchises crammed into one, all of which are ponified, but for me, it was just awesome and I think deserves to be cut a little slack.

Gillian Burrow:

As much as Power Ponies, I just can't believe some people hate this episode. This is due to most its humor failing and Pinkie acting rather corny, which I thought that applied to her in Party Pooped, but not this episode. While this wasn't exactly the best ideal episode for My Little Pony, this episode had something that Nick Confalone's Party Pooped didn't: An episode with a heart of gold and surprise with one of the most surprising plot points for future episodes for the series, and one I felt I can relate to. I didn't exactly laugh so hard that I just couldn't get enough of it, but I will give a rep of positivity and say that it really doesn't deserve all of its hatred that fans gave it.

The Winner:

Everyone is different. In the end though, for me, the ultimate winner here is Gillian Burrow's The One Where Pinkie Pie Knows. Both episodes are underrated in my eyes, but why I chose TOWPPK is because it's surprising that somepony who is usually known for writing the comic book series of Friendship Is Magic would write one TV episode and that it reminds of when I first got my own niece from my oldest adult sister back in 2000. And you know what, I feel happier at times now that I'm an uncle since then thanks to how much this episode reminded me of it. One of my only other few problems with it is that the moral didn't come across clearly from Pinkie and that Shining Armor and Cadence's baby wasn't immediately shown, but for everything else that makes it fantastic, this episode stands tall as one of my favorites.

This was quite easy decision to decide which one would ultimately win, so let me know which one you'd prefer more than the other, and for more fascinating posts updated weekly, be sure to tune in to The Super Mario Brony Blog.

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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

More MLP:FIM Episodes Revisited

It came to me only a little while ago to think harder just about how much more, and at other times less I like some other episodes that I thought I didn't rejudge quite enough episodes of the series before I move on and publish even more countdowns. That's why I'm doing another post of rejudged episodes in my book. Again, whether it was for their plotlines, biggest moments or even the flaws that I either didn't really look past enough in the good episodes or flaws that I didn't criticize enough for how bad they were. So now I shall revisit more of the episodes that I now have a change of thought for.

Keep in mind once again, that my opinion on these episodes could change again some other day later, but for now, let's just get started...

(And if you're curious to know what other episodes I've changed my opinion(s) before I did the same thing with these ones, be sure to check out my first post of my revisited/rejudged MLP episodes.)

The Cutie Map,
Canterlot Boutique
Sisterhooves Social

The Cutie Map: Considering the fact that it wasn't very entertaining, which I still think it's a bit sluggish at some points like between both parts of the story, I reexamined the fact that an MLP episode doesn't need to be full of excitement and just needs to focus on the story and moral(s) rather than anything immensely special that you'd find in most two parters. So rejudging every aspect of it, from its near well paced plot if still a little boring, wonderful morals though one was more necessary to learn than the other (since one of them has been used in previous episodes before), The Cutie Map is now much better than I considered it to be, though every two parter before it, other the pilot episode of the show and the now mediocre sequel The Cutie Re-Mark, are still more interesting for more creativity.

Canterlot Boutique: Rarity has always been one of my favorite characters of the show, but this episode has to be one of the main reasons on why she's even better than she considered her to be. Not just for how she got her own business shop in Canterlot, but also on how she delivered a great moral and even sang another great song around the 2/3 of the plot, not to mention its plot was creative for all the visually stunning dresses.

So I give this episode an even better rating for what Rarity surprisingly got for even more fame, her best character trait that made her an even better character of good quality and just how good its moral was, if not exactly the most worthy of MLP friendship messages to come.

Sisterhooves Social: I finally look past any hard-to-watch moments between Sweetie Belle and Rarity, but Sisterhooves Social has to be a good way of teaching audiences with younger siblings to learn to love each other and have more respect for them, while Brotherhooves did the same thing only it was more heartfelt and humorous. But compared to that episode, this practically feels a little overrated (though this doesn't make my most overrated episodes list).

But for its plot, moral, and amazing event that Rarity secretly participated in with her sister, Sisterhooves is now groundbreaking.

New Rating(s):

Leap of Faith

Only half of The Chest of Harmony Key Episodes were considered to be some of my personal favorites of this series, but now that I thought about rejudging more than just a few episodes, I thought I might come up with a few reasons as to why I should call this episode better than it originally was to me. Let me name just a few:

  • More great backstory from Granny Smith in the plot
  • Another great song by Flim and Flam
  • Excellent moral of honesty (delivered by, go figure, Applejack)
  • Great personalities for every character
  • Spot on pacing
  • (and even) The scene of Applejack saving Granny from a death fall when she attempted a foolish daredevil trick.
Oh, and let's not forget that I think it's better for a good script and well written writing and sound. I'll give it a much better rep now, but it still ranks where it still is in my Least Favorite to Most Favorite episodes involving The Chest of Harmony's Keys.

New Rating:

The Hooffields and McColts

The Hooffields and McColts: With Rarity Investigates! and mainly my most personal episode (*sniff*) Castle Sweet Castle, writers Joanna Lewis and Kristine Songco have had great luck with making their episodes they wrote pretty good, except maybe for The Hooffields and McColts now that I look much closer at it. I gave it a 4/5 star rating for the detailed backstory of both families near the end, but looking at its less clever plot than both Made in Manehattan and The Lost Treasure of Griffonstone, dull script, meh moral, and partially rushed pacing, it's now just one I'm not really caring much about anymore. So in the end, it's nothing bad, but like Hearthbreakers, nothing special either.

New Rating:

Do you agree with my re-reviews? Let me know what other episodes you've now rejudged. And for more fantastic posts updated weekly, be sure to tune in to The Super Mario Brony Blog.

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