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MLP:FIM Episodes Revisited

It's been nearly five months since I started writing both Mario Game and MLP Episode reviews and while I didn't give quite enough of a clear opinion for my first few reviews of this series (mainly the two-parters), I've decided to revise a few episodes that I've changed my opinion on. Whether it was for their plotlines, biggest moments or even the flaws that I either didn't really look past enough in the good episodes or flaws that I didn't criticize enough for how bad their grudges were. So now I shall revisit the episodes that I now have a change of thought for.

Keep in mind, that my opinion on these episodes could change again some other day later, but for now, let's just get started...

A Canterlot Wedding
Amending Fences

A Canterlot Wedding: It's no secret that not one two-parter in my eyes is a terrible episode of MLP. Though The Return of Harmony is still the better episode to me (and the best of Season 2) thanks to the fact that it debuted my favorite character of Friendship Is Magic, I now have to give A Canterlot Wedding a perfect rating. I originally only a near perfect 4.5/5 star score for how upsetting the very end of Part 1 was, but I can see it as a real explanation of reason for how the other characters around Twilight were only fooled by the disguised Queen Chrysalis. To be clear, I can say that what makes up for that as to block it from affecting my perfect rating for this episode are the awesome elements like the memorable songs (like This Day Aria) and how spectacular it was via the brawl between the Mane Six and Chrysalis' army.

So now that I see clearly, A Canterlot Wedding definitely deserves all of the perfect ratings fans gave it despite that doesn't quite make my Top Five of my Top Ten Favorite Episodes of the Whole Series.

Amending Fences: Most people have given it a rating of perfection for how incredible of a plot it turned out to be involving Twilight going back to her old friends that she abandoned in the pilot episode of Friendship Is Magic along with its great moral of not letting mistakes being a reason you can't be friends with anypony else. Back in my review of it, I said my only grudge that kept it from being perfect was how Twilight's old friends didn't take her apology one bit seriously, but now that I think about it, it's a small problem that I can completely ignore when rewatching the episode itself. So take it for what it's still worth. An incredible episode, but not quite my favorite of Season 5, nor of M.A. Larson or of the show itself.

New Rating(s):

Rarity Takes Manehattan

Rarity Takes Manehattan: Back in my review of this episode, I criticized it for Rarity's overreaction on pushing her friends into doing more than what they can do when she was in a major rush to win the competition of the fashion week event, but for showing probably the most amount generosity in any of her episodes, I feel the episode's better than I once considered it to be for how Rarity strongly showed off her true self. I know she's not 100% generous (though it's obvious that she has a LARGE amount of it) but it just goes to show despite that she never knew that the unlikable thief Suri Polomare would steal her ideas, Rarity also does know how to stand up for herself and learn from her mistakes like most characters in this series already have. So looking a lot closer at Rarity's element that she strongly shows off here is why I now give RTM a better rep.

New Rating:

Putting Your Hoof Down

I've seen it top a lot of lists of the Top Ten Worst MLP Episodes of All Time, but looking at Joshscorcher's opinion on this episode, I'm more neutral towards Putting Your Hoof Down now. One of the biggest positives of this episode has to be one of the most underrated characters in MLP history whom I thought was a little innocent for a character that pushed another character like Fluttershy too far. Iron Will might have been too aggressive on Fluttershy for this plot, but I think he was just at least TRYING to help Fluttershy stand up for herself. I also see that Fluttershy was at least trying to teach the town not to mess with her, though she did go too far with moments like the camera pony and pushing ponies aside when they got in her way.

So while I still have major grudges with it like Fluttershy's bad attitude bunny Angel and how a little too upsetting it still can be, I'll give it a break because I don't blame Fluttershy entirely for her minor mean self in this episode and that Iron Will is a great character whom I think deserves another episode to try and shine in. Bottom line though, I just hope the next episode that IW shines in ends up being good for both me and others unlike this one.

