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Long Time No Post

It's been past three weeks since I've now posted anything on this blog what with my recent review on Super Mario Odyssey. And I know most of you may be wondering; why haven't I posted much recently, especially in this month? If I need to make this post one of the briefest here, then I should have you know that Mario games are much, MUCH harder for me to have detailed reviews on than MLP episodes. In fact, after my review on Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, I've only been posted anything related to My Little Pony overtime. And because I have to discuss gameplay, graphics, sound, and controls (before my final thoughts, without depending too much on Mario games with actual story), that's literally where my game reviews of the plumber are just long and detailed. I've also been sidetracked from posting anything here because I got a new laptop with my dad's help weeks ago, along with downloading a few new games on it for the sake of widening out to more franchises than just Mario or almost anything related to Nintendo. (Like a couple FPSs and couple Indie games)

And if you've all heard me very clear, I'm still going by my word and keeping my promise when I say I won't be posting another MLP-related topic until April in three months. And this is obviously based on the fact that I've posted far more of MLP than I have of the plumber. And I'll get to when I'll be posting anything (and almost everything else if I make a few small exceptions) in the next section. And I don't have much to say in this post at all, so as I said, this is one of the briefest on the blog.

I've always blog posts in written words only with hardly any videos to include, and all of which are from different channels and users. But what about videos of reviews and countdowns of my own in separate channels via my accounts; I'll be starting three channels at one time with one being entirely dedicated to My Little Pony, another to Nintendo games and not JUST Mario, and the last one solely centered around random games that make me some money to start making a living since I'm still stuck with my parents to this day. One thing you must understand though (which I'll recap when I start my channels however is that when I post countdowns and reviews) - Do not expect me to show my face! If I should make myself clear on it, when I do Let's Plays (which also make gamers money besides livestreaming the most popular games on Twitch), I just want people to enjoy my videos for gameplay I show of the games I choose to play. And even though showing my face DOES help to show my true expressions, my voice should be just fine enough for all of you to come to get used to.

I might make a few collabs, assuming I ever make it possible someday, but if I ever attend a convention of gaming or bronies, just be sure to come find me if you really want to speak good words with me.
  • Wanna know where I live? Yeah, I'm keeping that to myself and those I already come to know and love as my friends and family.
  • Wanna see my face and what I actually look like? Just come up to me in person wherever I end up attending a convention or two.
  • Wanna take a picture or video with me? Prepare to take one with me where I have a mask and stuff on to hide my identity (and race), as I like to keep my personal life to myself at most.
I might show you my OC in my MLP videos when I post them up for reviews and countdowns rather my own appearance (pony AND human form), but any Let's Play videos or gaming countdowns where I have cameras running in front of me? Yeah, I'll be masked up as I said. So think of me as if I'm the YouTube gamer equivalent to Daft Punk. But other than all of that, have fun with my channels when they're ready.

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Friday, December 8, 2017

Mario Game Review - Super Mario Odyssey (NS, 2017)

After several months worth of a long hiatus, and with over a month passed by since it's release, I am finally back for my fellow video game viewers to express myself via a review of Mario's next big game - and his first outing on the Switch. Even though I've already posted an After the Facts post on my hype and hope for the game several months ago before its release, it's time for me to give my full opinion on one of the most wildly praised games of this new decade, and one of the best games of the year. (Not surprisingly winning Game Award for Best Family Game) Here, I present yet another Mario game review (since only five months ago with Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga), and of course in this case, it's on (say it with me:) Super Mario Odyssey. So now sit back, relax, and most of all, take my full detailed review into account (and I'd say for your own good).

Beginning "in the skies above Peach's Castle", Mario and Bowser are seen fighting one another on Bowser's airship, with Princess Peach on board as well. Bowser ultimately defeats Mario when he uses his top hat to attack, sending Mario flying to parts unknown. Bowser then takes his airship towards the skies, as he prepares a forced marriage to Peach. He leaves Mario's cap (which had been knocked off of Mario's head during his final attack) adrift into the ship's back propellers, shredding it in the process. A piece is obtained by a hat-shaped ghost, who eventually finds Mario in his homeland of Bonneton, located in the Cap Kingdom.

Afterwards, Mario wakes up and catches up with the ghost. The ghost reveals himself as Cappy, and explains to Mario that Bowser had not only attacked the kingdom, destroying its airship armada, but had also kidnapped Tiara, Cappy's sister, using her as Peach's wedding headdress. Mario and Cappy team up to stop Bowser's plans and save both Peach and Tiara, and using the piece he collected, Cappy transforms into the Mario Cap, allowing Mario to use Cappy's abilities. Cappy also informs Mario that they may be able to find a usable airship in the next kingdom, accessible from the Top Hat Tower. And now they most set off to retrieve some power moons to stop Bowser's evil plans and save Peach and Tiara.

As with previous 3D platformers in the main Super Mario series, Odyssey fulfills all the hype it lived up to for all the right reasons. The newest edition to the game is of course Mario's hat buddy Cappy. You can use Cappy to attack enemies (kinda like the spin attack in the Mario Galaxy games), but you can also use him to take control of other enemies you can attach Cappy to; whether it's a common enemy throughout the Mushroom Kingdom (like Goombas, etc.), adorable little frogs that can help you to jump high heights, or a rampaging T-Rex to smash your way through obstacles. The Power Stars in this game are replace with Power Moons (unless you find those in the Mushroom Kingdom level as a redesign of them) which you must collect either in secret areas, ground pounding certain areas throughtout the kingdoms, going all 8-bit, using hinted artwork throughout the kingdoms to find others, using other sources of enemies or characters (assuming you can attach to them with Cappy), or simply defeating a boss (some of which can earn you three at the same time; aka Multi Moons).