New Rating:

Castle Mane-ia: It's in my book of overrated episodes though Castle Mane-ia deserved a better rating from me than just 3.5/5 stars. I called it a little out of hand when the characters acted just a skosh weird in their cowardliness...a lot like Fluttershy in that manner. When I think of how humorous it is though, I can say it's better than I originally called it. I wish The Castle of the Two Sisters would have some more episodes that focus on it, but Castle Mane-ia is still a great episode that revolves around the castle though there still are things that could have been done better in order to give it a higher ranking on my list of all 109 of the show's episodes.

Rarity Investigates!: I criticized it for how predictable it was near the end, but since I look more on its bright side nowadays, Rarity Investigates! has now earned more of my praise for how much I look on other old school noir flicks very similar to this when I think about both of them at the same time, only this is a cartoon episode on TV and not a full-length movie. I still think it's bizarrely odd to put an innuendo scene of Rarity acting as some femme fatale, but I will say it's a nice edition to Rarity solving a case in a team up to prove that Rainbow Dash is innocent. I can't say that it's part of my Top Ten Favorites of Season 5 or of the show, but all and all, RI! is still a wonderful effort from Joanna Lewis and Kristine Songco.

Family Appreciation Day: I didn't give it a higher rating for how overreactive Apple Bloom acted while preventing Granny Smith from attending the Family Appreciation Day event at her school with her, but the episode of the same name is honestly better than I honestly considered it to be after my first viewing and at the same time my previous rating in my review of the episode last month. Although Apple Bloom is still a little too overreactive enough for me to rewatch, I'm giving the episode a more generous rating for Granny Smith's backstory of her founding of Ponyville and Sweet Apple Acres. So to end my revisited review of recapping it all here, it's a great episode though if you to ask me what I'd grade what with its backstory from Granny despite most of Apple Bloom's part, I'd have to give a B-.

New Rating(s):

Wait, didn't I once call this the worst episode of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic? I did. But that was before Crusaders of the Lost Mark explained to me and everypony else who watched it how awful of a family Diamond Tiara had (especially her terrible mother Spoiled Rich, which my hatred for DT got transferred to her mother) as to explain why she was the spoiled brat that she was back then.

So even though some people have called her part either mature or not too bad, while fans like me called it Diamond at her worst, I can say that I forgive her part and that I can stand it a bit now that I know why she was who she was back then. But obviously we all had wait 55 episodes later just to know why. So while this factor does make up for her personality in both this episode and all of MLP, I'll cut it some slack, but I'm afraid that does not make for Ponyville's part on falsely shunning the Crusaders just cause they were being forced by a use-to-be-hatable-character.

To make that part up though just to get this episode off my Top Ten Worst Episodes of All Time list, all that needs to happen is that everypony in Ponyville gives the Crusaders a heartfelt apology, and an ever nicer touch would Diamond Tiara explaining that she made them do it and that she's changed for the better thanks to the CMC helping her out in CotLM.

New Rating:

It made babysitting look horrible and a bit shocking to me, and I feel thinking badly about it more clearly Baby Cakes has to be Pinkie Pie's worst episode ever for how much torture the Cakes' abysmal attitude babies were throughout most of the episode. I now find the episode even more annoying than ever for how the crying of the twins dragged on for most of the run time while Pinkie tortures herself just to keep them happy, but the worst aspect that just ruined it almost entirely has to be Pinkie's mental burst into tears. I know I've said most of these things before in my review of it, but thinking more negatively about its annoyances, Baby Cakes is like a baby's poopy diaper, which is a stinker that is best left to be thrown away from a TV show's episode library and into the trash. (I still hate Pound and Pumpkin.)

New Rating:

There are more episodes I could rerate for how I rejudged them, but these by far are pretty much the only ones where my opinions have changed and differed from the last time I reviewed them.

So let me know which episodes you've now rejudged and changed your opinion on, and for more interesting posts posted every week, be sure to tune in to The Super Mario Brony Blog.

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MLP:FIM Review - Simple Ways (S4, E13, P73, OE78)

Rarity isn't my personal favorite of the Mane 6, nor is Applejack my least favorite of them, but they are still some of my favorite characters from My Little Pony thanks to their personalities and most of their episodes, though none of them make my Top Ten Favorites of the entire show whereas others were better than them. One prime example of a episode where not just one but both them were awesome has to Simple Ways that might have featured a character who was not really bad but who was really not my thing, but still a great chapter despite some of its imperfection.

Rarity is elected to host the Ponyville Days festival, which she hopes will attract the attention of Trenderhoof, a trend-setter whom she has been smitten by. Upon his arrival, Rarity takes Trenderhoof on a tour of Ponyville, but she becomes aghast when Trenderhoof falls for Applejack and her farming ways. Rarity forgoes her festival duties to help out on the farm in the hopes of catching Trenderhoof's eye, but is unable to sway him. As a last ditch effort, Rarity changes her festival's elegant theme to a farming one, dressing and speaking like a farmer herself. Annoyed by her antics, Applejack impersonates Rarity in retaliation, causing Rarity to realize her own foolish behavior and return to her original theme in time for the festival.

It's one of my lower rated favorites, but Simple Ways was still a great episode that was primarily of both Rarity and at the same time, Applejack. It was really weird for Rarity to go out of her true character cause she was trying to impress her crush Trenderhoof, a character who was nonsensical rather than unlikable as most would consider him just for his attitude towards Rarity until the end. He was a character that acted just foolish like Rarity did just for his crush on Applejack, which I strongly would not ship him and AJ as a couple. The plot was wonderful and Rarity and Applejack's parts before the last few minutes were one the funniest moments in MLP:FIM. Sometimes AJ and Rarity's interactions with each other felt really logic while still being humorous with their character traits.

While the writing in the end was funny, it was also a little corny and not entirely worth adding to the humor when I think about it clearly. The moral that Josh Haber delivered in the plot involving real friends will like you for who you are, and changing yourself to impress them is no way to make new ones was excellently executed if one that most have already learned before this episode...maybe even you too. So while it is imperfect and one of my lowest ranked favorites, SW is a fine episode of by far MLP's best season and one I'd recommend for you even if it doesn't become one of your favorites after you watch it.

MLP:FIM - Worst to Best: Dream-Themed CMC Episodes

None of them are perfect in their own perspective but the episodes of the Cutie Mark Crusaders that focus mainly on dream sequences are episodes I found to interesting no matter really where they rank on my countdown of all 109 episodes in the series. Sadly though, not all of them are technically good. So let's now rank them from the really worst to the really best...

#3 - Bloom & Gloom (Apple Bloom)
(S5, E4, P88, OE95)

I know most people have called it good, but I honestly can't say that Bloom & Gloom is a good episode. I found it to be fine enough at first but after reading some reasonable points other bronies like The Railfan Brony made on how disturbing the plot was and how creepy its layout was to watch most of Apple Bloom's various dreams, especially when that creepy voice that sounds takes away her cutie marks for her and that it was Luna the whole time. Overrated, distrubing and not worth giving praise if you ask me.

#2 - Sleepless in Ponyville (Scootaloo)
(S3, E5, P54, OE58)

Although it didn't focus quite enough how much Scootaloo was dreaming, Sleepless in Ponyville was, unlike B&G, a pretty good episode. Hands down one the best moments has to come from Rainbow Dash saving her life and even my favorite visuals of the concept of the whole episode being the Winsome Falls rainbow colored waterfalls, making for eye popping graphics and an awesome plot of camping.