You can also collect regional coins (of different shapes depending on the kingdom you travel to; at least for most of them) to buy things like more costumes/clothes and caps for Mario to wear throughout his journey (like those of an Explorer or in Tuxedo), which will also help him to gather more moons, stickers for your odyssey ship (for just decorations), and statues from all the kingdoms for your collection inside your odyssey. You can also do the same with Power Moons, and a few other costumes/clothes, but that's beside the obvious point. Any potential power ups in the game are considerable nothing more than all the various things, enemies, and characters throughout the game that Mario can can control with when attached to them with Cappy. There are just over fifteen different kingdoms to visit throughout the game, and you can only progress to them as you collect more and more Power Moons; from Cap Kingdom to the final Darker Side area of the game, all of them are just a blast (even if some are just more interesting than others for various reasons, but I'll get to them when I rank every kingdom in the game in my next post).

The co-op mode, like anything after Sunshine (minus 3D Land), remains a welcome edition to the game, and certainly helps to add even greater experience to play with friends, family, and a whole lot of others - where the first player controls Mario as usual, while the other moves Cappy around like he's that same Luma that assists Mario in Co-Op mode in Galaxy 2. You can use Cappy as platform to reach certain areas of the levels/kingdoms, and use him to help you defeat enemies. Especially since you can have total self control of him to attach Mario to a lot of things he can potentially take control of as I've mentioned eariler. Even if you don't play with a buddy, it's always good fun to experience Mario's big adventure all on your own.

Now that I've covered the basic things, I'll give off just a few of my smaller grudges; a few of the Power Moons do get extremely tedious to look for, or are at times more frustrating to earn (or collect) than others. I mean they may add some admittedly time-worthy replay value, but they can sometimes just turn me off the game for a while. (But they're all admittedly nothing compared to some quests in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild) The purple regional coins throughout the kingdom also get on the tedious side to search, but then again, it does add some nice - if at times annoying - replay value. Putting those grudges aside though, Super Mario Odyssey has some of the best gameplay elements ever to experience in a Nintendo Switch game, let alone one of the plumber, and it's all worthy of playing, with or without family or friends in 2 player co-op mode

The visuals and everything else look amazing for Odyssey's graphics department, with breath-taking concepts of all the game's various levels; some of my favorites being Luncheon Kingdom, Seaside Kingdom, and Sand Kingdom. The modeling of everything is solid and spot on like something you'd see out of a realistic game, and the animation of the characters remains solidified in every possible way. The textures and effects, such as water, snow, and fire all give the game an amazing feel and overall, with flawless visuals, effects, textures, modeling, animation, and eye candy concepts throughout each kingdom, Super Mario Odyssey is easily one of the best looking games on the Switch, bar none.

Odyssey's music easily has some of the best orchestration and tunes ever to grace the Mario franchise, ranging from some of the most epic boss themes, to fast-paced remixes of old school Mario songs, to soothing and relaxing Kingdom themes (like in Lake Kingdom, etc.), and even the most iconic song of the game that's even gotten millions of downloads on iTunes; Jump Up, Super Star!. All of the good songs in the game come out as some of the most memorable you'll ever listen to, but all of the more simple and short tunes put aside, this game's soundtrack is simply magnificent.

I have nothing to say about the game's sound effects as they're all suitable for what they're used for in the game - especially the coins, vehicles, and even a few of the enemies.

And for voice acting, there's really nothing to note other than besides Charles Martinet's spot on voice of Mario, Mayor Pauline has a really interesting voice to back her singing up that is the same voice actress of Miles "Tails" Prowler of the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise known specifically as Kate Higgins.

So for this category, everything from the music, sound effects, and voice acting all do a great job of providing the game's sound design very well with more than enough good music and sound effects to back all of this up.

There are literally tons of controls for everything in Odyssey's control setup. And because of that, I'm only really going to let the Super Mario Wiki's page of the game explain them all.

All those controls noted, everything is undeniably superb, even for 2 player co-op.

As if Mario couldn't get anymore innovative or stellar with the Galaxy games or 3D World, Odyssey revolutionizes the newer gameplay elements a Mario game deserves to show off. With an infinite amount of Power Moons to collect (through the use of the game's shops when you're not searching for them throughout the kingdoms' landscapes), fun boss battles, other great side quests, seventeen different kingdoms to travel to, and new clothes, caps, ship stickers, and statues for Mario and Cappy to collect, the game just gets greater and greater the more I play some of my all time favorite sections of the game (in spite of a maybe few frustrating ones). If you haven't already bought your own copy of this game on your Switch, stock up on some dough and get it now, cause believe me: You'll be missing out on more than enough good fun if you do.

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Top Thirteen My Little Pony Guest Star Characters

What's not to love about My Little Pony? (At least if minor grudges were to be put aside like all of my least favorite categories) It's creative and newer ideal episodes, super catchy songs, colorful visuals, and of course, great characters. Not to mention the awesome shining minor guest stars who play a major role. All of them have some good charm, and some good appeal to this fourth generation, that they really help set this generation apart from all three of the previous ones. Now, I'll admit all of these guest celebrities have some redeeming quality to them, but I just feel some are better handled than others. So I'll be ranking them for their personalities, backstories, how iconic their guest star voice actors/actresses are, and on some (if not all) of these occasions; memorability, how suitable the actors/actresses for them are, their overall design, and at least for those that can sing; their songs. But I will note that I'm not looking at them for how good the episodes they star in are, just about all of the other qualities I mentioned about them.

Also, this'll be my last MLP article of the year, so I'll be taking a four month hiatus just to take a little break and get back to Mario (you know, to catch up with the other subject, just to even the odds out on my blog). Hey, I'm Game Player for my Worst to Best MLP Guest Star Celebs/Characters...

Sia's character Songbird personality-wise, has to be the least interesting of all the guest star characters. I mean her design suits the celeb she's voiced by, but, she just doesn't have that interesting factor to herself because she also lacks any necessary backstory to make herself intriguing. But her wildly popular song Rainbow is so awesome and fun to listen to. Otherwise, at the end of the day, Songbird Serenade could've been given more screentime and development to earn high honors of being one of my favorite characters of the franchise. The best part about this character though; she attracted me to Sia and her music with a passion. But still, character development is highly necessary for this fourth generation of MLP - both for the main series, and the spinoff...

My Little Pony isn't perfect as much as anything in society is today. Its fourth generation is where characters who lack personality and development don't instantly become favorable for my standards unless they're given said qualities. Case and point; Liev Schreiber's character - the Storm King. Now don't get me wrong when I say I don't hate this particular antagonist, but it's more of what he lacks that prevents him from ranking any higher than Sia's character; living up to all the potential hype he somewhat had during the film's advertisement. I mean if you've seen the film, need I remind you that he only appears in a potion message to his army (mainly his 2nd in command), and only shows up in the last act for his final showdown with the Mane Six?

But I WILL give the film credit for having him killed off instead of reforming him. Cause like I said with Tirek, he doesn't look like the friendly type either.

An evil hedgehog? Yeah. While not one of my highest-rated favorites of the franchise's characters, Grubber at least has a decent amount of screentime, not to mention more humor to him unlike the overshadowed Storm King. I've heard nothing of Michael Pena other than his role in The Martian just two years ago. But even if he isn't one of the more memorable voice actors for a guest star character, he still provides the characterization Grubber admittedly deserves as a minion of the Storm King (much less another character that's much higher on the list). I mean he loves desert, sugar and cake, and what's not to love about his weird persona? Even if you don't like him that much, I think he's a pretty good love-to-hate character... and a hilarious one at that taking about his love sugary goods as I said...

Otherwise, without any necessary backstory, he doesn't quite crack the top ten.

Whoever Uzo Aduba is as an actress, alongside the next entry, she has to be the least iconic guest star on the list. But her character, while not as gripping in personalities as the other nine that stand above her, is pretty understandable. I guess the first factor that hits me when she comes to mind is how she lives up to her role as a queen; to protect her own kingdom from the maniacal Storm King. I may not feel like rewatching the scenes where she doesn't exactly give Twilight's friends a chance, or just banishes them from her kingdom for that matter, but as I said, that quality of her persona totally makes sense. She'll have you know that if you cross her line, you'll get in serious hot water with severe consequences.

Lena Hall as a celebrity seems more of the broadway actress type than that of a film actress, but she more than makes up for that what with her character Coloratura (or Rara as Applejack calls her) having just the right kind of personality and some good (if very little) backstory with her childhood friend Applejack. As the guest star character for The Mane Attraction (my 2nd favorite Season 5 episode to Castle Sweet Castle), she's anything but an unfavorable character. You can also make the argument that she's pretty sympathetic when it comes to her detestable manager Svengallop secretly taking so much advantage of her fame to his own extent. And she's got a good backstory with Applejack, which in fact, it was where we first heard her talented singing that put her on so many levels of stellar character traits. And her song (as one of my Top Five Overall Favorites of the franchise); The Magic Inside sums herself up in every possible manner.

William Shatner has to be the most iconic guest star of all the guest stars that have appeared so far; I mean much like Discord's voice actor Mr. John de Lancie, he's also a Star Trek franchise actor - but of the original series and not necessarily Next Gen. And Grand Pear has a pretty understandable personality and backstory to say the least. My problem with Shatner (which this also goes for every guest star for the series as much as it does for him)? He's not that nice of a celeb to his fans most of the time. But if you are continuously aging on and on (and there's obviously no avoiding it), I guess I can understand why you don't have all the time in your life for your fans... and besides Shatner, this factor especially for those famous faces who prefer to avoid the spotlight and just live happy, normal lives like everyone else rather, but anyways, back to Grand Pear...

Grand Pear is a character who may have been friendly to his grandchildren (especially when Apple Bloom's the first to unknowingly meet him as his first grandchild that he meets eye to eye like she's just a regular citizen before learning of all of his and Pear Butter and Bright Mac's backstory), but obviously had a past where him and Granny Smith were once rivals, but all the backstory The Perfect Pear gives us as I said more than makes up for his rivalry he once had with her. I don't really think I need to say much else other than if Shatner was miscasted as some other character (like Star Swirl the Bearded), he would've been much lower. But I'm just thankful and glad Lewis and Songco casted him as the titular grandfather of the Apple siblings. Nuff said!

If Queen Novo can't rank a higher entry on the countdown, her daughter Princess Skystar more than makes up for her with her bubbly personality, colorfully cute design, and a strong performance by Tony-winning actress Kristin Chenoweth. And aren't heroic characters with heartfelt personality just that much better than characters who lack personality and screentime? Not that I'm talking harsh about the lower entries on this Top Thirteen, but it's just that characters like this princess are more memorable and developed based on their personalities that brought to life magnificently by their voice actors/actresses. Her song she sings One Small Thing is also catchy, that it suits her persona. She may make her protective mother Queen Novo look uninteresting, even if she had reason for that, but even still, her personality, catchy song, and cuteness, make up for her mother... even if she and the hippogriffs/seaponies don't have that much of a notable backstory... especially since it's mostly told and not seen.

One of the more motivated characters of the film, Zoe Saldana's character Captain Celaeno is a fun-loving parrot pirate that really knows how to be awesome when Rainbow Dash sings one such song for her and her crew. She's a character who provides the film with plenty of good action-packed moments, as Saldana herself in a lot of hit films like Avatar, the newer Star Trek films, and currently the Guardians of the Galaxy films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Her singing talent is pretty strong for her lyrics she sings in Rainbow Dash's song Time to Be Awesome, but she also lacks a little bit a backstory that could've been partially seen rather than just told a brief bit or two by her and her crew of cargo delivery birds. I do also like how she was willing to prevent danger from coming amongst our mane heroines - especially considering the Mane Six convinced them to be who they wanna be, all while being... well, awesome!