#1 - For Whom the Sweetie Belle Toils (Sweetie Belle)
(S4, E19, P79, OE84)

I hated it at first when I only focused on how mean Sweetie Belle acted towards her big sister and even though I might still have a few little problems with it (like how creepy the dream vision of Rarity was if she gave Sapphire Shores the stitch-loosened headdress and how a little too upsetting it was to see Sweetie Belle snapping at her sister), FWtSBT is still an enjoyable episode of how Sweetie Belle really can learn from her mistakes and learn a great lesson of friendship, even if it's not one of the most rewatchable chapters of Season 4... Easily making it the best of the dream-based CMC (even if each episode focused only on one Crusader at a time).

Do you agree with my list? Which episode out of all the dream-themed Cutie Mark Crusaders ones is your personal favorites?

For stunning posts posted every week, be sure to tune in to The Super Mario Brony Blog.

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MLP:FIM Review - Inspiration Manifestation (S4, E23, P83, OE88)

Meghan McCarthey's episodes are arguably always a blast say for some like Sweet & Elite and partially Green Isn't Your Color being nonsensical. Aside from other awesome Season 4 chapters like Princess Twilight Sparkle, Three's A Crowd and in all obviousness Twilight's Kingdom, Inspiration Manifestation is another great episode despite being an episode I naive-ishly hated at first (kinda like I did with others like Sisterhooves Social and For Whom the Sweetie Belle Toils). This is due to its wonderful narrative, great message and great traits by both Rarity and Spike if a bit creepy on most of Rarity's part.

Rarity believes her creativity is lost when a puppet stage she designed is rejected by her customer. Spike, concerned for Rarity, finds an old book in the royal sisters' castle containing a spell that allows her to create anything she imagines on a whim. Rarity revels in her new magic and begins making troublesome glamorizations around Ponyville to suit her creative visions. Spike reluctantly supports Rarity, fearing he will lose her friendship if he tries to stop her. Eventually, however, he takes the book away from her in the hopes of keeping her from using the spell, but she remains possessed by the book's dark magic. Finally, Spike musters the courage to tell Rarity what he truly feels about her behavior, which returns her to normal.

It feels like Rarity's version of both Lesson Zero and Party of One, but Inspiration Manifestation has to be one of her best episodes of both Season 4 and the whole series. Though it lacks a bit of humor unlike LZ and PoO, I still have to admit it did make me laugh maybe a few times (my favorite LOL scene of the episode being Spike's near death moment when retrieving the hidden book in the royal sisters' castle). The script in its writing was done well though some of Rarity's lines of when she was under that spell felt bizarre and not very hilarious most of the time. So while the narrative was wonderful, another thing that this, Lesson Zero and Party of One have in common is that they're all MLP episodes that creeped me out a lot of times despite that the other two before this were some of my highest ranked episodes of Friendship Is Magic.

The biggest charm in its animation to me has to be all of the dazzling spells Rarity casts on pretty much all of Ponyville and it was fantastic like most of the show's two-parters. My only other problem with this memorable episode has to be Twilight's annoyingly stupid owl Owlowiscious who also happens to be one of my worst characters due what happened to Spike thanks to him in Owl's Well That Ends Well which was just downright mean-spirited. As well as the moral of being honest with your friends when they're doing something that you don't think is right just because you care about them which was another worthy lesson that the show has taught, everything else besides the other positives I mentioned are done greatly and though other episodes of Rarity and Season 4 are better than this, it's still fantastic and worth a try.

MLP:FIM Review - Sleepless in Ponyville (S3, E6, P54, OE58)

The first of the dream-themed Cutie Mark Crusaders episodes, Sleepless in Ponyville is the episode that's more of a good one like Sweetie Belle's episode For Whom the Sweetie Belle Toils and not a failure like Apple Bloom's episode Bloom & Gloom. So I'd say it's far better than B&G, but not quite as good as FWtSBT.