While Taye Diggs isn't quite as iconic of a celeb as most of the other guest star actors/actresses considered for this countdown, his character Capper is definitely one of the slicker characters in this category. And I know I once said in my original thoughts on the guest stars of the MLP Movie before its release that he looks like a pretty generic character, but when it's all said and done, in the end, he's one of the best characters of the movie (and definitely worthy of my Top TWENTY Favorite Characters of the Franchise). Acting as a helpful personal friend to the Mane Six, having a windmill hideout he guides our Mane characters to, a slick tone of voice by Diggs and how he was willing to help our main characters save Equestria from the Storm King, there is no way Capper could NOT make my Top Five. Plus, who has a song like this; I'm the Friend You Need?

Such a stud! (And for the record, I was referring to both Diggs and Capper in the same manner)

As I've stated, The Perfect Pear is the perfect episode of Season 7 since it's the guest star episode of the season (and ironically enough is along the very middle of the season). But more than Shatner's character, for how anticipated she's been for years in MLP's 4th generation, Pear Butter is twice as awesome and stands just above her own father. I mean both have great characterization, and whilst Grand Pear had the more iconic voice actor, Felicia Day is the perfect fit for the Apple siblings' mother in so many manners. I mean immediately obviously Pear Butter is pretty much the Juliet to Bright Mac's Romeo, if they were both ponies (instead of humans), and she also has THE most heartbreaking song of MLP that makes for the most tearjerking moment above even the breakdowns of Rainbow Dash (Tanks for the Memories) and Moon Dancer (Amending Fences).

So while Day is far from the most iconic celebrity on the countdown, her character is far from uninteresting; and all of that is for her strong backstory, sweet personality, and just all the hype she's lived up to for all us who've anticipated her (even if there are some in the fandom who could care less about the caretaker). And I think alongside Number 3, Buttercup is the most sympathetic character of the franchise. Speaking of which...

What puts Emily Blunt's character Tempest above the others is her backstory and personality. A powerless unicorn who let black-heartedness get the best of her when she lost friends shortly after her horn broke off, her tragic flashback really hits you in the guts and makes you feel sorry for her as she's a villain of pure sympathy. In fact, building up to her sympathy (even if her redemption doesn't entirely mach that of Discord's or Sunset's) is honestly Starlight's way in The Cutie Re-Mark done right. I mean she lost her friend Sunburst and went all evil over him getting a new cutie mark, but how does Tempest (or Fizzlepop if you can call her that) go bad? She gets a broken horn (and a scar on her right eye as you can clearly tell) and for some reason eventually loses her friends she once had when she's unable to play ball with her childhood friends (or just use magic for that matter). A broken horn alone is what motivates her to do whatever it takes to get it fixed back up after that horrific ursa minor attack she suffered as filly - even if it means going down the path of darkness.

I would've put her at Number 1 as I've clearly done out of all those guests in the full length film, but how do the two best stand just slightly above her? I have a connection with them in a manner or two. Either way, Fizzlepop Berrytwist (as I'll call her since she's reformed at the end of the film) is still the best new character of My Little Pony The Movie, and Emily Blunt is an iconic actress who certainly adds the charisma and brilliant portrayal Fizzlepop deserves... not to mention she has the best song of the film in my opinion.

I've pretty much loved this character before even watching Stranger Than Fan Fiction. Quibble Pants, and his voice actor Patton Oswalt, who's undeniably a comedic icon, definitely stand amongst MLP's funniest characters; he's speaks hilarious dialogue, acts all freaky after being saved by Rainbow Dash, and he even makes interrupting Daring Do's enemies really funny. I also really love the amount of depth Oswalt brings to the character. He honestly acts AS the voice actor he's voiced by, he's very judgmental about the newer Daring Do issues - something of which I think a lot of us besides me can relate to, he adds the same amount of comedy as Oswalt does to his usual stand up performances here in reality (only in a completely kid-friendly manner for this series here), and he's just the perfect guest star for Rainbow Dash to play against as a Daring Do fan. (What puts him here only at Number 2 though is he has no backstory)

But again, he has some of the most hilarious dialogue that I could listen to again and again everytime I come back to this comedic Season 6 installment.

Yes. Through the obvious process of elimination, you all just had to have guessed that my Number 1... is the original (and first real) guest star ever; Weird Al as Cheese Sandwich. If you've known me over the past few years that I've been in the fandom, I simply wouldn't be here without Cheese (just as much as I wouldn't with his moment of dueling against Pinkie in the hilarious Goof Off music battle scene). But putting that obvious factor I've recapped several times before quite enough already, let's start with Weird Al Yankovic himself; this musical aritst is an icon of nerds, like his catchiest song "White and Nerdy". Despite Cheese's goofy design like he's the male Pinkie Pie, said earth pony himself even suits a shipping with Pinkie to form the CheesePie shipping. His backstory's pretty interesting also (even though it's only in the last act); he started off as just a shy little colt, but not necessarily one who was picked on unlike a lot of majorly sympathetic characters (like Gilda the griffon), and it's reviled all along that Pinkie was the party pony who inspired him to become the super duper party pony that he obviously is today.

On a musical note, I love listening to Weird Al sing out his voice. I might just be the only one who ranks him as the best pony (right next to Fluttershy for her recent development in the past two seasons as I've said countless times before), but again, I wouldn't be here without him. But another part on his musical note is his song; The Super Duper Party Pony (the song I would've listed as Number 9.5 on my Top Ten Best MLP Songs) - the song that also sums up his wacky, fun personality as much as the beauty of a mare that The Magic Inside for Coloratura, or even the gut-wrenching love song by Pear Butter (who sings it to Bright Mac) You're In My Head Like a Catchy Song. And obviously, The Goof Off and his confession song to Pinkie also give him more of that charm, but seriously; doesn't Weird Al suit Cheese and his wacky persona THAT perfectly?

Whether or not you'd agree with me, Cheese Sandwich is, in every sense of the way, awesome. His personality is colorfully detailed that fits his bill, his backstory's interesting (even through one of his songs he sings), he has a strong sense of humor, his songs are all fantastic and super catchy, and besides the fact that he made me a brony, all of that is more than enough to make Weird Al Yankovic's character Cheese Sandwich THE best guest star character of the MLP franchise to date.

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Top Ten My Little Pony Songs (REDUX)

You know what just gets better and better overtime now that 2017 has gone by? Friendship Is Magic. But you know what's not good anymore? Equestria Girls. And you know what is good a lot of the time? MLP's various songs. So now that the year has gone by, lets now celebrate by revising my Top Ten Best Songs of the franchise. Yeah, I know I already did a Top 25 on this like last year, but I just have to give new thoughts on the best of the best songs of this fourth generation of ponies. Also this list is solely about what these songs represent, the situations they play in, much less how they sound at best - and literally having nothing to do with the episodes/EG installments they come from.

Hey, I'm Game Player for my Top Ten (Best) My Little Pony Songs...

Putting a smile on your face is always what people wanna see, right? So Pinkie's Smile Song (also known at times as Smile, Smile, Smile) for this revised list is now naturally the first to crack the Top Ten. I mean its lyrics do exactly what you'd expect its tune to do for such a theme of happiness - make you happy on more than one occasion. So how does this song basically work? Well think of it like Pharrell Williams' Oscar-nominated song Happy in Despicable Me 2, only its ponifed with more ponies than just Pinkie jumping around and following her in pure happiness...

...oh and more ponies than just Pinkie sing along like she's the female, ponifed Pharrell.

I know included Cheese Sandwich's song The Super Duper Party Pony when I did a Top 25 on this subject just before Season 6, but what about The Goof Off that drew my attention to the show what with the Top Ten Music Battles (which this isn't the only music duel you'll be seeing on the countdown) by Joshscorcher? Well this one's a fun tune and the situation it plays in is just so appealing that I just can't get enough of it. It is admittedly short as maybe another entry or two on the countdown, but I ultimately have to choose it just above Cheese's song for Josh giving it off as his seventh best music battle in media - whereas I wouldn't be in the fandom without it much less without Cheese Sandwich (via Weird Al Yankovic's portrayal of him).

- Number 8 -

Now I can say this song is just that awesome and move on, but I think I need to express why it gets a little too overhated. I know John de Lancie may not be the most talented singer there is, let alone the fact that fully singing the song is better than doing it in a sprechgesang manner, but I think the fact that it's basically Discord singing about how much he wants Twilight (much less Cadance) to help nurse him back to health is why it deserves to be more of an honorable song than a dishonorable one at that. If anything, Discord deserves another song or two, even if it also involves the sprechgesang element just like this one. I mean the situation it plays in is hilarious, and truly serves a purpose in the plot as to convincing Twilight and Cadance to help heal him (even if he was only faking it to test Twilight's friendship with him all along).

It's already praised wildly as the best song of the show by more than only a small amount of people (even if some opinions have obviously changed overtime), so I think I should just let the song speak for itself. 

I can't believe I forgot to include THIS on my original Top 25 and only looked at the ending song in the episode's second part! This is sung by all four princesses, which is already cool, and it does tell emotionally how much Twilight deserves a new role as a princess. It's everything it needs to be to represent just how much Twilight will find what she deserves. Not surprising that Luna's singing sounds the same as Rarity's, but I digress since, you know, they both share the same voice actress (Tabitha St. Germain) - much less the same voice actress who provides their singing voices (Kazumi Evans). Either way, Cadance and Celestia's strong singing give the song the beauty it needs to make the list.

Four princesses, singing one awesome and beautifully orchestrated song. Next!

And here's yet another beautiful song after This Day Aria and You'll Play Your Part that is Countess Coloratura's song The Magic Inside. This particular song is beautiful in so many ways; it expresses Rara's true personality, it speaks of how she lets the magic inside of her be the pony she wants to be, the orchestration is as beautiful as Rara herself is, and what follows after it (even if I don't count it as part of this entry) is a reprise she sings with the Crusaders of Equestria, the Land I Love. And I've already considered it an emotional moment amongst the series, so if you don't believe me, go listen to it for yourself if you haven't. But if you have, I dare you to keep listening until you shed a tear or two.

But this song's beauty and heartfelt tone is nothing compared to the next entry... 

Easily the most the heartbreaking moment in MLP history, this crazy long title of a love song alone puts Pear on top of even Amending Fences as Friendship Is Magic's saddest episode. Who honestly would've thought that Felicia Day had such beautiful singing talent with her voice? Representing the Romeo & Juliet-style love Pear Butter and Bright Mac have between them, You're In My Head Like a Catchy Song always gets me choked up, and explicitly shows their true love no matter how much their own parents separate them apart... which is another big reason of why they have some of the best backstory of any characters of the series. *sniff* 😭

I would've put this higher in the Top Three, but it's sadly shorter than it should've been for a heartfelt song.

- Number 3 -


This is a song that just screams emotion and sympathy for a villain like Tempest Shadow. It's honestly like Chrysalis' reprise of This Day Aria, only it plays in a scene that actually shows the villain's backstory, and not just by explanation. Edge of Tomorrow actress Emily Blunt's strong vocal chords only add more and more emotion to the situation of showing Tempest's (or Fizzlepop Berrytwist's) backstory of her broken horn, and that scar on her right eye from an ursa minor attack. I also chose this over the likes of Time to Be Awesome by Rainbow Dash and Songbird Serenade's song Rainbow (by Sia, obviously) because I feel I should give a heartfelt honor to another villain I actually come to feel sorry for - much like other sympathetic characters like Moon Dancer and Pear Butter. Even if this song isn't worthy for a Best Original Song Oscar, I still think this song that tells a backstory that would make you shed a tear just as much as the previous entry deserves to be one of everyone's favorites songs of the franchise.