Scootaloo joins her friends Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle and their sisters Applejack and Rarity on a camping trip, hoping to show off her skills to her idol, Rainbow Dash. After a night of telling scary tales by a campfire, Scootaloo has nightmares, but refuses to let anyone else know, worried this will ruin her image with Rainbow Dash. During another nightmare, she encounters Princess Luna, who tells her that her fears are not that of the scary stories but of disappointing Rainbow Dash, and she should face that fear. After Rainbow Dash saves her from falling over a waterfall, Scootaloo tells Rainbow Dash that she was scared and did not want to disappoint Rainbow. To her surprise, Rainbow Dash admits that she used to be scared as a young filly, and offers to take Scootaloo under her wing.

Episodes of camping from other cartoons (like Spongebob Squarepants' The Camping Episode) at times makes me want to going camping out in the wilderness and even makes me miss those old days when I used to do so. Sleepless in Ponyville's plot is exciting burst of entertainment for great moments like the camping aspect of Rainbow Dash saving Scootaloo from death, the so called "Olden Pony" (later revealed to be just an old mare looking for missing horseshoe), and Luna's scenes of teaching Scootaloo to confront her fears to get over them. The dialogue has been done great if a bit embarrassing from Scootaloo's nervousness in front of Rainbow Dash and a little flawed in the script of Rarity and her usual accent when asking Sweetie Belle for things like flowers after setting up her fancy larger than large tent.

My only flaws with it have to how Scootaloo's frighten reactions can be cheesy at some points and that Luna appearing in Scootaloo's dream at random can be a little questionable at first but now I'm just fine with it. On the other hand the moral of learning to face your fears in order to overcome them is a great lesson to learn and even helps me at times understand it. So in the end, SiP is one Season 3's finest installments and if you love camping-themed TV episodes (live-action or animation), this one is definitely for you to enjoy.

MLP:FIM Review - Testing Testing 1, 2, 3 (S4, E21, P81, OE86)

After the last normal-length Chest of Harmony key episode that is Leap of Faith, and four episodes before Twilight's Kingdom, Season 4 aired Testing Testing 1, 2, 3, another episode that primarily focuses on Rainbow Dash. Written by Amy Keating Rogers, it's another episode that I'd have to call fantastic as it's one of my favorites of both this season and of Rogers herself. This episode also goes to show that she really can make excellent installments of this series, in spite of Bridle Gossip and The Cutie Pox being just meh to me.

Twilight worries that Rainbow Dash is underprepared for a test on the history of the Wonderbolts as part of her entrance exam to join the Wonderbolts Reserves. She tries to tutor Rainbow using standard academic methods, but Rainbow proves too bored and restless to pay any attention. Their friends offer to help Rainbow study through other unique means, only for Rainbow to become overwhelmed by their clashing methods and arguing on whose method is best. While flying with her to try to cheer her up, Twilight discovers that Rainbow is able to subconsciously memorize anything going on around her while she is airborne. Under Twilight's direction, everyone in Ponyville reenacts the Wonderbolts' history as Rainbow obliviously flies over the town, allowing her to retain everything and ace the exam.

Between the traits of the characters in this episode I feel the best has to come from every main character while RD acted really childish most of the time. Rainbow Dash's scenes of failing to pay attention to the most important facts of The History of the Wonderbolts were the things that ruined part of her personality. Looking past those moments though, my favorite elements have to be how humorous Rainbow Dash's immaturity can be at times and the very ending of how she was learning the history of the Wonderbolts was fantastic enough to be one of my favorite moments of the show and not just the season.

Although the sound and graphics department of the episode were wonderful my only problem with the sound was that while the writing was great, I felt the most annoying thing about its music was Pinkie's horrible rap song. To conclude this with the moral, the lesson of a certain way of learing isn't better than the other (what Twilight learned while RD took the Wonderbolts history into account) was something worth learning for me although not the biggest lesson that Rogers nor the show itself has taught. But with with positives in line first and the negatives aside, TT1,2,3 is a Season 4 and one I can recommend for all ages, but mainly the children due the moral mostly being aimed for children to learn.