But... for the picture above, I don't have a photo of the scene it plays in, so you just got look at this popular shot of the titular reformed villain for the time being until one IS posted on the Wikia for me to include.

And yet another music battle after the awesome Goof Off between Cheese and Pinkie - only this time it's in the EG spinoff. I know I feel like I'm kinda cheating at points if I include more than one song in the same categories, like music battles, and those by guest star characters, etc., but the thing is songs like those are just that catchy and awesome... anyways; Welcome to the Show. Same reasons I included it in my original countdown on this subject; epic situation it's played in, strong vocals from the Human Six and Sunset, and I feel it completes Sunset's journey to her expertly developed redemption. And Number 1 happens to solidify that factor...

It may be a part of EG's first sequel, but My Past is Not Today is only found in one of three encore shorts as a promotion to Rainbow Rocks - so hey, if you got a problem with me cheating by taking two songs from the same particular EG film in some manner, much less two music battles what with The Goof Off and Welcome to the Show, that's your own little grudge, not mine. If you know me and Zack well, then you know how much we both love Sunset so much that she's one of the only few bright spots in the spinoff nowadays, she's great. And with the one song I rank just slightly above the music battle that does her character and redemption so much strong justice, My Past is Not Today definitely solidifies both said factors that its a song that completes her character like a loving couple. (Except I don't believe Sunset is destined to be paired up with any other character to make for another shipping...much like Discord)

I don't care if its shorter than Welcome to the Show. What really matters is what the song tries to tell you via its lyrics, and My Past is Not Today is basically letting you know that Sunset lets go of her dark past and only looks to her bright future. Let's just forget its atrocious rehash that is The Midnight in Me.
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Thursday, November 30, 2017

Top Ten WORST My Little Pony Songs

I've never done it before, and rather only on the best, but I feel I have to get out the way what I feel are some of the most atrocious songs in the MLP franchise. There certainly have been a lot of good ones in recent times, but for those of you who've wanted me to make a list of the worst of the worst, I'm about to celebrate them right now; so these entries you'll be seeing on the list (even if there are some you are POSSIBLY going to disagree with) make the cut either due to what they represent, or show off. And for that matter the tune of these songs isn't going to be TOO much of a factor I'm going to look at here. So chances are you're gonna disagree with me, but as with every list, I'm just expressing my full opinion, cause obviously, we're all different.

Hey, I'm Game Player counting down my Top Ten WORST My Little Pony Songs...

Question for ya: What do you think Meghan McCarthy was thinking of when coming up with songs for the Season 3 premiere? I mean did she honestly think "We know Twilight's supposed to learn about how to make up for her failures, and I think we need a song to show that she wasn't prepared for one such scenario. We'll consider it The Failure Song, and we're going to make sure it speaks to audiences of how even she isn't prepared for failures... you know, instead of just the usual long lines of dialogue to speak?" And when I look at it in the manner, I think it's a little too forced, but if it's trying to shove its lyrics down my throat or in my face, I don't think that's really a consequence the song has since I don't think of it that way unlike other songs you'll be seeing on the list.

And not that The Success Song that reprises it is any better, as both versions are kinda forgettable, but as incredible as The Crystal Empire is (even if it's still the most underrated two-parter), these songs aren't needed... I will admit The Ballad of the Crystal Empire is a great song for the series though.

I don't think rap songs suit MLP's library of songs in any way whatsoever. What goes to show that factor happens to be that stupid rap theme by Pinkie in Testing Testing 1, 2, 3 known as The Rappin Hist'ry of the Wonderbolts. If it's supposed to be teaching us something, like something we'd learn in school or so, then it could been done better by just being spoken out, not like a song in any manner. And while I still like Testing Testing 1, 2, 3 as a whole, the one thing I can't really tolerate is Pinkie's attempt to teach Rainbow Dash about the Wonderbolts via her unneeded rap song... but at least it doesn't shove a moral down your throat. Although it isn't helped by shoving knowledge of underdeveloped characters into your face either.

I gotta admit that as terrible as that Cutie Mark Crusaders Song in The Show Stoppers was, and still is, it at least didn't try to shove a moral or so down your throat (which is basically why most of the songs I chose here land on the list), not to mention show off their talent in a bad sense. This is mainly because characters like them weren't derailed in said episode. Derby Racers in The Cart Before the Ponies on the other hand is not only a stupid representation of that race going the Crusaders' sisters way (and I'm just going to pretend for the rest of the time that Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo ARE sisters), but also a situation where the Crusaders especially regret bringing them for plus ones in the race. And while TCBtP is far from the worst installment of the main series, its song also has to be one of the worst - much less another one of the most forgettable of the series...

You know that irritating rap song by Snips and Snails' during that music competition in Rainbow Rocks? Well, as forgettable as it, the absolute worst of the best EG film has to be about Rainbow Dash being as obnoxious as possible showing off how... well, *awesome* as she wants to be. If characters like Rainbow Dash (who's still my least favorite Mane Six member - mostly as a pony though nowadays - considering she's only the starter for mine and Zack's Top Ten Characters Who Regained Their Mojo) want a little advice: all of us in society already get that you're awesome, but do you really have to go shove it in our faces like some smart-alec showoff just to make yourself clear? The answer to that is NO!

Even if the final musical showdown at the very end makes up for it, I consider Awesome As I Wanna Be to be a pathetic move for Meghan McCarthy to include in Rainbow Rocks. It might just be the worst and only inexcusable song in the best film of the spinoff, above even Snips and Snails' ear-bleeding song - and that's saying a lot when you know that others consider their rap to be much worse.