MLP:FIM Review - Apple Family Reunion (S3, E8, P56, OE60)

Applejack is an underrated character in MLP, and the same can be said in my eyes for some of her Apple Family episodes which at times I can call underrated though they wouldn't necessarily make my Top Ten Underrated Episodes of the whole show. It might not be one of my favorites anymore, but Apple Family Reunion is arguably a nice edition to Season 3.

The Apple family reunion is approaching, and Applejack offers to take over the event's organization from Granny Smith after going through photos of past reunions. Though Applejack's planned activities are in the spirit of the reunion, the events are long and rigorous, leaving all the guests exhausted. When a wild hay ride destroys a barn, Applejack realizes that she has focused too hard on the event planning and not on the real purpose of the reunion: to be with friends and family. She gets an idea and has everyone join in to help rebuild the barn, which everyone is happy to help contribute to, thus making the reconstruction a memorable event of the reunion.

Sometimes Apple Family Reunion has been called one of the worst episodes of Friendship Is Magic, but in my case, it's really not one of the worst of all time. The plot is good what with the Apple Family in a huge reunion with each other and includes great moments for me like the other main characters (other than Fluttershy and Twilight, as the only two absent characters) and even the moment of AJ's realization of the things that the whole reunion was truly for. The only problem I had with it though were how much Applejack showing off her acts of exhausting the whole family dragged on a little too much which was a bit of a filler if you ask me.

The episode's song "Raise This Barn" though has to be one of my favorite tracks in MLP and it's sad that it's been hated by some. The moral of doing just the simplest of activities with family and not pushing it too far to make the time memorable was a great lesson to teach and really does have an effect on my own life when comes to hanging out with family. All of the spot aspects added with the good story and wonderful message, Apple Family Reunion is definitely an enjoyable Season 3 chapter and one of the best of the Apple Family episodes if not the entire series.

Note: Now that I've rejudged this episode (along with others), check out my rerated review of it instead.

MLP:FIM Review - The Cutie Pox (S2, E5, P29, OE31)

When visiting Zecora's hut to receive medicine for her chipped tooth, Apple Bloom finds a "Heart's Desire" flower which can make "talent come into view". While Apple Bloom believes it could help her finally discover her special talent, she instead becomes afflicted with the Cutie Pox, an ailment that causes various cutie marks to appear on her body, and forcing her to continually perform the talents they represent. Zecora arrives to find where her Heart's Desire went, and upon seeing Apple Bloom, provides her with the cure after Apple Bloom admits to taking the flower. Apple Bloom apologizes and realizes she cannot rush finding her talent.

It's not necessarily terrible, but The Cutie Pox has to be Amy Keating Rogers' only other weak effort since Bridle Gossip due to its frail plot, moments of absolute weirdness and one of Apple Bloom's worst case scenarios of trying to earn her own cutie mark, but without Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo this time around. Skipping the usual goods, the plot is weak for, as I said some of the cheesy moments of Apple Bloom receiving more than one cutie mark and is hardly ever funny after it literally drags on until the moral of the plot towards the very end is finally stated... By Apple Bloom instead of a certain Mane Six member for her poor attempt to earn her mark.

I'm more neutral about the moral about good things can come to those who wait since most people like me have learned before every watching this episode. Zecora's attempt to help AB and her advice on waiting and not rushing to a cutie mark is another pro that I have to give to this Season 2 installment, but with everything else aside, The Cutie Pox is another episode that I'd choose to move on from after watching and compared to better CMC-based episodes like Flight to the Finish and even Crusaders of the Lost Mark, TCP is just lame. (But admittedly not one of my personal worst episodes of the show.)