Me and Zack have said before that Hard to Say Anything fixes up Everfail in so many ways, but the one thing it failed at however is putting together another great music battle (between Big Mac and Feather Bangs this time) after the crazy-fun Goof Off (between Cheese and Pinkie) in Season 4's Pinkie Pride. The main reason I put Battle for Sugar Belle on this top ten though is that it kinda goes to show that two music genres don't go together in a good manner. In this case, it's country and pop music. They may try to play it out for Sugar Belle to try and win her affections, but they're also singing as showoffs to her to try and win her over the other. But the thing that puts it just below the Top Five Worst, is because rather than shoving their attitudes of trying to win Sugar Belle over in our faces (much less our throats as me and Zack always keep mentioning), they do it in her's. Which I still have to admit shoving stuff in our faces, or down our throats besides morals is never a good thing (except for maybe a delicious pie or two if it's in a playful manner), but I have to cut it just a little more slack for not ruining Hard to Say Anything completely.

And besides, this did at least serve a purpose despite having a horrendous tone to it via its mix of Feather Bang's pop half and Big Macintosh's country half, not to mention it's forgettable lyrics.

You know how me and Zack have always been giving away this big ole' rundown of The Cutie Re-Mark and why both the episode itself and Starlight's rushed redemption are terribly forced? I'm not going into detail about all of that yet again what with Friends Are Always There For You. Seriously, I hate this song. There's just no redeeming value for it for my taste. You can defend it all you want, but again, for what it represents... Friends Are Always There For You is just... well, awful!

Sure, it does have a catchy tune to it, but how does Best Friends Until the End of Time make the cut? Simple: It's forgettable, and just shoves another stupid moral down your throat via its lyrics! I mean we already know that the Mane Six have been best friends throughout the last six seasons beforehand, so why we need to be reminded of it via randomly unoriginal song, which I start to question if it even came out of Lewis and Songco's heads, is completely beyond me. I mean the Mane Six's roles in All Bottled Up were already pointless enough, and trust me when I say it's equally as pointless as Trixie and her role, which are also unbearably annoying, but I still ask; what is the point of this song besides shoving the whole "they're best friends forever" factor right down my throat (much less in my face)? I mean Lewis and Songco's episodes and songs are always good but this and the worst installment of the franchise are obviously the only two things I just can't accept from them.

Say what you want about Starlight, but at least she served a purpose more than the Mane Six here. But seriously, if this episode didn't have a song, the plot would be the same, but the Mane Six's pointless roles would be much less irritating (and maybe even bearable to some extent). But please promise me, lady writers; no more shoving morals down my throat again what with stupid, pointless, and downright forgettable songs like Best Friends Until the End of Time. Seriously!

And here's where I bring up Zack's utter hatred of the song A Changeling Can Change comes from. You bet I hate it! Anyways, a terrible song to a terrible ending, and who the heck even cares how talented Cathy Wesluck's singing voice was? Talent in singing doesn't matter - what really matters is what the song is try to tell to audiences via its lyrics. And even I feel no matter how beautiful Spike's singing was (which he's nothing compared to Rara and Buttercup, but I digress since they're female characters unlike Spike), it doesn't make up for a song that helps rush The Times They Are A Changeling's ending more and more. And with Spike's song, this was the moment that threw Thorax into the category of terrible characters that he could never ever, ever, ever, ever, ever pull himself out of. But even if me and Zack still didn't mind everything else, this song still would've remained the one flaw that can take the blame for utterly trashing TTTAAC's ending.

The next time Cathy Wesluck's strong singing is put to use, it better not be used for another song like this.

And here we have another song that once again shoves a horrendously toxic moral down my throat. I could honestly tell that this song was gonna be terrible just from the start what with how Twilight started it off. Flawless is forced in so many ways; the lyrics saying that the Mane Six are not... well, flawless are unconventionally toxic, the situation it plays in is cliched, the act that the song plays in certainly doesn't back up anything that ruins it, and it's just- been done before! It's pretty much like the last two entries except it doesn't have that clever of a situation, and rather one we've kinda seen before in my 4th worst song.

And the only good thing I can ever say about it is that it doesn't derail the Mane Six, much less the fact that it isn't the worst song of the franchise... but only the main series.

Do you honestly love My Past is Not Today by Sunset so much? Then you're really gonna hate the worst of the worst in Everfail. The Midnight in Me was already a terrible song in Everfail's already atrocious soundtrack, so terrible I'm confused as to why our lady writers decided to redux said song by Sunset, and have Sci-Twi sing her own lyrics out of it in the worst possible manner. Putting the terrible quality of everything else on this list, and trashing My Past is Not Today with them, The Midnight in Me is so bad, it's completely hard for me to remember much less the title of Number 4. But taking everything awful about Friends Are Always There For You and making it ten times worse, unlike Flawless, A Changeling Can Change, Best Friends Until the End of Time, which are also pointlessly forced, The Midnight in Me is so awful, it completely derails Sci-Twi's already whiny, crybaby-ish character worse than ever. And it's just a shame because Sci-Twi could've actually been redeemed overtime, but the last hope I feel she has is a shipping with Flash Sentry before Hasbro even thinks about rearranging his shipping relationship with Sunset.

There is no other MLP song that literally derails a character on a permanent basis. And I'll admit it; there may be something worth listening to within' A Changeling Can Change or The Failure Song, or some other sloppy piles of feces like Friends Are Always There For You, or Flawless, or Best Friends Until the End of Time. But there is no reason whatsoever to even listening to this song. It doesn't deserve to be a part of LoE, much less the MLP song library itself. It is extremely worthless in every possible way. The worst song to the worst installment of the franchise, period!
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My Little Pony The Movie Review (SPOILER ALERT!!) Part 2

I've already covered Part 1 of my review on the MLP Movie, so if you haven't checked out the first part, feel free to before you read this, but keep in mind; there are still big SPOILERS for this part also. You've been warned if you haven't seen it yet... So if you still haven't, stop reading and go watch it. But anyways, for my review here, I'll be discussing the film's songs via its soundtrack and its newer characters in the film besides its primary ones, and the basic film itself. With that said, let's finish it all up.