MLP:FIM Review - Pinkie Apple Pie (S4, E9, P69, OE74)

I've always loved most episodes of both the Apples and Pinkie Pie. If there was an episode involving them both at the same time, you never know if it'll be either good or bad. Combining them both to make Pinkie Apple Pie, from my perspective, I'd consider it to be amazing and one of the most rewatchable episodes of MLP. This is due not only to it's ideally great moral, but also its execution of its outstanding plot of traveling from one place to another.

Pinkie Pie finds a genealogy scroll that suggests she and the Apple family are related, but the text confirming it is smudged beyond legibility. Applejack suggests a trip to their relative Goldie Delicious to find out for sure, and cautions the rest of her immediate family to be on their best behavior for Pinkie. Though the trip starts out uneventful, complications arise once their wagon breaks down and forces them to travel down a river, where bickering between the Apples further stymies their travels until they are eventually redirected over a waterfall. The Apples and Pinkie nevertheless make it safely to Goldie's cabin, but find that the necessary text in her family record book is also scrubbed out. Despite Pinkie's disappointment, Applejack considers her to still be family for being able to put up with their fighting and, like her own immediate ones, work out their differences for the better.

The plot is all the more wonderful for its storyline as I said and its pacing of the Apples and Pinkie traveling to see if they are truly fourth cousins twice removed, as excellent as it is two of my favorite things around the 2/3 of its story would be both the bouncy song of Apples to the Core and the humor of the scene of them traveling on the river, especially while traveling through "The Scariest Cave in Equestria". As with all episodes the animation and voice are, well, you already know how well done they are, so now the moral.

I have to admit she did a nice job delivering the moral in Make New Friends but Keep Discord, but even better were both of the messages she put into PAP where both good friends can sometimes feel like your family and that being a good family doesn't rely on being perfect and rather on both being able to get through rough patches together and forgiving each for their mistakes. And like episodes like Hearth's Warming Eve and Three's A Crowd, it's another chapter I could watch from beginning to end while looking past any imperfect aspects it has.

MLP:FIM Review - It's About Time (S2, E20, P44, OE46)

Time travel is honestly an interesting mechanic in both film and television. Considering Friendship Is Magic has used it for the first time in Season 2's It's About Time, I wouldn't say it started out too good. Don't get me wrong when I say M.A. Larson is one of my favorite writers of the show, but like most of the other major writers of FIM, he too has had duds that either weren't a watch or just not my thing. IAT is a rather average installment though.

Twilight Sparkle is briefly visited by her bedraggled future self to warn her about something that would happen next Tuesday morning, but her interruptions prevent her future self from explaining what to be prepared for before she disappears. Twilight fears the worst and tries to take steps to prevent it. However, while nothing bad happens, Twilight suffers minor injuries that mirror her future self's look. Convinced the only way to prevent the disaster is to stop time, she, Pinkie, and Spike go to the Canterlot library to look for time-stopping spells. When Tuesday morning arrives, nothing happens, and Twilight realizes she was worried for nothing. However, using a time travel spell Pinkie found, Twilight travels back a week to explain this to her past self, realizing too late that she completed the time loop.

Skipping the usual positives, It's About Time's averageness come from its cons on how the pros don't entirely make up for it. For one, Twilight's overeating acts felt more a dumbed down and less hilarious version of herself from Lesson Zero. Two, Pinkie's cliched *Pinkie Sense* returns which I also find equally as pointless as her whole fortune-telling crystal ball scene. Three, Twilight doesn't quite show even enough true concern for Spike dieting himself on Ice Cream, and rather focuses on her obvious future and what terrible things await her for this episode only.

Some pros I'll give it though would have to be Twilight will to seal every disastrous thing up that could prevent her future injuries (but it still seems pointless at times) and her interesting idea of *sneaking* into Celestia's castle to travel back in time briefly to warn herself of what awaits herself, but there's not much else to be said here. And while the moral about solving problems as they came and no longer worrying about the smaller things was fair enough, everything else makes it a decent experience and only worth one watch as other episodes are more interesting than this chapter of Season 2 (and of M.A. Larson in general).