Songs in the main series of Friendship Is Magic have always had their strong ups (while also having their own fair share of downs at some points), and have done so well here that there aren't any I necessarily hate or dislike with a passion unlike episodes that shoved morals down my throat (like a few from Season 7), but even as they age on, they'd still hold up - assuming I still respect the franchise once I move on from it (possibly). In fact, for those songs that are sung by the characters (and not those by artists that advertise the film, that of which are played only either in the credits on the CD or both), here's my ranking retrospect on them:
  1. Open Up Your Eyes (Tempest Shadow's song adds sympathy to her via her backstory as shown in the scene she sings the song in; Emily Blunt DEFINITELY has powerful vocals in her singing to boot)
  2. Time to Be Awesome (Another great Rainbow Dash song that kind sounds like it gives out motivation)
  3. I'm the Friend You Need (Capper's song definitely speaks his personality to help his friends, even if he doesn't get a backstory, and Taye Diggs' singing is phenomenal; the My Little Pony equivalent to Friend Like Me by Aladdin's Genie; kinda like Discord's song in Three's A Crowd; Glass of Water)
  4. One Small Thing (A very catchy song by Pinkie and Skystar; nuff said!)
  5. Rainbow (Sia's song my have gained popularity just cause it's the song that advertises the film primarily, but unlike most of the rest of the film's special guest stars, her character Songbird Serenade didn't get any real development that she could've gotten)
  6. We Got This Together (Not much I can say, other than it suits the situation it plays in suits it perfectly)
The rest of the soundtrack's songs are all awesome with my favorite song that isn't by a character in the movie (or franchise in general) being Palmer Reed's I'll Be Around. But even if Neighsayers by Lukas Nelson is the least interesting of the bunch for my taste, I have no real grudges with this near flawless soundtrack. And that's all I have to say about the film's songs for this category...

Now this category is where I will discuss bits of the Mane Six, but more importantly the newer characters who are guest stars for the franchise. (At least at this point of My Little Pony's 4th generation) The Mane Six are all handled brilliantly and never go all OOC, even if a few moments like that argument between Twilight and her friends doesn't seem rewatchable. And there's a lot I could say about the newer characters with a passion, but I'll save that for a countdown, but I'll rank all eight of them here real quick for this review just to get it out of the way until a countdown I make on them and the other guest stars beforehand:
  1. Tempest Shadow/Fizzlepop Berrytwist ~ Emily Blunt (She earns my condolences via her song and backstory unlike how terrible Josh Haber pulled off Starlight and her's via The Cutie Re-Mark)
  2. Capper ~ Taye Diggs (A slick voice and personality to boot, not to mention he's definitely a friend the Mane Six need)
  3. Captain Celaeno ~ Zoe Saldana (An intriguing pirate character with some interesting qualities in her character, and a spot on performance by Zoe Saldana)
  4. Princess Skystar ~ Kristin Chenoweth (Cute, down-to-earth, and such a stunning performance Kristin Chenoweth gives. Nuff said!)
  5. Queen Novo ~ Uzo Aduba (I can understand that she's very protective of her tribe, even if her cute and gold-hearted daughter stands just above her in characterization)
  6. Grubber ~ Michael Pena (Weirder character than the others, but still a good love-to-hate evil minion)
  7. The Storm King ~ Liev Schreiber (He could've used more screentime and actual development to be more interesting)
  8. Songbird Serenade ~ Sia (I can't believe she lacks what Cheese Sandwich does; that is development and personality)
While I can't say any of the guest stars weren't weclome editions, my only grudges with my two lowest ranked guest star characters are that they lack the screentime that the rest of gotten (for the most part), and that they could've used more developed personalities. On a final note for this category, I have no other problems with the characters here, and pretty soon, I'll make a Worst to Best list on ranking all these guest star characters (with the other five before them in the main series). So now for my last thoughts on the film itself.

In spite of how harsh critics felt toward it, despite being understandable that most of them that reviewed this movie weren't fans of the show themselves, much less have seen bits of the main series (let alone all seven seasons), I once again have to back it up for how much it connects to the series and delivers a fresh idea to the table. I will admit that it could've told a bit of the events that lead up to it in the first few brief minutes just for critics to see where it all started and how it all lead up to Twilight's role as the Princess of Friendship, but the near flawless plot makes up for my standards considering I'm already a part of this fandom. The first thing that sets it as one of the best installments of the franchise is its well paced plot to tell a powerful story to introduce us the film's big new characters - particularly Tempest Shadow herself - as well as other welcome additional newcomers like Princess Skystar and Capper. The development continues greatly for the Mane Six as I said, and they all give off their best portrayals that suit them to a great extent.

Setbacks only for critics as I said would only have to be how it could told events leading up to the film (like one big event per season that makes a huge referencing connection in it), and I will admit that that's what it could've used just for critics like Rotten Tomatoes to cut it a decent amount of slack. If anything though, the film does pay off to saving the franchise to provide good charm and heart for us fans to enjoy the story.

You all now know how much I defend the film with a great passion for everything I just mentioned, but does that automatically make it my new favorite installment of the MLP franchise? Survey says: No. To sum my thoughts up, the basic film itself isn't perfect, and rather amazing at best, but I have to give it that extra credit for helping to put the franchise back up to the standards it deserves to be in, as I felt instead of feeling too good to be true (as Zack and I discussed in one of my posts on how this year could save or kill the series), it lived up to nearly all that potential hype us fans ever could've asked for. Which I will admit Rotten Tomatoes does make a point on the fact that it would please its dedicated fanbase at best, but I think a lot of critics need to take a bigger shot at the main series before fully criticizing this movie. And I will admit that once again, it isn't on the same animation levels of stellar as say The Lion King or Toy Story, but all in all, if you're a dedicated fan like me, who's looking for an animated flick of good fun, then this film is definitely for you to keep coming back to.